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Oh, Zub.  I'm so sorry, mama.  There are no words.  Please be gentle with yourself.


Nic - I am so angry and your husband right now!  Seriously?  You are supposed to scrap over 4 months of training to drive impassable, dangerous roads to hold the hand of an adult man who isn't even taking care of the kids?!!!  Really?


Shanti - My mom is a spinner, knitter, dyer in the fiber art world.  She does a bunch of shows spring through fall.  I wouldn't say she makes a LOT of money, but does pretty well.  She also teaches classes.  Handspun by Stefania is her website. 

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Zub - hug.gif What should you do? How about Grieve and Rest? grouphug.gif

Plady - hoping its near you too. my bestie IRL is in Seattle, and then you - that would be awesome

Mel38 - wirchlich? Naja. Es gibt vielen Mama hier den ein bischen Deutch sprechen kornen ... aber nicht mich/mir?, nicht mehr lol.gif
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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post


Gaye, kindy homework?! dizzy.gif




Our block has 5 kindergarteners on it in 3 different classes at the school.


Neighbors were freaking out about the lack of homework, then freaking out because another class got homework and ours didn't, then freaking out because our homework (when it finally came) was too easy.  There seems to be a concern about falling behind, a concern about being labeled one of the "dumb" kids when they reach first grade, and a concern that the teachers don't care enough about their kid, maybe already labeled dumb.  When I try to reassure them that it's ok, they'll learn, the school are effective, it falls on deaf ears because my kids are smart.  Argh.


My mom's walking buddy is a retired kindergarten teacher, and she complained that parents would demand homework.


I felt oddly compelled to explain to our kindergarten teacher last week that we're content without extra work at home, since we thrive on digging in the dirt.  For the 3rd or 4th time since my kids started in public schools, a teacher has *thanked* me for not doing more work at home and just letting my kids be kids.

It's a crazy world.  There are a lot of odd pressures acting to lead to kindergarten homework.  Any homework before high school that's taking multiple hours should lead to a conversation with the teacher about the appropriateness of the assignment.  "Appropriate" here may mean expecting a child to do work after the exhaustion from a school day.  Any expectation besides "sit on the couch and read with an adult" may be asking too much. 

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Argh!  My internet is being super flakey (thank you AT&T), and it gobbled up my post!


So, here is my recollection of what I wrote!


Zub - I'm so sorry, mama.  Hang in there and be gentle with yourself.


Nic - I am so angry at your husband right now!  Seriously?  He expected you to throw away over 4 months of training in order to drive impassable, dangerous roads just to hold a grown man's hand and he doesn't even have the kids?!!  Really? 


Shanti - My mom is a fiber artist.  She spins, dyes, knits, etc.  She vends at fiber festivals around the country spring through fall.  While I wouldn't call it a livable income if it was the only source of money, it is a very nice supplement to what my father makes.  Her website is Handspun By Stefania

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Originally Posted by zubeldia View Post

Well, no good news here. Another missed miscarriage. I went to see my friend/regular GP and she sent me for a scan in the hopes of reassuring me, but, sadly, no heartbeat. I should be about 10 weeks.


I don't even know where to go from here. I've been pregnant since the end of May - with August off - and now I'm here again.

Oh no!  I'm so sad with you. I agree with whoever posted that you should feel like you can grieve. And for the record, I was trying to multiquote your post, not like it. freaking mdc won't let me unlike it.


Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post


Dh is angry with me for not coming back right away after the storm and instead staying in DC half a day extra to run the marathon. I don't even know how to respond to this, since I offered to come back and was told (by my parents, who had the kids...and said it was impassable anyway near their house; dh would not answer the phone) not to come back Sat. night. Sigh. I can do nothing right, it seems.




Stocking back up on food today...Costco, supermarket. Trying to get everyone fitted out with winter gear. I'm looking for snow bibs in big kids' size 12, 8/10, and 6/7 if anyone has any they want to sell (only the smallest size must be boyish/gender neutral. The bigger two sizes can be anything). Also looking for big kids' fleece snow hats, flannel sheets, and cool boots for me (sz 8). Anyone who has something neat to sell please let me know! (Winter running gear? Gah! Haven't even started that yet!)

a. that guy better not self-identify himself as your husband in some elevator sometime. I'd bonk the security camera and might have to nail him in the nuts. Geez.

b. go for top sheets on flannel sheets. Really and truly, if cost is an issue then just go for the top sheets.

