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Ich spreche nur ein bischen Deutsch.  Ich habe funf jahre Deutsch gelernt im schule. 


RR: Did the Hot Chocolate 15k today!  I was really disappointed with the race jacket, but the race itself was really awesome.  The hot chocolate and chocolate fondue was great after as well!  We ran it in 2:07.  Then, my friend and I went to a great pizza place, had beer and rode the train home!  So much fun.  Now the kids are going to my friend's house to spend the night, and DH and I are going to a movie and dinner.

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RM ~ WOW!!!  You are one amazing, smokin' fast, 1/2 marathoning Mama!!!!!  Nice work joy.gif!


bec ~ sounds like a lovely morning, afternoon AND evening orngbiggrin.gif.


DS's birthday party is now over and I'm breathing a big sigh of relief.  It was fun, and went smoothly, but I'm glad to be done for a little bit.

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Wow, Lisa, that's fantastic! What an excellent race, mama. Tell us more about eating clean!


Nic, wowza, I'll just reiterate what everyone else has said... can't believe how your DH acted, honestly. Hugs, Nic. Have you guys talked about it since?


Bec, nice distance and race.


Gaye, honestly, I don't know what to say about the nanny. I definitely tend toward the 'soft' and probably wouldn't be overly annoyed by the stuff that she's doing/not doing. Mind you, if the expectation is that she SHOULD sort the dishwasher out, etc., well, I would say something. The food stuff seems a bit difficult, though indicating what your DS should or shouldn't eat seems really reasonable.


Thanks, everyone for the love and support. What a terrible time. I am still sick as can be (my hCG numbers are still super, super high) and so I will likely opt for a D and C as the misery of nausea and vomiting on top of all of this is just too much. I haven't worked out in at least 6 weeks so I'm at least going to look forward to feeling well enough to just even walk. Tell me I can get through this.

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RunningMommy - Woohoo!  Amazing job!


bec - Yay for chocolate!  I'm bummed the jacket isn't nicer though - I always thought they looked like a fun thing to have.


zubeldia - I'm so sorry.  So sad and scary to have this happen twice.  Sending you many hugs and warm thoughts.


NRR - no German for me.  I took 4 years of high school, and 1 year of college French, but the not-using has lead to lots of losing.  I speak a little bit of medical Spanish - and the only thing French does for me, is occasionally when I'm struggling to say something in spanish, a french word comes out instead.


We're in Ohio (oldest dd and I.)  We visited the College of Wooster today.  Don't know yet about dd - but I'd sure like to go to college there!  What a cool place!  We also found a lovely yarn store and yummy sock yarn that wouldn't stop talking to me about how much it wanted to come home with me.  Tomorrow, we get the day with Geo and kids!  Hopefully, a run, K's soccer game, the art museum.  How much fun does that sound like!!!!


RR - Did 6ish on the hotel treadmill tonight.  Some crazy people let their kids play in the fitness room, which was right next to the pool.  When I got there, the kids were all alone without an adult, about 8 of them, 10 and under.  Eventually, a grandpa showed up, and proceeded to help these little bitty kids run on the treadmill.  A 4 year old sized one, in bare feet, kept stumbing and scaring me to death while oblivious grandpa pressed treadmill buttons.  Then, a little bigger one was running along until the dad stuck his head and called to him.  Kid, turned around suddenly - and of course was flung off the back, hitting his head on the deck as he went.  And the grown-ups were all "you're ok, come on!"  Don't know what is the matter with some people!

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zub - we cross posted.  I'd definitely opt for D&C if you are still so sick.  I've waited with mamas for a missed to complete on many occasions - but unfortunately, it can take weeks, which seems like too long to wait for feel better.


Forgot to add my head shaking for Nic's dh.  What on earth was he thinking?

