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weekly chat Oct 31-Nov 7

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Well, there is quite an interesting conversation going on about kid-free weddings in the other weekly chat thread but I needed to go ahead and get this up before tonight.  I am going trick or treating for the first time ever. DS is going to be a train conductor, whistle and all.  I am going to be lame because I am an adult and if I don't feel like dressing up I don't have to lol!


I feel like baby went through a huge growth spurt in the past couple of days.  I need maternity shirts now, or at least some loose regular shirts. I never realized how not maternity my current wardrobe is!  I am in the phase of just feeling thick or chubby rather than pg looking but I did have a friend at church pat my stomach (um above where the baby actually is) and comment that wow I was already showing. Gee thanks.  I am cool with going ahead and showing but it does make me wonder if I will get bigger than with DS.  People were insane with their comments and I didn't take it very well. I was also so uncomfortable!


We are moving on friday and I only have six boxes packed! AHHH! I forgot how much I hate moving but the nice thing is it will be over soon and we will be in a nice apartment, wohoo!  My next mw appt is nov 9 and then I will get to schedule my ultrasound. I want to do it after thanksgiving because I honestly do not want to share that intimate of a moment with my in laws who are coming the week of thanksgiving.  I can't wait though, I was really excited last time but chill about finding out, now I cannot wait!  We are waiting on names until we find out.  We tried, it was really annoying to come up with a boy name we liked and we could come up with a lot of girl names so we just figured we would save the stress and wait, but now I want to know just anything I can about this baby squirming around in my belly!  Still not a hard kicker like his/her sibling but a lot of rolling and taps. 17 weeks tomorrow!

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Thanks for the new thread flavorfull! Hope the move goes well!


Happy Halloween everyone! We aren't going trick or treating but we are looking forward to our first Halloween in our new home. Hopefully we will get lots and lots of trick or treaters!


I'm dying from allergies and lack of sleep but so far this pregnancy is still going well. 17 weeks on Thursday! It seems to be going by so fast and yet so slow. Hope everyone else is doing great!

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Flavorfull, Good luck on your move! I bet it will be nice once it's over and you can just settle in for the winter!


Our biggest stressor is now gone, thank the gods. We are planning a home birth, and our insurance was going to cover most of it, but dh just got a new job and our new insurance is notoriously unsupportive of home birth and won't cover anything. Old insurance wanted $4,000 a month to cobra (!!!) which was more than what we'd get back anyway. We were thinking we'd just have to eat it and pay out of pocket as we had already paid off our midwife. Inlaws to the rescue though with gifting us our home birth! Dh can calm down and really enjoy the pregnancy now ( this am he was talking to my belly and trying to tempt baby out with a pb&j, the most relaxed I've seen him in forever). We don't even have to worry about fil trying to convince us I need to work in order to get this gift. He apparently now finds me to be in need of being a sahm with another child on the wayjoy.gif Not that we needed his approval, but it's nice to not have the 'hepful' suggestions of jobs I could be doing anymore.



I hope everyone has a great Halloween and is feeling well!

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ravensong, that's wonderful news!!! enjoy your hubby's newfound relaxed mood!  Mine just decided to take a leave of absence from law school (starting december) and he finally looks like he can breathe again!  


hope everyone is having a great week!


news on this side... I've decided to move to a bigger office, yay! it's about 3x the size of what we have now, but my lease isn't up till may, so I'll have a 6 week old, a 3 year old, and a big move on my hands.  so much fun... but really, we're so excited and grateful for the opportunity to expand ;) 


i'm 18 wks now so i'm starting to get excited about finding out the gender...next tuesday!!!



anyway, have a great Halloween!!!!

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Good luck with the move Flavorfull!


Ravensong, what a wonderful gift from your inlaws!


We had a nice Halloween. We always go back to my mom's house so that the kids can trick or treat in a city neighborhood. We live in the country and trick or treating in the country is insane..... to me.


I too feel like this babr went through a growth spurt. My fundal height feels the same but I've have some stretching pains in the abdomen over the past few days. I will be 18 weeks on Saturday and my nerxt appointment is on Wednesday. I am hoping that I can schedule my ultrasound for the day before Thanksgiving. The kiddos can come along and DH will be off of work. We'll see....


Goodnight everyone!

