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I don't know much about Wii Active, but DS reports that they play a dancing video game in PE. I don't really have a problem with it, as it sounds like it's one station out of several that they can do, and I think that it can be a good way to get some exercise. I think it totally depends on what kind of activity program it is and how it's portrayed to the kids.

I think I'm actually going to get one of the dancing games for our new Wii. I don't want to buy a ton of stuff, but I think Mario Kart, a dancing game, and the original Wii Sports (with the bowling...the bowling rules) should suffice. I would love love love to get Rock Band, but after investigating the prices of the instruments, I shelved that one. How is it possible that they're twice the price that they were three years ago when XH got one for Christmas???

Have I mentioned lately that I'm SO over school? Ugh. Clinical was ok today, I guess. We were semi-productive. We did (IMO) a pretty good job of teaching flu basics to an intermediate ESL class. It was a MUCH better experience than last week's combined (and huge) beginner and intermediate class (where they basically just stared at us with blank looks). Three more teaching presentations to go...and one giant project. Blech.

The good news is...I just booked flights for a post-graduation trip to Cancun! joy.gif I cannot wait. I haven't been on a real vacation in years. SIL's wedding in Hilton Head two years ago is probably the closest, but while that was fun, it also involved DS and stress with XH. Three days on the beach, with nothing to do but lay in the sun, maybe some watersports, and some tasty beverages. Ahhhh....February 16 cannot come fast enough!
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zub, I'm so very sorry about your dad. candle.gif

tjsmama--I'm jealous of your trip. I think. Or I'm just dreading the arctic cold that's about to hit.

RR: 4 done. It's more than I usually do on a storytime day in hopes of fitting in more mileage sooner before it gets cold again.
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Zub, I'm thinking of you today. I am so sorry for all the hurt and pain you are going through.


Plady: my DH is the same way - he was given a boat once, and that thing is an absolute pos, seriously, I will not even let him take the kids anywhere in it. Not even with life jackets on. But he dotes on it. At least things like that can be had for very little money.


You all already have kayaks, don't you? The outdoor shops and rec department here generally sell off older ones around this time of year, and I was thinking of getting DH a sit-inside type, larger one for two people.


Bec: I wouldn't be nuts about the Wii sports in PE class either. OK, as a station among many activities, or if it's raining or otherwise just an exception, but for a class... no. Have you gotten a response yet?


Gaye: Oh, a few days in Cancun with no responsibilities sounds divine.


AG dolls, thanks for all the feedback. After researching it a bit online, and the cost, and the pros and cons of the knock-offs, I think I might go with a knock-off that I can get in Germany (Goetz-puppen.de, in case anybody wants to peek at them) right before Christmas, or even order to be delivered to my in-laws. The price is not too much less, but my MIL would love to go do some investigative shopping to get prices and take a look at the dolls firsthand. She really loves doing stuff like that, and so she's probably already hit all the toy stores to find out who carries this doll. DD mentioned it again yesterday, so I feel that this is what she really wants. DH thinks that dolls are for younger kids, but I countered with Mommajb's perspective - wouldn't we rather she be playing like the child that she still is rather than reading tween magazines and putting on makeup? Thanks, Mommajb


I had a very nice, low-key birthday yesterday with the family. Some cake, lovely gifts, and just relaxing together was just what I needed. The cutest gifts were from DD, who put together a little scrapbook of notes and photos that she pilfered from our huge bulletin board in the hallway, and from DS, who wrapped up a painting he made at a birthday party a few months ago. I just love things like that.


RR: 2.5 ish miles this morning with my RP, who is going through some serious marital problems. We need to find a way to run further, because we always have way more to say than our 30 minute runs allow!



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Happy Birthday, Mel38!  Sounds like a lovely, low key day.


Re: dolls ~ I remember playing with my Sascha doll and my Kathe Kruse dolls way up past age 10 or 11.  I still have my Kathe Kruse and frequently change her outfits Sheepish.gif !  IMO, dolls that look like girls are more appropriate than "woman" shaped dolls, like Barbie.  My girls don't play with baby dolls much, but just last night spent hours creating a gymnastics show for their AG dolls to perform in.


zub ~ thinking of you and your family as you go through this very difficult loss hug2.gif.


bec ~ I would not be down with Wii Active for PE...


Plady ~ I'm laughing that your little DD wants a cellphone!  My DS has been mentioning that a lot too.  Not a chance in H-E-double hockey sticks!  Just who, exactly, is he going to call????


RR ~ Ran/walked 5 miles on Monday, nothing yesterday, and a tough Pilates class this morning.  Oy ~ my core!!!!!


