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Toms of Maine and peeling armpits

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I have started a google group dedicated to exposing this issue. After writing to customer support and being told a very small percentage of consumers have this problem, I decided enough is enough. They have to know about this peeling problem. Lets make them know how many of us are experiencing peeling and burning armpits after using their product! If you have experienced burning and peeling armpits from using this product, join this group.


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So glad I am not the ONLY one going through this!!!

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oh i have and wanted to let em know too! I'll go add my name to the burning pits list. good job!

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I'm just wondering about the connection to Tom's of Maine and the peeling armpits. I've been using it for years. The only thing that has changed is I'm using a "zapper" to detox from parasites and other bugs (since my body has some autoimmune issues.) People who use Tom's are more likely to seek out alternative medicine -- so I makes me wonder how many of you armpit peeling people are detoxing using a zapper or other frequency device?  The frequencies need salt/mineral water to conduct -- my zapper directions even recommend wrapping the transmission plates and rods with towels dampened with salt water. I notice some stinging when I do that, and perhaps my armpits have become more conductive when I'm damp and have mineral salts in my armpits?

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I had this issue too!  I switched to homemade deodorant and I love it!

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Yep.  I gave up Tom's many years ago.


CoBabyMaker:  Will you post your recipe?  I'm interested in trying homemade.



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5 Tablespoons Coconut oil, softened or melted

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup arrowroot.

a couple drops of essential oils if you like.  I choose Tea tree and lavender.


Mix it up.  I just keep mine in a little bowl and spread it with my fingers.  I have heard that some people put it in an empty deodorant container but I think it would get too soft in the warmer months.


Hope it works well for you!

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