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Since the ms has subsided I feel like this pregnancy is going really well.  I've taught DS to give his sister a kiss, it's so cute.  He comes up to my belly and say "mmmmwah".  he has no idea what a sister is and he also doesn't have any idea that there really is anything inside my belly but he plays along.  He'll be two in December.  We have our anatomy scan on Saturday.  I'm excited to get to see her even though we already know the sex.  I'm feeling a little disconnected from this pregnancy and I'm hoping that the u/s will help me to bond more.  It's so different from my first pregnancy where everything was about the baby, this time I feel like the pregnancy is taking a back seat to the rest of my life.  Ravensong - that's so awesome that you are getting your hb as a gift!  We are planning a homebirth as well.  I can't wait to read everyone's birth stories in April!  I hope everyone has a great week.

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good luck with the move flavorful.


ravensong, that is a REALLY awesome gift.


ultrasounds coming, that's exciting news. I imagine I will be scheduling mine at my appt today.


my baby keeps sinking low in my uterus and exposes it's whole back in a sort of uncomfortable way. Poking it doesn't make it want to move.


My kids had fun trick or treating, we had a bunch of people over for dinner and t or t. we got LOTS of trick or treaters AS A  lot of people drive in to our neighborhood, which i don't mind, i just wish they'd park and walk, I hate al lthe cars going down the streets.

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For maternity clothes a friend suggested Forever 21.  I looked online and they don't have a very good selection.  The only way I found it was by typing in Maternity in the search box and it came up.  Supposedly the selection is much better at the store, but it only at selected locations.  I will go check it out in the next couple weeks and let you know what I turn up.

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forever 21 has cheap clothes that look bad after a few washes, that's my experience anyway. It may look cool, it may be cheap but it doesn't last. I havenot bouhgt their maternity clothes though. I liked old navy's maternity clothes.




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Courtney - I am flabbergasted that T&Ters drive down the street. I have never seen that before! 


I'm not at all caught up on everything going on. :-/ Hi to all you ladies!

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Or try a resale shop. You then know exactly what they look like even after a few wears and washings, get a broader selection (not just this seasons choices), and it's cheap. I bought 3 pr jeans and 18 shirts (all names like pea in the pod, motherhood, etc) for $150...a big chunk, but you don't have to do it all at once, and it's much cheaper than most maternity stores (I figured it out, and essentially the 3 pr of jeans would have cost me that much at most maternity stores).


So, we had fun trick-or-treating Sunday and Monday (there are a lot of staggered community events). I'm tired, but the kids had a blast so it was worth it! We used to live in the country and if we trick-or-treated at all, we'd have to drive to a friend or family members neighborhood. This was the first time we could trick-or-treat in our own "home" and interact with neighbors and friends. It's also the first time we've ever had a single trick-or-treater to give candy to...and we had over 200!!! It was really exciting compared to what we're used to, and so much more endearing that going somewhere else. I'm going to miss this place (even if I don't miss some of the rules) when we have to leave in June!


Baby is now kicking hard enough to be felt through the placenta in a muted form, so I'm getting much more frequent movement again. Weight gain is steady again (4-5 pounds so far), and my fundal height seems to have slowed a little as far as upward growth (cm are still climbing, but it's more outward than upward...very much carrying in a ball). Otherwise, it's been uneventful here!

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It really strikes me as odd that Forever 21 even has a maternity selection. O.O


I like Old Navy for Maternity. Online there are usually sales and coupon codes to use. Some stores have maternity in stock if you prefer trying things on first. They usually have some pretty cute stuff. I also found some things at a GAP store that had a small maternity section during my last pregnancy.


Motherhood Maternity also has outlet stores that carry not only Motherhood label items, but also Pea in the Pod and whatever the third brand/store they have is (all the same people really). I'm lucky to have a bunch of outlet stores nearby. I've also on occasion gotten some items from Burlington and also Babies R Us.


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16 weeks here, and my fundus is above my belly button. I have been feeling movement for 2 weeks now, but it doesn't seem like enough for 2 babies. DH was even able to the movement this weekend! I see my midwife next week, but I already have an ultrasound scheduled for the 18th. We don't usually find out the gender, but we may want to if there is more than one baby in there. I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility of twins without getting my heart set on it.

We took the kiddos to a few different church trunk or treat type of events over the last few days. They had a blast and cannot get over how much candy they got! We also took them to the nursing home my mom works at, and they were able to trick or treat from some of the residents there. I wasn't sure how they would do since they have never been to a nursing home before, but they did great and had a lot of fun. We also live in the country, so this was a nice way to do Halloween without invading a random neighborhood.

