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Geo's solution: brilliant as always. My mom often invites at least one such person and it really lightens the mood.


Nic, yes, please. It would be *most* awesome. luxlove.gif


I hope you DIngoes feel a hot breeze of love coming from waaaay east; yep, that's me you're feeling. 


Dh spent an hour and a half on Skype with a dear friend this evening. Was so nice for him to have that convo, kind of reeled him back into our little community back home. So much love and fellowship there. He needed the boost.


Need to call my parents yet tonight, not certain I have the fortitude for it, but will try. 

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Fabulous idea, Geo!  In fact, I had invited two such friends.  Sadly, they both had firm plans elsewhere.  Both of these friends though, are on speed dial and text for support.  My goal is simply to not talk to my parents about it.  Brother won't be around (he made sure of that!).


The run was really amazing.  So needed.  My friend's husband ran with us.  It was his first 5k.  He had thought he would run/walk, but ran the whole way!  I don't have our official time, but think we ran around 12:00 pace, so we were going quite a bit faster than usual! 


Now, trying to hold things together, cook my meal, and not collapse from exhaustion.


Happy Thanksgiving my friends.  I am so, eternally thankful for finding the Dingos!

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Bec - Glad you had a good run to kick things off!


We missed out Turkey Trot, we just didn't wake up early enough and the weather, though perfect for a real run, is a little less perfect for a family amble pre-coffee.  It's okay, I'm just glad that everyone here is so flexible. 


Hope everyone has a calm day with minimal stresses!


Thanks for being here and always being so incredible and supportive and amazing!



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Bec, that's a great attitude - I really admire you for that. Both in recognizing where the problem lies and still being patient with your parents. I hope that I'm never in that position as a parent, you know? Not wanting to realize a child's faults, even as an adult? It seems very sad. But thank goodness your brother won't be there. Sad, too, but hey, his loss.


Plady, I have to agree with the others, I would not have been able to have that convo as calmly as you did. Kudos to you. And good luck on developing this play!! I really would like to hear how this develops!


Jo, That yearning for your farm life really comes through in your words! I hope that either a) you get to move back, or b) you find a niche there that works better for you and your kids. BTW, I didn't comment before on the job thing since I was so far behind, but it sounds like you had to make a hard decision with that. And you are very in tune with your kids, so I'm sure that you noticing your DS's unhappiness at school is so important! And on the vacay, sorry it's not Isanbul. I hope the Dead Sea is awesome, and yes, I have heard wonders about healing skin stuff! 


wave.gif Gaye! Hope you took some vitamin I before those sore muscles got too bad.


thumb.gif Nick, glad to hear your DH is treating you nicely! You deserve that!!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I actually have an extra prep day, since my family is arriving in a few hours, and they wanted to do the big cooking/eating day tomorrow. Peace.gif


I could write on about the daily rigamarole around here with me and the family and running and work and whatnot, but basically...


all I really want to focus on today is that I am so very thankful to have found this online community of caring people with similar interests, a group so willing to accept new Dingos, and to never forget old ones, to be there with its members through the ups and downs and curveballs and all the stuff we go through, supporting, celebrating, commiserating, advising, listening and chit-chatting. Long live the Dingos! love.gif


Catch up with you guys this weekend!



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Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post

all I really want to focus on today is that I am so very thankful to have found this online community of caring people with similar interests, a group so willing to accept new Dingos, and to never forget old ones, to be there with its members through the ups and downs and curveballs and all the stuff we go through, supporting, celebrating, commiserating, advising, listening and chit-chatting. Long live the Dingos! love.gif

What she said. love.gif

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Mine was pretty good, even with working a 12 hour shift. I got floated to sit with a patient who was extremely agitated all morning, but then they moved her down to my unit and gave her some haldol and she was sleeping.gif out for the count. orngbiggrin.gif I also got to start an IV on her, and it was AWESOME. The RN was not confident about it, and I wasn't either, but I just went for it, and nailed it. Confidence-booster! And, you know, time and a half is a pretty darn good thing...

I got the application done last night! It was painful. I almost quit several times, but I suffered through. It is not my finest work, but I don't really see anything changing if I try to edit, so I'm calling it done. I haven't clicked the submit button yet, but I probably will sometime tomorrow.

I am SO not a black Friday shopper, but I scored a Wii for $100 online tonight, so that was pretty cool. Now I just have to convince family to give us controllers and games for Christmas. orngbiggrin.gif
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An SOS... my mum called, my dad has had two strokes in 48 hours and the second one looks grim in terms of prognosis. I'm preparing to leave for Spain with DS. I am just heartsick

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Zub ~ I'm so sorry.  I'm thinking of your family today.  Much dingo love and support for you grouphug.gif.

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Fly safe, Zub. grouphug.gif

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Thinking of you, Zub. Do you have your classes and admin duties covered?
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Oh Zub!  Our hearts are with you. 


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My heart is with you, Zub!

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Thinking of you, Alex. hug.gif
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Shanti--hope your dr gives you something to help.

Plady--I meant to say this earlier, but your poor DD! I was really lucky and was a month from my 15th birthday before AF showed up, and really hope both girls take after me.

bec--I'm so sorry about the family drama. Ugh. It does sound like mental illness afoot, not that it makes it easier to deal with.

Nic--sounds like a cool top. I think I tried one like it the other day at the store, but it didn't fit me well. It looked so attractive on the hanger--and on you no doubt!

Zub-- I'm so sorry about your dad. I hope the trip and prognosis are better than expected.

tjsmama--yay for nailing an IV and fairly uneventful shift.

1jooj--I hope you can work something out that's better than the current situation, especially because it's clear you'll do so much better at home on the farm than where you are.

