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monkey - it's good to hear from you, but I'm sorry you're in such a bad place. I'm still hoping for a BFP this cycle for your too, but if not, you're right..at least it takes that uncertainty out of things. grouphug.gif


deborah - oh my goodness! Are you okay? I hope you weren't in the ER long. I'm glad they managed to get two mature eggs, but what a nightmare!


renavoo - I don't pay for the bloodwork/ultrasonds, thank goodness! The visits with the specialist are also covered. It's the medicine/procedures we pay for and then things like extra bloodwork and sperm testing. So far we've spent about $2000 (because we had to do all those tests in the beginning) and the IUI procedures will run another $700. I think they monitor everyone at the clinic so aggressively so they don't miss anything. If I do it again, I think I will ask about every second day instead of every day because it really is a lot. My lining isn't mentioned in the messages, so I'm not sure if they are measuring it, but it was 5mm on CD3. I don't know if all that bleeding would have effected it though. Thank you for the prayers! They are much appreciated.


brichole - thanks for the including your cycle. Even without the lab results, it is helpful! Still hoping this month is a go for you!




AFM, here are my results from today...

estrogen 202 (up from 125 yesterday), LH 9, progesterone 6 (both same as yesterday), 13 follicles on right side with one leading follicle at 19mm (grew 3mm since yesterday, go follie go!) all others under 1 cm, 11 follicles on left side all under 1 cm.


Dr says they are just waiting for me to surge, should be tomorrow or the day after. Hopefully tomorrow because then IUIs will be on sat/sun and dp can come with. Do you think I should get an OPK to see what it says? I'm kind of curious but I don't know if it's a waste or not. Also...bleeding stopped! 

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Good news- both eggies fertilized! Hoping they both make it to Monday for my transfer. Either way, my mom is coming to visit Sunday through Thursday and will be back for Thanksgiving. Yay!


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I was only in the ER for a couple of hours, but my blood sugar was a little low so I'm thinking that may be why I got so sick. They tell you not to eat before the surgery, but it may have backfired here.

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Hi, Gozal-


Will you please update my blurb?


MammaBird (42), TTC #2 since 7/2010, one early loss in 10/10.  I've had 4 unsuccessful cycles with Femara and IUI (two with Follistim), and am now seeing an acupuncturist.  Unexplained infertility.  No idea what we're doing this cycle -- waiting to hear back from RE.  Feeling defeated some days, but not giving up.  Renavoo's graduation is still fueling my hopefulness!  :-)



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Deborah- sounds scary! I hope both are beautiful eggies on Monday and they are super sticky :) Feel better!


Brichole- fingers crossed!


monkey- sending happy thoughts, enjoy your time away. I have heard a lot of good things about South Beach Diet- I hope it is the answer for you!


Gozal- lucky lady evading the trigger again! Now you can test whenever you want (if you so choose). Enjoy your quality time with DH tonight!!


shesaidboom- glad to see progress! What CD are you on now? I just had one U/S last cycle before triggering, but they only do every other day if you do need more. Sorry they arent doing a good job with your veins!


AFM- The meds are exactly the same as last time- 50mg Clomid CD3-7, U/S & blood CD 12  (I think it is a day later this month b/c CD 11 is a Sunday), Ovidrel Trigger, IUI (That is new from last time), & Prometrium (instead of endometrin--- it is cheaper). I honestly don't even feel that hopeful since my first cycle on that was 'perfect' and didn't work. Sigh...  Today is CD1... no such luck with the spotting being implantation. The cramps really stink... I read in my paperwork I can only take tylenol & it just doesn't last long enough.

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deborah - glad to hear both eggs fertilized!! Now let's hope they're perfect and sticky on Monday!


cbaa - I'm on CD 12. I'm hoping to get the go ahead to trigger tomorrow. I know my veins would sure appreciate the break! Both arms and hands are bruised up right now. I'm so sorry the last cycle didn't work for you, I was really hoping it would. I hope this is the one for you, even if you're not feeling hopeful about it.



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Shesaidboom, I really hope you get the trigger today!!! I think you need the rest...and I hope it ends in a really bright BFP!! a 19mm follicle sounds great. By today, hopefully it's at least 21mm! During my cycles, the last few days always showed a growth spurt. I think it is because of the higher estrogen levels!


Cbaa, I'm sorry that you're feeling a little down about this cycle :o( I know it is difficult to get excited over and over again. When are you doing the IUI? 36 hours after trigger? In my experience, that is the best time to do it. For every one of my IUIs, I triggered 24 hours before and they ended up as BFNs. When i did my IVF cycle, they triggered 36 hours before (exactly!) and that was the perfect timing. If ever I was to do an IUI again, I would force them to allow me to trigger 36 hours before, even though we have to do the shot ourselves.


