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GBS testing?

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I've denied the test with my previous 3 pregnancies, but thinking  of doing it this time as it a harmless test that could rule out something harmful. My midwife I chose was supportive of my choice to refuse all tests GD/GBS etc. but I could tell, a vibe perhaps - that something about me refusing the GBS unnerved (?) her perhaps.

So, I did some more research and unnerved myself - haha.


It appears that with all the antibiotic resistance it has gotten to be a different problem than it was 5-10 years ago?

I know some of you on here have been down this road much more recently than I have - what do you choose and why?

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GBS is changeable. You can go from positive to negative and back again in the space of a few weeks, so only testing in labour is really all that reliable. It can make you more prone to interventions (IV drip, concern about prolonged rupture of membranes even above and beyond their normal worry about that sort of thing). And if you have a strain that is antibiotic resistant, as a lot of them seem to be these days, then even getting antibiotics in labour won't fix anything.


In the UK from what I understand (and from what my doctor told me 2 years ago when I refused it with my second), they don't even test for it unless you're meeting criteria that makes infection of the baby likely- such as prolonged rupture of membranes or preterm labour- and the chances of bad stuff happening when your water breaks during labour or with a full term baby is less than the risk of nasty stuff happening from antibiotics (ie, thrush) so he had no problem at all with my refusing the testing, and even gave me more information on why I was right to refuse (kind of baffled me! This was my first appointment with him, and my previous doctor had been on the guilt-wagon for every test that I decided against).


I think I'll refuse again this time, too. If for some weird reason my water breaks well in advance of labour (didn't happen the last two times, but anything is possible!) I'll go for a swab. They can get results fast if they're motivated :)



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The thing is that systemic colonization is not the same as the baby getting it.  But finding a colonization means you and baby will be subject to all sorts of interventions.  I'm much more inclined to observe the baby for any signs of problems than risk the complications of antibiotics or other interventions during labor. 


Many (most) women have the bacteria strain in/on their body at some point.  It comes and goes, like the pp said.  It is most commonly found in the anal tract, and some docs are now taking anal swabs instead of vaginal swabs to test for it.  What that means is that it's more likely to be found, and more likely to be treated agressively, yet the likelihood of baby being exposed to it is not even established (since it wasn't found in the vagina). 


If your MW is giving you weird vibes about it, I suggest you bring it up with her.  And ask her about her protocols if you were to test and were positive.  Ask about Hibiclens instead of antibiotics.  Inform yourself on what she would need to see/have you do.  And go from there. 

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