Originally Posted by jgale View Post

Hi everyone,

I think I'm jumping in on a long-standing thread,

Yes, Jessi you are. But you're welcome!  Thhis thread's been moving since ?? 2003? 2004?  And it really gel-ed in 2005 when many of us were pregnant together. Newbies are welcome though.


Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Like he would have!  That's so lame. You were supposed to bail on all that training and planning because he didn't have power and what?  Needed you to light the candle?  For f's sake.  I'll fume for you mama, hope you can let it go.


Right. I'm with her.




I got a boat load of work dumped in my lap yesterday morning and I'm hosting a dinner party tonight (did I post here that my oven's not working?). oy.


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Yes, well, if we hadn't been having the argument in Dick's Sporting Goods (which somehow, ahem...seems rather an appropriately named place to be having an argument with a doofus dh...) I would have given him the what-for. As it was I stared him down with my famous hairy eyeball and went to Costco. Gah



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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

a. that guy better not self-identify himself as your husband in some elevator sometime. I'd bonk the security camera and might have to nail him in the nuts. Geez.





DH is gone for the weekend -- hanging out with some college friends in DC.  We're going to a high school marching band concert tonight, then soccer practice, shoe shopping, playdate, and science experiments with forbidden Halloween candy tomorrow, then DINGO VISIT from DrJen and Cath.  DD is so excited about Catherine coming.  They're coming to DD's soccer game, then we're headed to the art museum for a free look at the Caravaggio, and hopefully a run with DrJen if Cath is game to babysit.



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Jo ~ Oh my goodness, I hope it all works out for you guys and that the process is easy!!!


Zub ~ So much love, hugs, and healing to you mama!


It's been a day... one of those days!!!  Drinking tea now, listening to a podcast, and holding AJ.  

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Alex, I'm so, so sorry to hear of your loss. brokenheart.gif candle.gif


Nick, disappointed.gif to that DH of yours. Check out Sierra Trading Post for cheap(er) winter stuff. We always shop there and sign up for their annoying email updates, since they have some pretty decent coupons.


Yeah, what Kerc said! superhero.gif


Sparkle, I'm impressed! Sehr schön hast du gesprochen.


Geo, have fun with the Dingo visit!


Bec, how cool that your mom is a spinner and fiber artist! I checked out her website, very impressive! I have my privateeyes.gif on some pretty sock yarn...



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Mel38 - Ha! You liar. I know I probably got 50% of that wrong orngtongue.gif

Geo - Ex-actly

Nic - lol.gif Dick's
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zub, we cross-posted earlier. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. grouphug.gif


kerc lol.gif on the perfect elevator crime. Also how are you doing an ovenless dinner party? Does the stove still work? My youngest locked our oven in Sabbath mode right as I prepared to put a big new years dinner in the oven last year. I couldn't find the manual, and ended up cooking the entire dinner stovetop and bbq. I was also very grateful for an online manual that I found later that night. Somehow she had managed to press the exact right three buttons at once!


sparkle, congrats to your DD, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a PNW nationals and I could maybe make a trip down for dingo meet-up.


Geo and DrJen, enjoy your dingo visit!!!


JenLove, hope that the rest of your day/evening is better.


I just had a call from the maternity manager a nearby hospital for a job interview (either next week or the week after- we're working on the timing for the interview still). Hopefully this can give me the back up of a job that I can ease in to and get some hours when things get lean at the college. And do some work I've missed over the past few years. It's been almost 3 1/2 years since i worked my last L&D shift, though, so there could be a learning curve. Babies are still born the same ways, though, right wink1.gif?



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Zub--I'm so sorry. greensad.gif
Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Like he would have!  That's so lame. You were supposed to bail on all that training and planning because he didn't have power and what?  Needed you to light the candle?  For f's sake.  I'll fume for you mama, hope you can let it go.


