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CD16 for me and high on the monitor this morning and some ewcm! Lots of pre-O cramping/aching too! Sent a message to KD asking to start insem'ing tomorrow afternoon. Must get my progesterone prescription filled today. SO excited for lucky number 5 try!

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Carmen--Whoo hoo! Good luck!

Ugg...so depressed today. I feel AF coming on (due tomorrow)...I was SOO hoping this was the month. I have decided not to test because I am quite certain it will be negative and don't want to see that dreaded stark white space! If AF doesn't show by Tuesday, I will test then. I am trying to decide whether or not to try in December...if so, I might have to be gone during my school's Holiday Program (that I direct....). That would just mean someone else would have to step up!

Hey--while I am thinking of it, anyone up for being the December threadkeeper?
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Krista? MrsPP? How are you two feeling?
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I guess everyone is tired and full after the weekend's festivities!


lisedea, any sign of AF for you? I hope not!


Afm: CD17, still high on the monitor. I was wondering if we were going to miss O as I had a ton of dull crampy feelings yesterday. Opk was *almost* positive yesterday afternoon so I would guess it will be positive today and I'll get a peak tomorrow. At least I hope so! We're doing an insem this afternoon and likely one tomorrow and/or Wednesday too. I have an unintentionally well timed acupuncture appointment on Tuesday so that will work out well :)

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Blood test was neg...still no AF ...they want me in for another test today.....just to be sure....then they will force AF so I can plan next cycle smile.gif

I thank u guys for all the love n support ....looking fwd to trying again.....
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cananny: how do they force af?


lise: you're pregnant so you'll be there for your schools play!


carmen: how did insems go?!

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Oh Sara... I need your positiveness!! smile.gif No AF yet...but I am expecting it so much I wore a liner all day. Yea...we'll see. I have plenty of pre-AF cramps (feel JUST like normal AF cramps) BUT...I guess it isn't over yet...

Cannanny--Sorry about the negative--still holding hope for the one today though! fingersx.gif

Carmen--Happy insem day! smile.gif
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Hey ladies... 


Cananny, I'm so sorry your blood test was negative.  I am glad you're keeping in good spirits about trying again!  How is your partner doing with you trying instead of her?  


Lise, fingers crossed!  Hopefully AF won't show.  Also... I was thinking that I'd volunteer for threadkeeping if nobody else has claimed it already - see more about us below. 


Carmen, hope your insems all go well!  Lucky five, lucky five, lucky five!  


Welllll... afu, we've decided to keep trying.  It's crazy to me, because we've been telling ourselves that November was "IT" and no more after that.  And now, faced with the numerous months of not trying before us, it was disheartening, to say the least.  Not to mention that all our well-laid plans of DW giving birth in a convenient month for work are kind of shot.  We discovered that if we waited to try again until next summer for a summer 2013 baby, THAT would be the summer that DW's boss is leaving the company and DW will either be getting promoted or training her new superior.  Which is a terrible time to give birth and take maternity leave.  So.  Here we are again.  And as I mentioned to Lise above, I'd be interested in threadkeeping, if that's okay by everyone.  

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Including you Canadians, your Thanksgiving was earlier than ours, yes?  

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Originally Posted by smilingsara View Post

cananny: how do they force af?


lise: you're pregnant so you'll be there for your schools play!


carmen: how did insems go?!

more meds.. she said prometreum ? 

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So incredibly happy you are still trying Desert!! joy.gif I will send you the threadkeeper info.

Still no AF...still have AF cramps BUT my temp went up a bit this morning and my boobs are defintely bigger (DP confirmed...smile.gif). I am trying to remember if they normally get bigger around this time... If no AF shows today, I will test in the morning. I don't have an early result preg test though...which might be a problem.

Krista? Mrs.PP? Thinking of you two!
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Hooray, Desert! That's exciting :) I bet you will get pregnant this time - I hope you get some threadkeeper's luck! (And yes, our thanksgiving was October 10.)

lisedea: Hmmm sounds promising for you...! Can you get your hands on a test somehow??



Afm: Insem went fine yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately the guys who were coming to fix our sink/countertop showed up early so I only had 15 minutes to chill out after. DP had taken DD out so I was the only one home...good thing they weren't even earlier as it could have been an uncomfortable situation! I had a very positive opk yesterday but I'm surprised to see that I didn't get a Peak on the monitor this morning. We are going to try again today at lunch time and I guess maybe Wednesday too.

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Lise: we are doing happy dances over here for you! I totally had af like cramps before I test (which made me "just know" I wasn't pregnant). I say test today! It will make for a lovely Tuesday!!!


Wuhu desert: I'm thrilled you guys get to continue to try!! Is your wife gonna keep try or is it your turn now?!!

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Carmen, LOL about your interruption. Those sperm were prob halfway there by the time you stood up. 


