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Post-pregnancy hip pain

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I've been having a lot of trouble with my hip this week. It's the same sort of pain and feeling that my hip might not support me that I had during the pregnancy: I've been tempted to get the cane back out. (I am so so so glad I generally don't need it. That and two babies would be very hard.)


It's been nearly five months. Is this probably still relaxin-related and I should wait for my hormones to calm? Nursing hormone related? An injury at this point that I should talk to a doctor about?


I feel like waiting is probably the answer. It's just this past week that my feet have gone back down to my prepregnancy shoe size.


But patience is hard. :) And I'd love to hear other peoples' experiences.

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Definitely go see an orthopedic doctor, who will probably send you to physical therapy.  I have a twin-mommy friend who had hip and back pain for months after birth.  Physical therapy was the only thing that helped.  With the pelvic floor being so weakened by the birth, her SI joints kept slipping out of place, causing the hip pain.  They were able to push and pull it back into place and then strengthen the surrounding muscles.  For the back pain they helped her rebuild her abdominal muscles.


I imagine it's a really hard time to get away for physical therapy, but just think how much easier and more fun it will be to care for your darling twins if you're not in pain!

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Thank you. I'll have to check in to that. I had just been assuming it was hormones. But physical therapy would probably be a help.

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