NRR ~ My kids have been cutting paper snowflakes like crazy and it looks like a blizzard on my windows.  I made a new wreath for our front door and am very pleased with it if I don't say so myself.  Today, decorating my planters with greens and ribbons, and getting a start on the shopping.



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Just a quick check in to say I'm in running clothes and as soon as I digest my breakfast a little bit more I'm going out the door.  I'm a little bummed that my back (hips, psoas, whatever!) is yet again in pain, but I'm going to try and keep it slow and steady and see if increased fitness isn't the key to fixing it.

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Jo - have you tracked your menstrual cycle in combo with the running mojo/cranky pants? I am shocked EVERY month by how much different my attitude is post O, pre-men.

Plady - I too love the idea of giving experiences rather than stuff, especially as my family has reached the point where they have EVERYTHING I can think of (its a little disgusting to realize... although I am a bit of a grinch Sheepish.gif) On that note, do you know anything about the Broadway production of the Lion King? My kids have never been to a musical, but that one is here this Spring, so I'm considering it for dd1 and maybe ds (although he is getting the mega-single-gift that preempts reception of anything else lol.gif)

Zub - continuing to hold you in my thoughts and meditation candle.gifgoodvibes.gif

Mel38 - Happy Birthday. I dont have any feedback about the dolls since my dd's are mysteriously NOT into dolls shrug.gif

Real - I am continually amazed by your stamina. You seem to burn the candle at both ends, and the middle!, and yet keep on keeping on; the lack of sleep, great runs, tantrum management, Dh issues, work, and oh yes, knitting! Whew. bow.gif

NRR: in the final stretch of studying. GRE is Dec. 12. I'm so over it. Im doing well enough in my practice tests that I dont disrespect myself, so I'm just done...except I'm not. Soon. As for my mom, I had a day or two of wobbly emotions (crying all morning Sunday listening to Flo and the Machine Ceremonials; that'll do it) but have now stuffed them all back down and feel normal again. Results on Dec. 6th, so I'll deal then.

Meanwhile, wtf am I going to get dh for Christmas? I know I dont need to, and in fact cringe at getting gifts that are not needed, but you know, tis the season. Problem is, the guy is practically an ebay/gear addict, so there really is NOTHING he needs....and I cant think of an experience. I got him guitar lessons last year (and a guitar the year before that) that he hasnt used yet...although he has taught himself to play and practices every day....
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Hello! orngbiggrin.gif

BIL in left today so Thanksgiving is over and I have less than three weeks until Christmas company shows up. All good, I might even clean the bathroom during that time. bag.gif And I am lonely already. I need something good to focus on but holiday spirit isn't it for me. We did a family gift and will go with experiences and stocking stuffers plus items that are needed like a round of shoes a size bigger and pants a couple of inches longer. Seriously, ds1 is outgrowing 29x32 in length only

bec, I don't like the wii at school. Wii fitness isn't all bad but it is a poor substitute for what could be. It does remind me of Halloween though: Dd1's class was all in costume so rather than make them change they dance with Michael Jackson's Thriller video. The idea of my sweet Alice in Wonderland dancing like a zombie makes me smile today (and the girls had fun).

dd2 is stressing me out though this morning did not involve a tantrumso she had time to read, practice piano and still got to school early. This can't go on and I don't know how some of you manage. She has always been sensitive and needy. My best take on it is that she feels many things are happening to her. She will get her 3rd teacher and classroom of the school year on Monday after moving across the countrythis summer so her point of view does have some basis in reality but most of these things are good changes or are for good reasons.

Zub, you stay in my thoughts.
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sparkle--good luck in that GRE-studying home stretch. At least it will be done before Christmas, right?
Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Real - I am continually amazed by your stamina. You seem to burn the candle at both ends, and the middle!, and yet keep on keeping on; the lack of sleep, great runs, tantrum management, Dh issues, work, and oh yes, knitting! Whew. bow.gif
Um, that would probably be why the stomach flu hit me worst last week.... whistling.gif I was at the chiropractor today and trying to remember why my shoulder blades were so tight: oh yeah, that throwing up continuously bit. And then he was trying to figure out why I tend to get a stomach bug each year and we were talking probiotics (which I take). After I left I was like duh.gif I don't sleep. Oh yeah.

Also, does it make us freaks if DH and I decided we'd just buy our own Christmas gifts this year? Completely unromantic, but completely rewarding.

And speaking of Christmas gifts, did you see Skirts Sports is having its warehouse sale this weekend, tjsmama?

Snow, arctic cold, whatever: I'll be there on Friday morning, buying my Christmas gift. Sheepish.gif
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Real, I totally wish I would be given the green light to get my own holiday gift. Go for it.