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zub~hug.gif Ugh. I can't imagine. Sending you much strength, and hoping you feel better very soon!

lisa~Holy cow! Awesome! clap.gif

As I tell my spanish speaking patients, Yo hablo espanol. Muy poquito. orngbiggrin.gif

I had a quick talk with the nanny. I just tried to emphasize that I'm super busy and exhausted and need as much help as I can get. I also made sure to mention that if I specifically mention things, I expect them to be done. It went fine. Her excuse was that she's been working so much (not for me) because she's moving out of her daughter's apartment that she's just tired. I do understand, but when I'm at work, I'm working! Hello...you've got a kind of cushy gig here...you get paid for watching a kid who's (mostly) a dream for you. So anyway, I guess we'll see. I basically said that I'm going to try to have the house cleaned up this weekend and I expect her to help maintain it so it doesn't get into the same (disastrous) state again. Here's hoping.

My clinical was kind of weird this morning. We were working at a health fair for the nonprofit that we're assigned to, which supports people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. Apparently in past years they had a grant to provide a free blood chemistry test (normally costs $30), and did lots of advertising and a big turnout. The grant ran out in June, but they had some vouchers left over, so they were there but just didn't advertise it. There were 5 of us there, our sole job was to help people fill out their paperwork and escort them to where they were supposed to go. I think we had a total of about 20 people. In 5+ hours. And we're back tomorrow for 5 more hours! On the bright side, we got a ton of clinical hours for basically doing nothing but hanging around and talking, but it was a little boring!

rr~I managed to drag myself out for a quick run with DS and the stroller. Just 3 miles, and it was kind of painful. Wow, that stroller is heavy. And it was windy. I let DS out to run the last bit, so the last half-mile involved running a block, walk across the street, stop and rest, repeat. orngtongue.gif
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Returning from a lovely night out w/ Dh, who scheduled a babysitter w/out being asked and made plans for us; all for the first time in 16 1/2 years! clap.gif Went out for a nice dinner and a movie.

Moreover, he has been amazing about cooking, cleaning, taking the kids, and well, you know loveeyes.gif in the name of me pursuing something for me. This was always the "plan"; after he finished, I would do what I wanted, but you know how plans can go. Anyway, I told him; look, I dont know what you did with my husband, but I dont care, you can stay! lol.gif

Shopping for a new dishwasher--any recs?

Scheduled the GRE--Dec. 12 -- woot

Really MUST start exercising again. Groin is 95% painless. Need a better strategy for studying on the bike (are flashcards really all I can do!)

Burn on the forearm looks like I have a flesh-eating disease. Its peeling and cracking and has one round, raw spot.. Eww. I swear the guy working at Walgreens did not want to take my money, its like I have leprosy redface.gif

Zub - meditating for you and your dad. Dh says it is very common (re: your dad) for infections to make elderly patients delirious, which is likely why he had to be restrained greensad.gif Pneumonia can be tenacious, I hope they have found the abx that work!

RM - wow clap.gifbroc1.gif

Dont forget to SWITCH YOUR CLOCKS--one hour back....

dust.gif to all who need some
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

ReturnDont forget to SWITCH YOUR CLOCKS--one hour back....

Unfortunately, no one sent DD2 this message, so I'm up at 5:30.  Yawn.  And DH wonders why I fall asleep on the sofa every night at 9:00pm.


Zub ~ that sounds so awful.  I think I'd opt for the D&C, just to be done with it already hug2.gif.


DrJen ~ I visited the College of Wooster too, and remember it being just lovely.  Is your DD leaning toward any particular school yet? And irked.gif at all those kids in the exercise room.  Some people really don't have a clue, do they?


sparkle ~ what a great night!!!  Your DH sounds so supportive love.gif.


Not much to post otherwise.  No running, but perhaps today.  I'm just breathing a big sigh of relief now that the PTO auction, DS's birthday party, and a myriad of other activities are finished.  Now, to gear up for Thanksgiving!


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Lisa:  WTG on the PR!  You are so speedy. Sorry to hear your battery died in the Garmin.


Drjen:  Wooster of course remains a special place for me. I'm not sure everyone can say that about where they went to college. Of course lots of folks say that about "college" as it is a special time or something, but really my experience at Wooster was so incredibly positive and person-building (vs. just educating).  It all depends on what your kiddo say though....jealous of you and geofizz getting a meetup.


