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Oh Yes, I suppose that I shoiuld note that my 10 lb. plus babe was 40 week 2 days. I'm glad that he didn't go 2 weeks over like my DD.

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No 11 pounders yet, but close, and youngest DD was over 9lbs at 36 weeks!


The movement is typically pretty evenly spread out along the bottom...this morning it was almost like hiccups, where you feel a bump on one side followed by a bump on the other (second time plus moms will know what I mean), but in this case the two sides were simultaneous, almost like a jumping jack in my belly...it was a riot. That and the heart beat is that really strong clapping sound you get when you're hearing it through their back and right at the very top of my uterus (maybe .5-1 inch below), so I think they really have to have their back towards the top??? I really wish I could start studying midwifery full time, and have more guidance...it's fun to try to learn about these things with yourself as a guinea pig and no guidance LOL :p

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After a week or so of feeling less movement, last night I got to feel a whole bunch of it and another early morning bump that DH could feel.  Totally reassuring.  I can't wait til my appointment on Wednesday to listen for heart beat again and get my paperwork to book the ultrasound.  I will see you soon baby!


Otherwise I'm having a bummer of a day already.  I have to take my DD to the pediatric dentist to see if she has any cavities, and I'm super certain she does... or at least something that needs fixing.  My DD has been seeing a dentist since she was 13 months old when her first cavities appeared, and she had to have work done in the hospital at 19 months to repair her teeth.  It was so rough and things have been so much better this past year.  She got a clean check up when we were there at the end of September.  But DH has been in charge of teeth brushing the past couple months and now all the sudden something is wrong... hard not to point fingers.  It sucks that I have to deal with this by myself because DH isn't available for appointments.  DD is super afraid of the dentist (no wonder), and a super strong fighter, and I have to help restrain her just to let the dentist get a peek at her teeth.  I'm so not looking forward to the exam, let alone the appointment I'm sure I'll need to book later for the "hold her down while we drill" part. :(

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Any of the midwifery students, or just birth "experts" that have done this a lot ;), out there know if there is a way other than ultrasound to diagnose excess amniotic fluid? I just seem to keep growing and it's getting exceedingly uncomfortable. At this point, I don't make it through the day without wanting to cry at least once. My fundus is two+ fingers above my belly button and I'm measuring 26cm. While I've had trouble with GD, it's not been so insane (only one number over 150, and the fasting numbers are only over 120 about half the time). This is no worse than my other babies, and they ended up being around 9-10 pounds...even with them I never measured more than a cm or two ahead. I just want to know what's going on so I know how to respond appropriately, it'd be really cool if I can get the growth to slow or something.  The nearest elective ultrasound place is over an hour away and not in a safe place, and honestly I'm on the verge of just going to some sort of clinic and getting an US one way or another, but if someone here knows how to diagnose it without that would be even better.

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It's boy #3 for us!


I had an ultrasound this morning, primarily to check on baby's size.  Fundal height has been running about 4cm ahead, but I am certain of dates.  The measurements from the ultrasound only put baby's size about 4 days ahead of gestational age, so I am happy that I won't have to argue about conceiving when I did, instead of a month earlier. 


I wanted the sex to be a surprise, but DH wanted to know.  When we scheduled the u/s to check on the size, I knew I would end up finding out for his sake.  I am only 16 weeks now, so I am grateful that we were able to clearly tell the gender this early and be done with ultrasounds.  I only need a handful of baby items, but I am happy that I will be able to gather them in advance.  Also, with 2 other boys, it would be so tempting to get rid of a bunch of clothes when we move next month on the chance that new baby was a girl.

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Congrats on boy 3!


hazelbranch- I am so sorry, that sounds very stressful, I hope the dentist visit goes well!


zuzu- sorry about the pain. I don't have any advice, maybe ask in the midwife/professional forum?  Hope you feel relief soon, it feels early to be uncomfortable so I hope it is only temporary!


ok, going to start a new thread too :)

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