Ok, well...there's a really good reason why I run. Other than the Dingos, and that *awesome* run feeling. It's that I am completely, utterly, and hopelessly uncoordinated. 


I went to Zumba tonight for the first time. I was not lovely to behold. But I was entertaining, I am sure. I felt (and looked) like Elaine in Seinfeld, dancing. Luckily for me the instructor was super nice, and there were only 4 of us in class so I did not endanger anyone else by going the wrong way, waving my arms the wrong way, tripping over myself, etc. 


It was fun. It was not a really hard workout, at least aerobically (coordination, that's another story). Running is a much more intense cardio workout especially since I do different running workouts (speed, tempo, hills, long). But this was with other people, it was different, and it required me to engage in the moment rather than space out. I would not like it all the time but once a week or so is good. Hopefully I will get better. The instructor's movements were so fluid, her body so graceful. I want to have at least a little grace and fluidity. I feel like C3P0, herky jerky. lol.gif


Tomorrow night is the big sexy dress shindig. Hmmm. I probably should have arranged to get a manicure but I didn't and won't have time tomorrow, so I'll have to keep my very inelegant hands folded around a drink or something I guess.


Have a good night mamas.

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Real - Totally!  And considering how freaky your dh can be under normal circumstances I'd say it was sensible.  In fact I'm thinking about proposing it to my dh too.  Then I could relax about how to recognize which bit of strange semi-rusted metal is secretly an amazing and clever tool for an unbelievable price.  I'd only like to not have to wrap my own present, I've done that before and it leaves me feeling full of hate.


Mommajb - Thriller at Halloween sound fun and memorable.  I still don't like the Wii thing though.  It hardly seems like PE is the right time to encourage kids to get in front of a screen some more.  And who among us hasn't felt like they've done the Last Chance Workout along with the Biggest Losers even as they've finished the ice cream in the process?


Sparkle - Definitely hit the Lion King.  The music and story are no more impressive than the movie version (completely annoying in fact, except for that first song which gives me chills and actually made me cry when I saw it on stage but frankly I resent that) but the puppetry, costumes and staging are really freaking awesome and will wedge some fresh ideas into your kids minds no matter what else they think of the event.


RR!  Yes! Me again!  I ran about 40 minutes with fewer and farther between walking breaks.  I also took the dog for that added cardio (Cuss.gif) and upper body strength involved in keeping her from bolting.  She actually ended up doing far better than I'd had any reason to expect after the first 3 minutes and I'm glad I took her and didn't turn around and take her home as I threatened.  Anyway it was just so beautiful today that it was a crime to be inside so I grabbed little dd as soon as she was home and took her and dh on a field trip to some paths by the strait where it was incredibly windy but sunny and amazing and we could see way off into the distance of Vancouver Island and I wondered where MelW was at that moment and if she had the sun too because there were some dark clouds out farther west.

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Can I put this here? not appropriate on facebook...



My department chair (who has the role that a principal has in an elementary school) stuck us with a really crappy deal. In the course of this deal someone has to teach physics and earth science to preservice teachers. I like this kind of thing. I'm game. Physics for kindergarten thru 4th grade teachers looks like:

  • Understand that objects are made of more than one substance, by observing, describing and measuring the properties of earth materials, including properties of size, weight, shape, color, temperature, and the ability to react with other substances.
  • Understand that substances can exist in different states-solid, liquid, gas.

Remember I'm trained to work professionally as a groundwater specialist (I could work on projects like a superfund clean up site) AND I'm also trained as a geochemist who spent lots of time dissolving rocks and measuring the stuff in them.  Long story short: our brand new physics prof just sent an email to the entire department suggesting that I wasn't qualified because, well my phd is in geology and since said prof doesn't know squat about rocks I can't possibly know enough chemistry and physics to teach physics to preservice teachers. Entire department. Nice.


Does it surprise anyone that said physics prof is male?


And now let's all celebrate that I managed to resist the urge to reply to all. Normally I don't get this pissed about this kind of stuff but what the h...? Why is it ok for the male members of my department to consistently tell me I'm underqualified. I promise you I don't exude "she's so stupid". Academic culture. gah.


Snippet from my reply: I am an isotope geochemist by training and took multiple (n = 6) grad level courses in chemistry in addition to a few courses in physics. You did offend me. I find it really bold of you to suggest that I would offer to teach a course for which I was not qualified.





I want to release the Dingos on this guy and all the other jerks who I have encountered in my science career. Why do women leave science? Because they are too smart to continue to put up with the jerks that geofizz and I encounter on a daily basis.

