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Must-see suggestions in Denver?

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We are visiting Denver Nov 5-7 for a national karate tournament. My 9yo son and I will have some time to do some other activities, and our whole family will be footloose on Monday the 7th.


I'm wondering what recommendations you have for potential activities for either my 9yo son and I, or our whole family. Our older son (who will be in the tournament) is 12. We're a homeschooling family.


Are there any "must-see" sites or attractions or exhibits or parks or the like?


Of course, the weather will affect how much we'll do. We're visiting from southern California and probably won't want to do loads of snowy driving.


We'll be staying in a hotel near the airport.


Open to suggestions!

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I'm a big fan of the botanic gardens--the children's garden is still open for the season, and you and the 9yo may enjoy that.  It's really nice for free/creative play and there's a small greenhouse with lots of interesting plants to touch, smell, etc.  Entrance to the children's garden also gives you admission to the main gardens so you can check out both.


There's also the Denver Museum of Natural History--I haven't been there (our children are a bit young for it yet) but I understand there's a really interesting dinosaur exhibit there right now. 


Finally, the Children's museum would probably be interesting for everyone--again, my children are younger, so we've only briefly visited the areas good for older kids.  There's a cool bubble-making room, train tables, storytimes, music, I'm not sure what all.  It's worth checking out the website and making a call.


And of course the zoo is nice.  Have a great time while you're here!

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The art museum is quite excellent, with a mix of classical and modern art that appeals to all ages. It is a great bad weather destination. I also recommend the natural history museum. The dinosaur exhibit is pretty amazing and a kid pleaser. Another kid favorite that is a little unusual is the Denver mint. I loved watching them make coins when I was a child.

Finally, if we have nice weather I would suggest a few things just outside of town. Dinosaur ridge at Morrison is pretty cool and a fun thing for kids to see the fossils still in the ground in their natural setting. If tea is popular in your home touring Celestial Seasonings plant (near Boulder) may be fun.

Have a good stay!
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