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FIN #30, CA

Please contact Thursday Girl if you have something for this family.

we celebrate Christmas
what is our family situation?
We are a family of five who are living in an RV because where we live things are extremely expensive. We hope to one day buy a house! My husband works full time and I work part time on transitional duties after being on disability from a back injury, we aren't unemployed thankfully. We are struggling though.

8yo girl
circo 4in1 doll set from target
kid sized baby carrier to babywear dolls

4yo boy
spiderman rain gear- Size 5

spiderman airplane

9mo old girl (11mo by christmas)
baby toys
Fisher Price Train & Animals
Wooden Alligator Toy
Various Small Stuffed Animals

warm hat
Size 9M sleeper, pink
Size 12 M Holiday red fleece sleeper with holiday candy on it, probably more girly
The following size 12M clothes, all girly:
blue and purple sweater
LS onesie-this is more shirt-like than undershirt-like, blue
Red and black LS shirt-very cute
Dark pink pants
Turquoise short sleeve shirt
Pink and brown short sleeve shirt

adult #1
30yo woman

gift card to a bra store
target gift card
$20 gift card

33yo man
cycle gear gift card
target gift card

needs for your family as a whole:


anything would be awesome
3 game boy games

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