Originally Posted by bec View Post

Nic - I am so angry and your husband right now!  Seriously?  You are supposed to scrap over 4 months of training to drive impassable, dangerous roads to hold the hand of an adult man who isn't even taking care of the kids?!!!  Really?

And this.

I've never heard of an adult who wanted another person to travel *through* a snowstorm when there was no reason to. Good grief.

kerc--hope your oven is up and running soon.
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Zubeldia, I am so, so sorry, mama. Thinking shots and peanuts sounds more like it at this point, too. I mean, I don't drink anymore, but in your shoes, I'd be pouring something over ice and possibly also lighting a smoke and having some good, angry, ugly times. hug2.gif That said, if I were nearby, I'd probably show up with muffins. So much love to you, mama.


Mel38, sparkle and other German speakers, my dh speaks 5 languages (two Semitic, one romance, plus English and German) and claims German was hardest for him to learn. (Judging by his retention of it, I guess I'd agree.) I'm super-rusty but I think I could fall back into it pretty quickly. I wish I could go back to Germany for a couple weeks for a visit.


Nic, I'm with the others. Even if he thought such a thing, I can't believe he could act so narcissistically as to verbalize it. Time to put on some big-boy pants.


We've submitted what we could and won't hear back on a few things until at least Monday. Dh sent a note to HR too, and now we wait. Whatever happens will be all right (I'm thinking we'll have negotiations, potentially pushing the closing, which isn't a bad thing). Dh did find out the place has been winterized, which is good. Financing might be a little complicated to arrange from here, with time zone differences, paperwork and just the geography. For example, I can't just drop off an earnest check. Regardless, dh refuses to stress over it, I'm trying hard not to, and we're holding our heads as high as we can. He's doing good work, we are hanging in, and time marches forward. Also found out yesterday that Reb might come and see me over winter joy.gif.


Dh's schedule, meantime, is full. He has meetings after the holiday weekend, then a week or two of class work in Abu Dhabi, and in December he has a show in Kuwait. And predictably, he spent most of yesterday doing expense report and emailing, and today he is sleeping in. eyesroll.gif <-- the eyeroll is not directed at HIM, but at this ongoing ridiculousness.


RR: Probably not until Wednesday. Tomorrow we'll have prayers early and we will go out for Eid, and I will probably continue to go to bed too late and feel icky. Might go to the pool this AM and see if I remember how to swim. Kids want a play date with the family from last weekend, and I am looking into it, but I am so sick of driving in this city.



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Going waaaaaay back, because I am about three days behind on everything these days. rolleyes.gif

nic~It's not a match program. Nursing residency programs are new, and completely optional. They generally offer a longer precepted orientation to ease the way into independent practice, as well as support, evidence-based practice training, etc. There are only a handful in the entire country, and my university hospital has one of the first to be nationally accredited. All that to say that it's highly competitive, but there are no guarantees. Even the worst doctor graduating from med school gets matched somewhere. I would compare this more to trying to get into a super-prestigious fellowship...

lala~Happy belated birthday!

sparkle~That is seriously impressive of your DD! Here's hoping for nationals in Denver! orngbiggrin.gif

mel38~I am constantly amazed at the presumptuousness of the (ahem) "younger" generation. Really? You stand someone up for a "professional" meeting in a field that you want to eventually work in and expect them to just be overjoyed to meet up with you at another time? shake.gif

Welcome, Jessi! We were all new here at one time or another, so dive right in and don't be intimidated!


nic~Who the ^&*(# does your H think he is??? If a similar situation (say...hurricane, or tornado, or somesuch) had happened the weekend of his triathlon, would he have done the same? I think not! That is completely and utterly ridiculous.
Originally Posted by kerc View Post

a. that guy better not self-identify himself as your husband in some elevator sometime. I'd bonk the security camera and might have to nail him in the nuts. Geez.

melw~Good luck at the interview!!