Dinner party: went off without a hitch. Threw a spinach/lamb curry into the crockpot at 9am. Cooked chickpeas. Went to the office for a day of craziness. Then came home at 4 and put chickpeas + peas + cauliflower + some leftover tomatoes into a purchased coconut curry simmer sauce (I lost my steam on making my own). Dh put rice into the rice cooker, Kids went to the Y for parent's night out (swim, gym, craft, sub sandwiches and end with a movie). Had three options: lamb curry, coconut stuff and leftover red curry wild rice soup. One of my friends brought dessert and bread.


Real: is your dd1 into fairies? I saw this adoreable fiddle-playing fairy mobile (do you call it a mobile if it is just one creature?) yesterday. I thought of her.


Yesterday was Erin's birthday!  Nine. Next saturday we're taking the kids + 2 of Erin's friends to see the Phantom Tollbooth at the movie theater (one of the theaters locally is running 1030 am on saturday movies for kids -- older movies). My kids have never been to the movies and are so excited.


Gaye:  I'm too late to really comment on the nanny situation. But my dh doesn't "get" the idea of separate food. Unless its kept in a different cabinet. This guy is a good dad, but he really just doesn't get that the goldfish are different.


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Originally Posted by zubeldia View Post
Tell me I can get through this.

You can get through this. grouphug.gif  I'd go for the D&C too, feel better fast in whatever way works.


Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Returning from a lovely night out w/ Dh, who scheduled a babysitter w/out being asked and made plans for us; all for the first time in 16 1/2 years! clap.gif Went out for a nice dinner and a movie.
Moreover, he has been amazing about cooking, cleaning, taking the kids, and well, you know loveeyes.gif in the name of me pursuing something for me. This was always the "plan"; after he finished, I would do what I wanted, but you know how plans can go. Anyway, I told him; look, I dont know what you did with my husband, but I dont care, you can stay! lol.gif
Shopping for a new dishwasher--any recs?

Good job dh!  Was that an anniversary thing or just run-of-the-mill awesomeness?  And on the dishwasher.  We scored two free Fischer Paykel dishwasher drawers a while back and although they haven't been completely maintenance free dh has been able to keep them running and they are so quiet you wouldn't know they are on, the 38 minute econo speed wash does a great job on everything and the ergonomics of filling and emptying is nothing short of amazing.  I'm not sure I'd pay the price for brand new but it'd be worth scanning the craigslist.


RM - WOW!  That's a fantastic race!  You're so back!


Yo hablo español.


The play doesn't open until the 18th.  We seem to be getting more parents on board and things feel more or less under control for now. 


Jo - Yay for a real friend!  That could make all the difference.  And goodvibes.gif for a smooth transaction for the winterized (!) farm. 



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Zub, grouphug.gif. You can get through this. It might not feel like it sometimes, but you will and we will be there the whole way.


Sparkle, yay for your dh.


Re: my dh...I don't know if he has narcissistic personality disorder, but I do know he has an ego disorder...as in, it's bigger than his actual brain sometimes. we have not talked about it and I doubt we will. What can I say...I don't feel like being a verbal target again and I'm pretty sure that's how it would go. Sigh. Not so fun in that department these days.


Had a great shakeout run today, one week post marathon. Foot seems okay. Had to dodge and weave around the branches still littering the street and sidewalk but it is a beautiful cool fall day here so I felt pretty good. 


Languages: Ani midaberet Ivrit (I speak Hebrew) , et je parle francais. 


Happy Sunday mamas.

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I minored in German, and studied Spanish for a few years, so my German vocab. is much bigger than my Spanish (although still paltry). Now that I live somewhere with a lot of Spanish spoken, I do the same as drjen, if I try to speak pigeon Spanish for some [regrettable] reason, I always want to fill in with German words disappointed.gif

Why do I find cooking and cleaning soothing? After 3 hours of studying, I just want to stop!, and go vacuum lol.gif
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I'm with you, Sparkle. I am aggravated at dh, so I am making soup, sorting through the kids' clothes and making piles of ebay/consignment/donate, and cleaning the floor. Cathartic.


Dilled potato carrot soup for dinner. eat.gif

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nic~Your soup sounds yummy! eat.gif

sparkle~clap.gif for your DH. Well done, sir, well done!

kerc~birthday.gif to your DD! How is it possible that all of the dinglets are growing up SO fast?!