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sparkle~Absolutely do the Lion King! It's fantastic, IMO! I'm taking DS on Sunday. I've only been once (on Broadway, when we lived in NJ) and I was in the midst of the sinus-infection-from-hell, but I remember it as one of the best shows I've seen, even through all my misery. I can't wait to see what DS thinks of it...it's a surprise, so he has no idea we're going! orngbiggrin.gif

Work today, and go figure...I got floated. Cardiac ICU today, my first time working in the ICU. The CICU is not really your normal ICU, though...the patients are much more with it, and not quite as "sick", so it was interesting. I gotta say, though...it's kind of a cushy job. I really sat around most of the morning wondering what I should be doing, but there apparently wasn't much! The RNs were nice, I got to do a little NCLEX studying, and I didn't work that hard, so not too bad of a day!
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hammer.gif What an a$$hole!  I can't even imagine what kind of a radius my exploding head would leave had that happened to me.

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kerc--that is sooooooo wrong. So very wrong. Hopefully this should make you laugh. A few boys in R's class have been giving R trouble. I asked (rhetorically) why boys act like that and she replied "it's because they know they're not as smart as girls." And you know, she's completely right. lol.gif

plady--glad you got out again.

Nic--I also am completely uncoordinated, to the point that there's no way I'd even take a class. Videos present a challenge, but at least I can pause and rewind it a few times to figure out what it is that I'm supposed to be doing.

Mel38--I meant to say happy birthday and have forgotten twice now. So, happy belated birthday!
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Zub - hug2.gif I am so sorry for your loss. Take the best care you can of yourself right now. The exhaustion that comes with grief can be unbelievable.


I came home from the doctor with $150 in new medications for my asthma. They'd better work - I really need to run again. We also need to replace two of our snow tires and our brakes are shot - that was the other news yesterday. Oh, and the payroll company that handles dh's salary made a mistake and overpaid him by several hundred dollars this past year so they will be taking out that full amount this month. Have I mentioned that we aren't really even meeting the budget we have set as it is? Should be a great month. I won't even get into how banghead.gif I am with dh's approach to our budget. We go over by the same amount every month and because of things that would be wonderful to do (legitimately so, definitely not fluff) IF we had the money -  but we don't, so every month he gets angry at me because we went over. I have pared down every line on our budget as much as possible and am doing without some essential things (glasses, asthma meds - he flipped when he saw the cost of those two things) I need and he wants me to do more because shifting his priorities is not even going to be discussed. And it certainly isn't like he is helping with the cooking or cleaning or any of the extra work that comes with trying to feed a family with teens on less than $500 a month. There is literally no money for Christmas gifts for our kids and so I have been working the creative juices overtime to come up with ideas that will keep it a fun celebration for them. There is no way I am going to let it feel awful for them because we are broke and dh is inflexible. We have never made the gifts a big deal but they are a really fun part of Christmas and we are surrounded by families with loads of money so our kids feel it every year. Even on a good year we just couldn't do what their friends' parents do...... even if we wanted to. I kind of think that if he is going to say there is no money he would jump on board and figure out how to make things or get creative. Nope - he knows how he wants life to be and he seems to think he can just will it that way.


Then there is the fact that I am in such a different place spiritually than ever before. I will celebrate Christmas mainly because it is what my kids know and love and I have come to peace with how to support them along their own spiritual path and keep mine private - but seeing as how dh is a minister, coming to a new place belief-wise can be a little awkward. greensad.gif There is no way, especially living rurally like we do, for me to be more open about this stuff and certainly not to seek out the community of people I might find a spiritual home with. I can live with it but it is hard. 


kerc - want me to knit a male scientist jerk voodoo doll and attack it with dpn's and then seal it in a bag with some moths for you? I'd do it in a heartbeat.


This morning I am car pooling for band so I have to run. I will use the time between drop off and when the stores open (ds' high school is 45 minutes away in the nearest city) to make a menu to carry us o the next paycheque, gift idea materials list, shopping list and then check it twice for what I can adapt, make from something else or just plain cross off. I hate how much time it takes to be broke.


grouphug.gif Dingoes  grouphug.gif


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Shanti grouphug.gif So much of what you've described sounds so familiar. Any chance of serving at a shelter or soup kitchen on the big day? I know it's unlikely in such a rural setting. Hugs, mama. Broke holidays with kids is just hard. A dh who puts his wants on the needs list and others' needs on the would-be-nice list makes like impossible to navigate. And I get where you're coming from re: your path winding in another direction. None of that it easy. I hope the meds help. Because you'll need many deep breaths to keep moving through it. Maybe taking it down to lots of rice and beans and eggs over the next few weeks might help get the point across a little. Any way you can take more control over the household money itself? A budget only works when it's observed. Like you don't know that already. But you know what I mean, mama. Hugs.


kerc, rant.gif I'm angry on your behalf. Just angry. Sexist much? eyesroll.gif


Nic, your Zumba sounds hilarious. My mom does Zumba with a friend a couple times a week. The thought makes me ROTFLMAO.gif but she really enjoys it.