On the homework issue...I really don't mind the homework much. They get their homework packet on Monday and it's due on Friday, so they have all week to work on it. The problem has been arising more because we have had a TON of four day weeks, and then if there's a night I'm not home or we have something going on, or even just errands to run...well, just not enough time to get it done. Again, if my child would just DO the homework instead of sitting there wasting time, he could be done in half an hour or so, total. The packet consists of a reading page (they color one block for each book they read during the week, and pick a favorite part of one book and draw it), a writing page where they usually just trace and write the letter of the week, some type of coloring/counting page, and one or two math pages (everyday math...stuff like practicing counting by 5's or 10's, looking for shapes around the house, etc.). It's the coloring page that kills me. If he wants to get it done (say, because he wants to help mommy peel potatoes), he can bust it out in no time flat. Otherwise he mopes and moans and groans and whines. And he LIKES coloring! I think the problem is mainly just that he's so tired. It's gotten slightly better as we've gotten farther into the school year, but not enough. I wish I could take bec's suggestion to work on it in the morning, but that's not gonna work, either. There's just as much dawdling in the morning withOUT the homework! I can't imagine trying to squeeze even 10 minutes worth of homework in. It's a struggle just to get DS to eat his breakfast, get dressed, and get out the door in under an hour. rolleyes.gif

In other news, I am annoyed with the nanny, and not sure if it's irrational. I kind of think not. I worked last night, so she came over at 6pm. DS was finishing dinner, and needed a bath before bed. I told her that the dishwasher needed run once his dinner dishes were in it, and that his laundry was in the dryer and needed to be put away. I came home this morning to a clean-but-full dishwasher that needed to be unloaded and DS's laundry laid out on his chair in his room with only the socks and undies put away. Seriously? The dishwasher takes two hours to run, so it should have easily been able to be unloaded either last night or this morning. The clothes are slightly more difficult since DS was going to bed pretty quickly, but she should have been able to either do it before putting him to bed, or going in once he was asleep (he sleeps like a rock). I don't feel like that's too much to ask. I really feel like she's starting to let things slide. Maybe she's getting too comfortable or something. I'm also (probably irrationally) irritated that she finished off my bag of tortilla chips, which I discovered when I went to get them to put on my soup for dinner. And that, instead of the pretzel or whole-grain goldfish that I bought for DS's lunch, she packed the not-so-healthy extra cheddar ones that I bought for ME (and also apparently ate a bunch of those, too). Sigh. She knows that she is welcome to any food she sees unless I specifically tell her otherwise, but for pete's sake...TELL ME WHEN YOU FINISH SOMETHING. So, I think we need to have a little chat. She's just not making much effort lately to help me keep the house up, and that's not ok, especially when *I* don't have the time or energy to do it right now. That's (part of) what I pay her for! [/rant]

No fm for me lately, unfortunately. Wednesday's snowstorm and busyness killed off that day. Yesterday morning, the snow was lingering, and I convinced myself that I really NEEDED to get home and sleep since I worked last night. (and then slept like crap). Today, I was just tired. I tried to get up around 1:30 to get a quick 30 min or so in before picking DS up from school, but could not wake up. Tomorrow and Sunday, I have clinical from 6 am till noon. I'm hoping I have the fortitude to drag DS out in the stroller when I get home because I desperately need to do SOMETHING. Maybe if nothing else, we can go hike on Sunday. I STILL need to go pick up my darn bike helmet, but it's all the way up in Boulder, which is just far enough away to be difficult.
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Oh Zub grouphug.gif.  My heart aches for you.  I also miscarried two back to back pregnancies and remember the feeling of loss so acutely.  Be gentle with yourself and allow some time for physical and emotional healing.


Nic ~ oh puh-leeze!  Your DH needs to grow up.  Seriously.  I think Plady and bec said it best.


tjsmama ~ I think having a brief review of expectations with your nanny would be a good idea.  After all, you're paying her to do the work.  She needs to do it.  And not eat all your chips!


jooj ~ how exciting!  You belong on the farm, not in the "fake city".


sparkle ~ cool!  Let us know where Nationals will be.


Welcome Jessi!  Jump right in.