Day 2 of the health fair was just about as eventful as day one. rolleyes.gif But, one of my classmates brought her NCLEX review book, so at least we were semi-productive and did something useful (for us)!

The time change was pretty much the Best. Thing. Ever. this morning. That and having to be at the health fair an hour later than yesterday = 2 extra hours of sleep! joy.gif

I took DS out for a run in the stroller when I got home, because it was just entirely too beautiful of a day not to! What a gorgeous fall day, beautifully sunny and crisp. Leaves crunching underfoot. Aahh. Even pushing the stroller couldn't bring me down! And I have to say, not a bad pace for my 4 miles, even with the stroller and letting DS out to run the last half-mile! Afterward, we drove up to Boulder to FINALLY retrieve my bike helmet and glasses that I left in transition at my tri like 6 weeks ago. bag.gif Back home for dinner and bath, and a few rousing rounds of Crazy 8's before bed. Not a bad day!
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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

I don't know if he has narcissistic personality disorder, but I do know he has an ego disorder...as in, it's bigger than his actual brain sometimes.

That. Is. Awesome. biglaugh.gif

tjsmama--Your complaints sound perfectly rational and I hope the talk brings some changes. Also, yay for finally getting that helmet back!

JayGee--congrats on the fundraiser. Sounds exhausting but good.

As an aside, I was so excited to find that I could actually read JayGee's German without a dictionary (bec's, not so much but oh well). I only took a semester plus a summer translation class (for those graduate translation requirements: my program required two. The joy!), though I wish I spoke it better. One day. I think it's a much easier language for me than French was.

Shanti--I speak French, sort of. DH and I use it when we want to communicate without DD1 (and soon, DD2) understanding what we're talking about. I've forgotten a fair amount though, so that's a considerable about of Franglaise thrown in. :oops

RM-- joy.gif That's an awesome time. bow.gif

bec--your Hot Chocolate 15K sounds so yummy.

zub--I would do the D&C in a heartbeat once I received that news. Don't put yourself through any more HG when there's no point. Plus, as soon as the HG stops you'll be able to get out and walk and that will help with the spiritual and emotional aspect of healing, at least. hug.gif

kerc--yay for such a great dinner party, and happy birthday to Erin! DD1 is mostly into princesses. I've been kind of afraid to push toward fairies....

RR: Ooo, I almost forgot I have an actual race report. I ran the Home for the Holidays 5K with R yesterday. It was the race that almost didn't happen. My plan had been to be out the door around 7:50 or by 8 at the very latest because I wasn't sure how hard it would be to find parking and walk to the start line. Well, at 7:45, R finishes breakfast, walks to the bathroom to brush teeth, looks at me and says, "I think I caught J's stomach bug." I go running to grab the puke bowl (it's actual multiuse, but that's its most common use) and tell her to throw up in the toilet if she needs to. By the time I get back, she's throwing up on the rug. eyesroll.gif Have I mentioned that she'll be 7 next month? Seriously, how hard is it to throw up in the toilet? So I clean up all of that and figure we're not going to the race after all. Then R says she feels better and maybe she can run. Maybe she was just nervous. So we all talk about it for a bit (my biggest concern was what would happen if she needed to throw up in the car, given that I had to hold the bowl under her because she was content to just throw up on the rug), and finally decide we'll go after all.

Now it's 8:15 though, and I'm terrified we aren't going to make it on time. It didn't help that I asked my husband, who used to work near the race location, how long it would take and he told me 45 minutes. It only took 30 though, so we had just enough time to park, walk to the start line and use the bathroom before we took off. We started out slow, and after a tenth of a mile, R wanted a walk break. That was pretty much the pattern for the entire race: run a tenth, walk a tenth. I think it might have been the most painful race I've ever done, not least because it was just painful to run slowly and walk even more slowly. (Our finish time was just under 48 minutes for a 5K, so we were only running at a 12-minute pace and walking around a 20-minute one. The running was ok, but I hate walking slow.) Also, slow walkers were passing us and um, I also hate being passed by lots of people. bag.gif Anyhoo, I managed to get over myself, mostly by remember that I wanted R to have fun so we could do this again sometime. Finally, we reached the home stretch and I got her to pick up the pace by pointing out that oh no, she might beat me! lol.gif So she did and she then spent the next 10 minutes (and rest of the day) gloating about how she beat me even though she hadn't been training. She is really proud of herself, so mission accomplished.

