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Iona Naomi, my "mini me"--Finally Updated

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Iona was born on Saturday, Oct. 29--I will update a birth story tomorrow, just got home this afternoon. She has black hair, weighed 8lb 13oz, had a more complicated birth than I expected, so I'll add details later (natural as we'd planned, hospital, not as we'd planned, very very agonizingly painful, not as I'd planned!!!!) We are all healthy and SO happy.

newborn 1.jpgIMG_0429.jpg

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Rosemary, she's precious! Heal gently, my friend, and enjoy your new baby.
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Wow, look at all that amazing hair! She's gorgeous! I love the name, especially Naomi. That's a name I've always loved and it was in the running for a girl's name if we'd been having one. 


Enjoy her and get lots of rest, mama! She's dear. Looking forward to hearing your story.

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wow she is your mini-me. Congratulations!

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Rosemary, she is absolutely beautiful. Definitely your mini-me! Congratulations!!! joy.gif

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She is oh so precious!! Congrats, lady!

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congrats!!! Love the hair!

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Congratulations, Rosemary!  I have to agree with all the others, her hair is so amazing!  Wow!!!  She totally does look like a mini you.  love.gif


Hope you're resting and recovering well!  Glad you're all doing so nicely despite things not quite going as planned.

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Congrats Rosemary! She is just beautiful! Rest up and hope you feel well!!



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Congratulations Rosemary! I hope you heal quickly and enjoy!!


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congratulations, she is just gorgeous!!

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Awww, Rosemary, she is beautiful!!  I'm sorry to hear things didn't go as planned but I can't wait to hear your story and see more pictures of the little miss.  So that's who was hiding in your adorable bump this whole time!!!


Take care of yourself and heal, lovely lady!

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Rosemary!  I have been thinking of you for days now and waiting to hear from you!  When you first announced your water had broken, I remember being up in the middle of the night nursing and totally emotionally in love with my little baby, and something about it made me so sentimental thinking of you birthing little Ioana.  


CONGRATULATIONS!  She is beautiful, and what a lovely head of hair she has!  I hope you are resting and recovering, and processing the experience.  We are all thinking of you, my friend, and wishing you lots of love and snuggles with your new little babe.  

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Loving both your hair! winky.gif


Adorable baby and a birth that, though not quite as planned, is now behind you.  Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

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Congratulations! She is a beautiful baby! 

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I arrived at the Birth Center around 5.30 and they started the IV. I kept asking, "That's not penicillin, is it?" to the midwife who said, "nope" but pretty absentmindedly, enough to make me keep asking just to be sure. And guess what? It WAS penicillin, which my chart has me as allergic to. After 3 full IVs of the stuff and no reaction, turns out I'm NOT allergic to it!

I was disappointed to learn that Amanda, my least favorite midwife in the practice, notorious for transfers, pit and c-sections among my friends, was the one I was going to have. I shot a look to dh who shot the same one back. Uh-oh. Well, they did a fetal monitor strip and during the stronger ones her heart rate would dip and set off the alarm, so they decided that I'd need to go over to the hospital. At this point, I was mostly concerned about Iona and trusted that it was necessary.
Amanda had to attend another delivery, so her backup brought me across the street to the hospital. As we rolled away, I waved at the Birth Center and said, "Goodbye hopes and dreams!" I still had my sense of humor and knew it was early. The hospital was actually not bad at all; I'd never even visited it before and interestingly the o.b. on duty was the mom of one of my dh's students, and she was so kind and just came in briefly to say hello. The contractions picked up, Amanda came back and saw that things were picking up, so she did a strip and things looked fine. She then started talking a little bit about her own recent labor, and I perked up because I didn't know she'd had a baby; one of her more off-putting traits was lack of compassion for laboring moms, and all of a sudden she seemed to be a different person--completely compassionate and actually pretty great. That was a relief--I began to trust her. She checked me, and I was at 4.

My water continued to gush, and there was light meconium in it. A few contractions later, more meconium showed up, so Amanda told me that there would need to be nurses present at delivery to make sure she hadn't swallowed any, etc. The contractions began to radiate down my legs and hips and I couldn't stand up anymore, so I tried sitting down, which didn't work well, so then I laid down and yowzers. At least I could rest between them, but during them I looked like a horse that needed to be shot. I felt a little pushy so Amanda checked me and I was past 9 but there was a lip. She allowed me to push during a few, but I was on my back, mainly because I couldn't seem to move, and she held back the lip (ouch) during a couple of tries, but it went back and so I had to stop. She suggested getting on my hands and knees so I put my head on the raised back of the bed and this position worked beautifully, though I couldn't keep from pushing, which was supposed to be my job--"Relax and blow threw them"--I thought of Katico--"relaaaax"! It was like having to poop and being told the toilet was a mile away and that I wasn't allowed to poop my pants. I would have rather done jumping jacks than not push, but I went along until I no longer could and was screaming about having to push, so the nurse told me it was ok if I really couldn't help it.

Amanda came in with all the nurses and told me they'd take the baby away, which I didn't understand to mean just across the room, and I started crying and felt horrible. Josh said he'd go with Iona and video her for me. I pushed for 20 minutes, and after the head was through, there wasn't that usual slide out of the body, because her arms were crossed over her body and wrapped around her with the cord, so Amanda had to tug and tug AND TUG while I screamed, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME????" and then she was out! She had to cut the cord right away, sadly, and they took her across the room and she was "ashen" but quickly pinked up. It seemed like she was gone forever and I birthed the placenta which was inside out in the "Dirty Duncan" presentation. Amanda gave me the "thickest cord I've ever seen" award. FINALLY I got the baby, but I was so uncomfortable that holding her was really hard (I had the shakes) and I was wearing a ridiculous nighty that I'd meant to remove but hadn't had the chance. So skin contact had to wait a little while, though I ripped that neck open so we could nurse. Happiness at last.

Iona is such a baby; I love her so. With Pascal it took a while to warm up to him, just because I was in shock and knew nothing of babies. The love here was instant, and I love to smell her head, cuddle, coo, and of course dress her--though she hates that. She is such a replica of me as an infant that I think some primal instinct has possessed me. DH is a different father now also; he's helpful, attentive, gets up at night, and is smitten with her. Tons of people are bringing us meals and pies and we're so loved right now. I am not really sleeping, as she wants to suck all night and my back hurts, but I understand that she's putting in her breakfast order, so I'm alright with it. DS is proud, but is a little stand off-ish; grandparents just left last night, so we'll see what the rest of the week is like for him.
Thank you for reading this, and for your encouragement.


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Congrats! She's beautiful!
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what a baby!!! love the hair!!!love.gif

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Oh the suspense!!!



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ok, fully updated!

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