Mel38 ~ Ich spreche auch Deutsch.  Meine Mutter war in Deutschland geboren.  (and hopefully I didn't mangle that too badly.  I'm kinda rusty!)


Geo ~ have a fun weekend!  Sounds like it's jam-packed.


RR ~ Pilates yesterday, maybe a walk/run today.


NRR ~ Last night was the main PTO fundraiser for the year, a huge trivia night/auction with over 300 guests and more than 400 auction items to wrap, organize and prepare.  I worked all day helping to set up at the conference center, then went back with DH for the party.  It was a ton of fun and I actually had the winning bid for an American Girl Kanani doll!  DD1 will be so excited when she gets it for Christmas this year!  Overall, the event was a big success and DH and I had a blast together with our table for trivia.  Today is DS's birthday party at the SkyZone jump place in St. Louis.  After that's done, I just want to lay on the sofa and exhale!

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ROTFLMAO.gifDingo Spinoff Thread: Stammtisch? lol.gif


OK, I think I have a friend. For reals. The kind with kids who are also friends with my kids. But whom I really, really think I like as a person.

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Jo - joy.gif

Back later for more

Stormy, windy, rainy today. This week was the first to see sub freezing temps when driving kids to school. Yeeps. Winter is a comin'
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Mel38- banghead.gif Did you let that person have it in an email or anything? That is SO rude and honestly, I think people like that need it brought to their attention that they can't do that to people and then expect more from them!

In other news, I have heard Mel38 speak German in person and it is quite lovely loveeyes.gif

Sparkle - wow your dd is a rock star! fingers crossed for a Bay Area nationals treehugger.gif

Jo - I hope this new friend turns out to be just the relief you need to get you through the next months. You deserve it, sister.

Zub - I am so sorry you're having to endure this hug2.gifcandle.gif thinking of you

Nic - agreed on all points above. Does he have narcissistic personality disorder? Sounds like it. eyesroll.gif

kerc - that elevator comment made me laugh out loud, and I love imagining it! superhero.gif

plady - I may have missed it, but has your play opened yet? Hope you got more people corralled to help you!

Jaygee - I love trivia nights like that! Sounds like so much fun smile.gif
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Jo - yay for friends!!!!!


nick - I am with everyone else about your dh. That is the kind of stuff my dh has been pulling for the past few months. I am seriously considering making a little voodoo doll and attacking it with knitting needles when things get bad. Do you want me to make two?


bec - your mom's website looks great. Spinning is the one fibre thing I don't do - yet - I wish I could take lessons from her! I have a drop spindle I keep meaning to make a date with but I never get around to it.


zub - hug2.gif I am so sorry hug2.gif



Now I am curious - what languages do Dingoes speak? I speak French - used to know Spanish but I would have to work to get it back. My kids are in French Immersion so that keeps my French going.

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Ladies!!  I did it!!  I beat my "pie in the sky goal"!!!  By two minutes!!!  My time is 1:39:48!!!   This race rocked!!!  I charged my garmin last night only to have it tell me at the start line that battery was low and it shut off.  So I said a little prayer and off I went.  I picked people to keep pace with as I heard some near the first mile stating 7:30, so I hung with them, then I caught up to a super nice lady who was running for a 1:39 and I told her I was running to beat 1:41.  She told me I should shoot for 1:39 with the pace I was running.  She was so sweet.  Her daughter is in the same school district as my kids!!!  Crazy.  Anyway, she went ahead of me on a hill, but I was able to keep her in my sights till the end.  Every time I felt myself lagging I would start to push it again.  Then right at the last 0.1 my friend screams "go Lisa!!".  I didn't even know she was going to be there!!!  She had asked if dh goes to these to support me and I had told her no, I go alone, and so she came!!!  With her 9yo son!  In 31 degree weather!!  Wow.  Couldn't believe my eyes when I looked up to see the time as I crossed the finish line.  So fantastic!!  It's been a few years that I've had this goal (and took me that long to make it but so what!), so I guess it's time for a new goal.  :) :) 


Off to help my husband put a new floor down at my in-laws. 


Much dingo love!

Lisa :)

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