Today was 3 with the stroller to the library so R could get books for her research project (and J tagged aong) and then I did 5 in the dark after we got back. With any luck, I'm going to try to find some Nightlife or other reflective clothing tomorrow. I'd forgotten that my favorite running fleece is dark grey.
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Zubeldia, you can and you will, and this is an excellent place where you can put your negativity and your doubts and watch them sprout and transform into truly positive and hopeful thoughts, a la Dingo magic. You will be OK, but you have some paths to walk right now. hug2.gif


Poppy, joy.gif for even the slightest bit of movement. Here's hoping it comes rolling back fast. Good luck and healing to dh!


I am sore and for no good reason. Yesterday was Eid al Adha. I got up at 6ish and made it across the street for Eid prayers, then we all changed and drove to the next Emirate over where kids and I met up with our Arabic tutor and her family. Dh went with the men to slaughter for Eid, and kids and I went to this huge park where we set up the picnic and proceeded to wait. And wait. For the men to come. And we waited some more. We waited over 4 hours for them to come. That kinda sucked. And I wore heels and had to walk miles and sat on a picnic blanket all day, carrying a heavy messenger bag and dressed "culturally appropriately," so by the end of the day my calves were cramping from walking tiptoe, I was still hungry, and my low back was throbbing. Also from handling babies and toddlers of various sizes (ages 2.5mo to 18mo, so that's out of my system).


Happily, came home and our watchman had cooked a lovely biryani and brought some to share with us for dinner. yummy.gif


I went to bed at around 9 and awoke around 830 this AM. Looks like my FB got hacked.


And best of all, Eid Miracle: it rained in Dubai this morning. For like almost 10 whole minutes.


There will be no RR today, but day before yesterday I did swim laps. Turns out I can swim even better than I could before. Presumably a cardiovascular fitness thing. But did have a wheezer attack in the pool.

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Eid Mubarak, Jo! (I so wish we could share some holidays together...it would be so much fun. What an amazing time it would be to have a Dingo Winter Holiday Party!!!)


Had a fast 3 miles on the mill this morning. I am not sure how I am going to handle this winter running thing. I have to go out super early, and the sidewalks and streets are still pretty impassable but also there is a lot of black ice. That is going to go through the winter (although the trees will eventually get cleaned up). If I have to 'mill it all winter, my mileage is going to plummet. I get So. Bored. 4-5 miles on the mill is my absolute maximum, it's like torture.


Sigh. Guess it's also time to broaden my fitness routine a bit, start working on the core and maybe take up some new activities (classes, tae kwon do or yoga or something, etc.). I'm bagging Disney...to expensive, too soon. I am deciding now between shooting for the full marathon at Vermont City in May (that was my first one and it was a beautiful and fun one, also smaller and more manageable...it's in Burlington on memorial day weekend) or going for a few half marathons in spring/early summer and try to meet some speed goals, and ramp up for another fall marathon next year (hoping to get into NYC this time). What think the dingoes?


Other areas I could use some input: we are finally running out of all the toxic, CVS brand body washes, shampoos, etc. that I could afford when we first moved. I would really, really like to move to some more natural/organic hair, body, skin, house products. (especially after reading that story about J&J baby shampoo. ugh). We all have very dry skin, coarse dry hair, and the kids (especially ds, who is 6) still have cradle cap! Dd1 (11) reacted very badly to the California Baby products when she was small. I need serious moisturizing, nice smells, and affordable prices. Does such a thing exist? Help. Going to whole foods is like being sucked into a vortex and I immediately feel the need to pee and run out of the store as soon as I go down the body products aisle. (yes, i'm weird).


No work for me today, school still closed for lack of power. Kids are home for parent teacher conferences which works out nicely as that was going to be a bit of a problem. 

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Morning mamas,

I love when the clocks go back but I wish it actually meant another hour of sleep and not another hour of being awake extra early. Though I suppose the day will come when nothing wakes me up at the usual time, either child or obsessive project thinking and I'll be rested but my life will feel a lot emptier.