NRR: Remember how J had the stomach flu for the second time in a month on Tuesday (see: stomach flu, croup, wet cough, stomach flu)? This time she was kind enough to pass it on to the rest of us. R came down with it Wednesday night and I followed about 20 minutes later. Obviously, we cancelled Thanksgiving. DH seems to have fared the best, and while he didn't actually throw up, he was feeling pretty nauseous and all last night. I relied on my trusty zofran as usual (which sounds wimpy until I explain that about four hours in, I spent 30 minutes throwing up continuously. Yeah. Who even knew that was possible? So at the first possible moment, I took it. It's the kind that dissolves under my tongue, so I didn't need to worry about keeping it down for 30 minutes for it to work). Yesterday I was incredibly sore and exhausted because I didn't really sleep most of the night, but I'm feeling ok now. Another good meal or two and I should be up and running.

If all goes well, we'll do Thanksgiving with my parents tomorrow. Now the question I'm wondering if I should invite my sister and BIL too, since the reason they were missing was that they were having dinner with his family? :P (I'm betting $ she won't want to come near our house for fear of contagion, but it would be silly to not invite them, I think.)
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Oh, Zub. Thinking of you. praying.gif for your dad. Safe travels.

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Zub - hug2.gif Hope the prognosis is improving by the time you get there.

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Zub - my heart goes out to you, mama.  This year just won't let up on you, will it?  I wish you safe and easy travels, and a less grim prognosis when you get there.  My thoughts are with you and yours.


Nic - I got the dress back in the mail. Thanks!


This was the first Thanksgiving in several in which I trotteth not, but overall working the holiday was not too bad.  I even caught a little Thanksgiving turkey with one of our residents.  "caught" being literal this time.  Mama's first baby, 8 lbs 11 oz, 9 minutes of pushing, and somersaulted out so fast the resident literal bobbled him mid air and then pulled him in to her chest like a football!


I have managed to run 4 of the 5 days this week, including 5 hilly, windy miles today.  Almost makes up for all the food I ate last weekend, and then leftovers all week!  Now, Catherine and Justin are in St. Louis with the marching band, since the football team made state.  So the rest of us are going out to supper and then the muppet movie!

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I've had a dongo week for posting. Happy belated Thanksgiving and happy turkey trotting to my American Dingo friends love.gif


Geo, congrats on the fast trot (just over your RP's goal, right?).


Bec grouphug.gif on the family drama. Congrats on persevering and surviving and generally being the grown up.


Zub grouphug.gif and safe travels.


And as always when I've been MIA, there's more I want to say but can't remember once I hit reply... Thanks to everyone for the morning routine tips and reminders. We survived the first week quite well- nothing major was forgotten except my oldest DD's glasses on Wednesday. I'll call it a success! Yesterday was parent teacher interviews, and as expected my daughter is doing great. We're in coasting mode: aware that she's above grade level in every subject, seeing her benefit from what she can pick up by being a grade 1 in a 1/2 split (and the youngest kid in the class- only turned six this month), and letting school continue to be primarily a social outlet rather than an academic one. As long as she's happy to go every morning, I'll take advantage of the free childcare and dealing with her socialization which is a challenge for an introvert parent :)


Today I had my interview for the maternity job, and I think all went well. I'm assuming that they're interested, since the nurse manager loaned me her neonatal resus book so I can prep to recert. I think that means I'll probably get the job. I told them that I couldn't start any orientation until January/February, and that seems to fit with what they're looking for. After a 3 1/2 year hiatus I might be back to maternity nursing. But in a much smaller version- going from my first job at a hospital that did 7000 births a year, to one that did 3500, to this one that does 400. The back up is a little different, and I'll get experience doing transports out instead of receiving them in! I've missed it, though, so am getting a bit excited by the possibility (and hopefully not ahead of myself in thinking they'll hire me...).


RR- Missed bootcamp tonight because of a sick kid, but I did make it on Tuesday. My abs were sore for two days. Not much time in the current schedule for running until my husband gets home in a week and a half, unless I brave the cold and the stroller. We had a snowstorm this week, and I hate strongly dislike (can you tell what I'm working on with the kids right now?) pushing the chariot through the snow, though I can do it when I'm really desperate for a run. Until I can make running more regular, I'll be hitting family fitcamp a couple times a week.

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Considering it took me until nearly 1 pm to drag my butt off the couch and get out for my run, it went shockingly well! 4.5 miles of leftover-burning in the bag!

And now, it's time for hockey! My alma mater is in town for a tournament. Last night's game was fabulous (we killed 'em!), and then the girlfriend that I took to the game and I met another girlfriend for sushi and dessert. So. Much. Fun.
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Zub - goodvibes.gif I am SO sorry!!

Jo - what a hard situation. There isent any good solution, just sh***y and less shi**y. I'm sorry. I hope that you find the reason for this upheaval down the road; the life lesson that makes the upheaval feel valuable hug.gif

Plady - congrats on finishing and resolution

Nic - woot about the book. exciting

Bec - I have a brother (step) just like that, whom we spent a lot of time discussing during t-giving as he is about to descend on our lives soon (family at large), after living in southeast asia for several years (w/ a stop in a mental institution along the way, en route to Iraq, apparently. Bi-polar anyone?). hug.gif

NRR: I'm sorry I dont have the energy for more. just got back tonight from the Bay Area. It was an excellent trip. I have lots to tell, but have been sort of numb since receiving a phone call 8 hours ago from my mom in Holland--add me to the list of woe--she was just diagnosed w/ cancer. (Jo: the essay. the timing). Very rough relationship, and I dont want to deal with the emotions of this, at all. She learns the prognosis dec. 6, so that's when i will decide how to feel I guess. Yuck. F**k.
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Zub and Sparkle grouphug.gif  I'm so sorry to hear of the bad news in your families  greensad.gif

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