Lise, late is good, temp up is good. I'm excited. 


Desert, all month while you were talking about taking a break I bit my tongue and avoided saying that badly times pregnancies are sometimes the best. I'm thrilled that you're staying in the game. Good luck. 


Good luck to everyone trying. 

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Hey everyone. Sorry about my disappearance. It has been a rough 2ww this go round. Annnnd even worse now that AF showed up this morning. I'd be lying if I said I didn't burst into tears when I saw the red. It's hitting me pretty hard. I really thought this was it. Now we are taking a break until February - due to holidays and a trip to Hawaii in January. My consolation prize is that I am going to have SO MANY PINA COLADAS when we are there :) 


Desert - SO HAPPY to hear you are going to keep trying!!! I hope you get a big case of threadkeeper's luck!


Lise - So excited for you - can't wait for you to test!!!


Krista??? better news for you I hope!


Carmen - good luck this go-round!


Cananny - sorry about the bfn :( You have a great attitude though! Get em next time!


can you please move me to taking a break? In all honesty, I am excited about taking a break - I need it. I will pop back in here and there to check on you all and cheer you on. But I think I am going to take this time to focus on my health (mental and physical) and my relationship. We are also going to reevaluate our plan and figure out where to go from here. Good luck everyone!!!

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Thanks for the encouragement, Sara and seraf smile.gif

Mrs.PP: sorry to hear things aren't happening as quick as they could be greensad.gif you are early in the journey, right? It will happen smile.gif

Afm: Timing didn't work out today for another insem so we've planned for tomorrow at midday. And hopefully I'll get a peak on the monitor...I'm just about to sneak into the bathroom at work to do another opk to see if it's still positive. My DP picked up my progesterone supp. prescription...expensive, though I was expecting it.

ETA: weird....opk was just negative....I've never had a positive opk that wasn't followed by a peak on the monitor before being negative again!
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Hello all. I started bleeding on what would have been CD46 (Saturday) after failing two pregnancy tests on Wednesday and Thursday. I have a cycle that long once or twice a year, but this seemed unusual in that it had been like three weeks since my positive opk. This Friday I have my first midwife appointment (over an hour away).

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BFN greensad.gif. Still no AF though...
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Desert: I am so happy to hear that you & DP are going to keep trying!!


Lise:  Fingers still crossed for you! It's not over till af.gifshows up! I had lots of cramping as well I just knew AF was coming but she never did!


Carmen:I am sorry to hear that your OPKs are not behaving by giving you a positive greensad.gif fingers crossed that you get that peak ASAP!


MrsPP: I am so sorry to hear about AF and that you are having to take a break greensad.gif but 2 cycles after our extended break it happened for us so take this time to relax mentally and emotionally and reconnect with DP. I will miss you but pop in from time to time!


Cannany: So sorry to hear about your BFN hug2.gif


wave.gifand BABYDUST to anyone that I missed!!

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Well...definite temp plummet so fairly certain AF will be here today...I am moving myself to "Waiting to O" but have to still decide if we can afford to try in December with all of the extra added expenses in the month. I am getting really close to the date of my m/c. greensad.gif Sad.

outdoorsy--What a long cycle! I am sorry that after all of that time, AF shows up. Glad you have a doctor's appointment soon--good luck with that! An hour away isn't too bad smile.gif...at least you don't have to fly across a lake.

MrsPP--Uggg! I am so sorry!! Even though you haven't been trying a really long time, I bet it feels like it because you have been actively tracking for so long! I know how emotional this all gets...the ups and downs are too much sometimes. I am envious of your Hawaii trip! A lot of people on this board seem to vacation there! I wonder why that is...I think I need to jump on that band wagon! Sounds fantastic! We will miss you...I am HOPING I won't still be around (who am I kidding? I will ALWAYS be around and checking in!) but if I still am, we can try again in February together. Have a nice, relaxing break!

Carmen--Was your pee really diluted? How strange (and frustrating!!) is that!!! Personally, I have begun to believe that OPK testing and the days leading up to O are MUCH more stressful than any other part of the cycle. I am going to try and be as zen as possible during that time next cycle and see if it helps...

Seraf/Sara--So nice of you two to check in! I miiisssss you both!!! smile.gif
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Lisedea: sorry about af greensad.gif I hope you don't have to take a month off.....or if you do, I hope it's a relaxing, regenerative time for you.

Afm: it probably was diluted yesterday afternoon....but the positive I got on Monday was very positive so I'm more concerned about no peak on the monitor as I've gotten one every month I've used it. However, I didn't use it last month so maybe it is just confused. My temp jumped up nicely this morning so I'm betting I did indeed O yesterday. We will go ahead this afternoon anyway and see what my temp does in the morning. I agree that the time leading up to O is most stressful....even though I can also pinpoint my O very easily normally!
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