Nic - Have you ever tried just skipping the shampoo altogether?  For a couple years in Mexico I just used baking soda with honey as a cleanser and then did an apple cider vinegar w/lavender e.o rinse.  It worked great and my hair felt fine.  It didn't give that smooth foamy feel in the shower but afterward it was fine and my hair felt great.  That and Dr.Bronners for body?  And Shanti knows something about a natural cleaner that I know she's enthusiastic about.  We tend to use white vinegar and essential oils when we use anything at all (well, except for dish det. and laundry det).

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Arg, I just dumped my post into cyber-nowhere.


hug2.gif Alex


Plady, I like that idea with the baking soda. Why honey, though? Is that just to make it shampoo-like consistency? I might try it, because I do get the huge baking soda box from Costco for laundry and cleaning.

Nick, your story about WF made me laugh! That place exhausts me and, come to think of it, I do usually have to use the restroom. Hmmm... lol.gif


RM: Congratulations on your awesome race!!!


Real: Sorry about the sickness in your house. I don't know what it is, but my kids are also very averse to using a toilet for throwing up. That race sounds like fun, and there's nothing like the post-run feeling of accomplishment.


DD's sickness from Friday was thankfully only the onset of really bad cramps. Which is bad enough, but somehow better than the flu or something contagious. Still, I need to make an appointment for her with my gyn. to see what she thinks about it.


Wow, all these languages! I also thought German was not as hard as French. I like that absolutely everything is pronounced in German, no exceptions. And the longer words are usually just compound words, anyway, so they are much easier to pick apart once you have a bit of vocabulary.


"Some German words are so long that they have a perspective." - Mark Twain winky.gif


RR: I did my 8 miles yesterday with a 3:1 run/walk ratio. The last two miles were pretty slow, I was definitely tired and not used to being out there for so long. Still, the walk breaks make it soooooo much easier. I do struggle with this side of it, though, since walking slows me from, say, my old 10 minute miles and sometimes 9:30-ish miles, down to 12 minute miles on average. What does that matter, I suppose, I should be glad that I am out there and all that, but I am definitely looking for improvement and hope that I can whittle that average down despite the walk breaks.





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Still no running, just walking. I don't feel as sick as I did a few weeks ago but I am still barking like crazy and my core muscles are exhausted from the coughing fits. I had an allergic reaction to something on the weekend and it was intense for a few hours. I am so done with all this.


The yarn is almost ready to go. I have to photograph it still and decide how much I will sell online and how much to take to the shop that has carried my other yarns. I have to admit that I was daydreaming this weekend about how much I would love it if I could to this full time. I am waiting to see what happens with this batch and then I will either take another step forward and do bigger quantities or else sell off my dyeing equipment and focus more on a realistic source of income. I have the talent to make a go of this, I just don't know that I have what it takes in the marketing department. I was talking with someone the other day who is more able in that area and we had some ideas of ways we could work together but we'll see. The best part is that I feel really free - if I have to walk away, I can. If diving in a little deeper seems like a good option, I can do that too.


Nick, I have something that might help with skin and scalp issues. I don't have any soap or shampoo recommendations but my family swears by the Enjo body fibres. I have an extra one I would be happy to give you if you want to give it a try. One of my dd's has impossibly sensitive skin. We have tried everything I think - natural, prescription, everything in between and it has all left her in tears of pain and anger because her skin gets so inflamed. You just use water with this fibre and it cleanses and exfoliates. I have used nothing but this for 3 years and now that there is a new ultra-sensitive version, it is all dd uses and it works. It is great for cradle cap, acne, dry skin - there are two sides to the glove and each side works a little differently. There is an Enjo shampoo I love but I am not sure how to get it to you and I forget where you live. Like I said, I would be happy to send you one of the gloves if you would like to try it.


I am dreading the holiday season coming up. I am so not in the place I used to be spiritually and it is causing me greater internal tension with every major holiday. dh can't hear it so I am doing my best to keep it at bay while the kids are growing up but it is so hard. I just want to fast forward to January right about now  hide.gif


kerc, how did you get to have a nine year old??!!! That happened way too fast.

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