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the parents drive and hop out at the houses, mostly later at night then the neighborhood kids trick or treat but my 8 year old is still always out (with adults of course)



hmm, I wonder what I did for trick or treating when we lived in the country, I was  8-10 so I am surprised I don't remember. I'll have to ask my sisters.


had an apt today with my midwife, it's the first time since I have seen her since her wedding so it was fun to say Mrs. newlastname and to catch up a bit. I LOVE her, she is so very awesome. I also scheduled my sonogram, it's the 11th so I think I will have one of those cake reveal parties on sunday. I want to live stream it for my family out of town, but I think I will just video it and upload it right away.

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I would only do the Forever 21 for a few cute things that I didn't plan to last more than one pregnancy.  I don't know if or when the next one will be, so having a couple really cute, cheap items that wear out sounds appealing. 


I've checked out the resale and Goodwill shops in the area and they are still so expensive.  Every item, shirt or bottom, is $7 at goodwill. Dresses are more.  Not much of a savings in my opinion.  I did pick up a whole bunch of stuff off of craigslist, though. 

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That's what I paid too, $7-8 per item. When I compared that to the actual stores though, even at Walmart things are double that, and with the brands I got they should have been $30+ each. They all looked brand new. In my position (dressing a certain way for school so I'm not in baggy t-shirts everyday or something), it was well worth $7 a piece for items that I can use for 6 months. Especially when a lot of clothes don't make it through more than a year or two anyway (and I spend more than that on my everyday clothes).

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Sort of surprises me that Forever 21 has a maternity section too.  I'm very sure they didn't back when I was a size and age that I could have worn their clothes.  Although I have a good friend who pulls it off, despite being older than me....


Sounds like most everyone is settling in to the 2nd tri nicely.  I'm anxious to hear AiryFairy and Abbie's possible-twin news.  We don't have ANY twins yet, do we?  C'mon, someone take one for the team!


As for me, not much new going on.  Belly is looking more pg, which is nice.  U/S (hopefully the last one!) will be Nov. 22nd, which seems so far off, even though obviously it really isn't.  Feeling sort of crappy today, but I think its because I ate too much sugar yesterday and my body isn't used to it.  And of course I didn't sleep with all of that sugar in me!


Courtney, the 11th is really soon!  Anxious to hear what is (or isn't) seen.


Chiromama, congrats on the bigger office!  Very excited for you.  So when will DH finish school? 


Our neighborhood is the only real "neighborhood" within several miles, so tons of families drive to our neighborhood for TOTing.  The big crowds of kids are nice, but the cars are not.  Most people are respectful and park at the entrance and walk the rest of it.



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SO much good news going on, it's hard to keep up!  ;-)  I'm happy for all of you!!


ToT:  We drive to the neighborhood where I work, right by the elem. school, park and walk.  Man, it was a long walk, but DD scored a punkin' and a half of candy, lol.  She even gave me her ONLY snickers bar, lol.  I didn't have to beg or anything, lol.


I'm 16 weeks today!  I can't believe I'm almost halfway.


I still have to call that OB and cancel, but I'm feeling a little hesitant...I know it's b/c this will be my first lay-midwife/homebirth experience, and w/ DD everything was so medical even though I used a CNM practice.  People look at me like I'm nuts when I say I'm not getting any U/S's...because "how will you know everything is ok?"  Well, if things weren't OK, I wouldn't terminate, so it really doesn't matter, does it?  But everyone has been praising us for not finding out the gender, which is cool.


I hope everyone has a great week, I'll try to pop in from time to time, but we've been really busy @ work lately.

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Ohh the joys of maternity clothes shopping wink1.gif

I work in the medical field, so scrubs for me. I went this weekend and got a couple pairs of maternity scrub pants, I'm feeling much more comfortable now. My mom bought me a pair of jeans from thyme maternity that are really cute. I also bought a Bella band, so hoping to make good use out of that. I'm just going to get things as I need them, and try to make existing things work for as long as possible.
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I am so excited about the new snack that I have been eating that I had to share. I am in love with peanuts and dried cranberries!! It tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but I can take it everywhere. I have been having issues with low blood sugar and this is perfect and tastes great!


As for Maternity clothes I bought two pair of jeans at Motherhood maternity for $45. They were buy one get one half off. I have VERY long legs and so as soon as my belly started to grow my thrift shop deal pants became to short. I have to have longs. I found a few good deals on shirts at Kohl's (I had a 30% off coupon) and Target. I think it is horrible how much Maternity clothes are. I naively thought I would be able to wear a lot of my bulky sweaters but they are already too short. Oh well. Hopefully I can sell my stuff on EBay and get some money back.


I hope everyone is having a great day!!

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