40th anniversary of the union of the Emirates this weekend (tomorrow). Cars are decorated, flags waving everywhere, and tomorrow is going to be a citywide celebration. I guess. Fireworks would be cool, but I haven't read anything. I guess the fountains at the Burj Khalifa will have a special dance to the national anthem every hour tomorrow evening. Of course, we have no plans. Spent this morning at the beach, and it was too cool to swim. For me, anyway. Some Russian tourists seemed to find it perfect. Dh and I walked a little, and maybe this evening we'll stroll in a park or something.



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Sign me up for a male scientist jerk voodoo doll, too.
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Oy, mamas.


Kerc, I am so, so, so with you on this. You handled it beautifully and quite a bit more gracefully than I would have (and have, in the past). Academic culture can be so self-promoting and, well, puffy with self importance. Ahem, especially the men. They truly seem to believe that the Ph.D. magically also confers upon them wisdom greater than everyone else (including in their department) and excuses them from the basic social niceties that the rest of us attempt to abide by.




Shanti, hug2.gifyou know I have been right there with you too, and still am in many ways. We have a very similar (and unpleasant) money dynamic here. I don't have the pressure of Christmas (and Hannukkah isn't really as intense) but it must be very difficult to find yourself isolated in your spiritual life while also wrestling with the practical realities you have. Feel free to vent/explore here. I also am on a changing spiritual journey which isolates me and puts me into conflict with my family and dh (especially the consequences of that journey...lifestyle/education wise). I love to talk about these things (even though our specifics are not the same) so talk away. I have no really good input for dealing with your dh...if I did my marriage might be in a better place! Even down to marginalizing my own (and your) essential medical etc. needs and having those needs ridiculed despite all we do for our family, being accused of being selfish for wanting/needing the minimum while having our efforts and dedication to everyone else go unrecognized and unappreciated -- wow, it so sucks. 


Good thing we Dingos have each other, right? grouphug.gif

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Shanti--that sounds miserable all around. The asthma meds are crazy pricey. The Qvar that I'm on now is running $150 a month, and I know that some of the more pricey (and effective) stuff like Advair is $200+ a month. It's crazy. There might be some sort of discount prescription help you can qualify for, so consider doing a search for "drugname discount program."

It's snowing like crazy here. cold.gif
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Yeah, that snow is coming here tomorrow, threatening school delays, if not closures irked.gif Our beloved city freaks out when there is weather, which means a dusting of snow = delaying school 2 hours, rain = a serious increase in car accidents eyesroll.gif That's one thing I loved about MN; nothing kept people indoors. We heard a Norwegian (who knows) expression there: "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear" nod.gif

Shanti - your post reminded me why I dislike the Christmas season more and more (and American culture, but that's another story). I cant stand the compulsion people seem to feel to buy stuff even if there is no real need or even desire for it. This is particularly true when you have kids because who wants to ruin for them the gift-opening orgy that is Christmas morning by going to work at a shelter instead, or donating all your unneeded gifts to the foster care organization. Sigh. Of course I value the intent behind the madness, but the intent has become so obscure as to almost be beside the point. I mean, if I really wanted to give Dh something he would genuinely love and appreciate, Id give him a BJ lol.gif But instead I have to figure out something that he doesnt need or likely want to show him that I love him during this season of giving. Bleh. Half the pressure you feel is about others expectations, which themselves are bound up in this mass hysteria we are all subject to. I resent it. Im sorry you are working so hard to keep everyone's spirits up at the expense of your own!!!

Plady - biglaugh.gif The metal thing that has some use you cannot figure out. I get gear, that he hopes I'll use and suddenly start mountain biking or skiing like crazy. Sure I like those things, but I dont think buying me new stuff is going to convert me. How about getting me the weekend in Cancun buddy? lol.gif

Kerc - I think you are COMPLETELY justified in sending that email "reply all" I dont think it would seem bitter or inappropriate. He called out your professional qualifications in a PUBLIC FORUM (a-hole), it is completely appropriate to respond in a public forum. Hrmph.

NRR: speaking of gifts, Lion King is not playing until next Oct ('12), which is actually when dd1's bday is, so now I know what Im getting her for that, but alas, still have no clue for Christmas ... maybe Ill take her to Cancun lol.gif
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