Mammabird, YAH! Don't feel defeated! I'm glad if I can give you even a little hope. it will happen! What CD are you? Are you doing anything besides acupuncture? During my FET cycle, I did acupuncture before and after the transfer because there are studies that suggest it helps! So if you are tracking ovulation, maybe get extra acupuncture sessions about 5-6 days after ovulation? Also, pineapple core, although not as tasty as the meat of the pineapple, is said to help with implantation. So ladies, it may all be an old wives tale but really, it can't hurt to eat some pineapple core around the time implantation could be happening!


Brichole, how are you feeling?


Ladies, TGIF!! Big hugs!!




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Thanks all!

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Shesaidboom:   You're welcome!! YAY for that follicle growing so fast in one day!!! SUPER FOLLIE!!!!  I would go ahead and get a couple of opks and start peeing lol...just in case.  I know that they will be testing your blood for the surge but i would go ahead and test too!!! I hope that your IUI works and you're able to do it sat/sun....mainly because you're dp will be able to be there with you and I know support from your significant other is a different kind of support you get than from a friend.


Cbaa:  It's so good to see you back!! Thank you so much!! I really hope this is my month.  Mainly because I got the paper work in for my Breast reduction surgery yesterday to schedule my blood work in January (why they sent it now and not in like i don't know JANUARY is beyond me!! Now i have to keep up with these orders for 2 1/2 months!!!)  Anyways, i think it would be great to be able to call them and say "Hey, i'll have to put this off another year because i've got a baby on the way :)"  


Renavoo:  My boobs are hurting SOOOOOOO bad it's not even funny.  I wish i could just take this bra off but 1) i'm working with the only guy we have working on days and 2) the commander for the arsenal will be here at 100 today so i don't figure i need to be letting the 38F girls flying free with him here lol.  I also woke up and thought "HEY i'll take my temp again this morning" Yesterday it was 98.00 and today it was 98.06.  It's usually aroud 96.5 when my cycles start out so I think this is a good sign!!! I'm trying NOT to read into this stuff too much though.  It all could just be AF about to show up that is causing the pain...but my hips have been killing me lately and my uterus feels "heavy".  BLAH, why do i even have to think about signs?  I'm thinking about going and getting several pregnancy tests from the $tree and start peeing on one or two a day until AF shows up or i get a line!!! I am really hoping to get those two lines though!!!


mammabird:  Hugs!!! So sorry for the failed cycles!! I hope that your RE is able to find you a plan that works soon!! Maybe by the end of November none of us will still have to be here....i would LOVE It if at least by the end of the year we were all over in a DDC!!!!!

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Hey Mammabird, I updated you, but let me know if I didn't put up the right parts!


Deborah - ack, sorry to hear about your ER experience. You seem to be handling it super calmly and well! Awesome about your two embryos. Wishing you a great transfer!


Monkey, I'm sorry you're in the bad place right now. I don't like that bad place and I like it even less when one of "my" peeps has to do time down there. I can't tell you how much I wish you get out of there fast. It sounds like BCPs really are a good option for you, if you have to wait out a few months. Don't forget to do something for yourself while you're lining up those ttc ducks, though, okay? Something you've been wanting to do for a while. It doesn't matter how long you need to be away, I'll be thinking of you and hoping you are doing okay.


shesaidboom, I know it. I do. My arms are full of scar tissue from my every-48-hour blood draws back in June. I have to reassure the nurses: it's not you, it's me! because they get flustered trying to do my b/w. Here is the thing: you possess more strength and perseverance than you know. I promise. If someone had told me a year ago what this past year would bring, I think I would have passed out cold. But I didn't know, so I just went through it, one step at a time. You can do this. (Unless you don't want to, and then you will find the strength to make peace with it.)


cbaa, I was just wondering how you're doing! I hear you, knowing that those "perfect" cycles don't work out is a real hope-killer. That maybe more than anything else, because what can I try if everything seems optimal? I try to remind myself, though, that that's normal. I mean, the most optimally fertile women still make 2 bad eggs for every 5 ovulations (according to my medical degree from Google University). So I am going to be hopeful for you. Plus just look at our Renavoo! 


AFM, so yeah, not having to trigger is a good thing, in my case. The RE wants me ovulating no later than cd15; bascially the trigger is a way to increase my chances if I need it. (Although DS was a late ovulation, so...)


However...here I am on cd15 and I haven't seen a good temp shift yet. I sometimes have slow rises, but I'm a little weirded out that today's temp is 97.72, down from 97.75 yesterday. It's like it started to rise and faltered. Clearly neg OPK this morning, so either I geared up and didn't or it'll rise tomorrow. UGH. I just want to know.

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I'm surging today! So Ovidrel shot for me tonight and IUI tomorrow and Sunday. Thanks for all the good thoughts everyone. Renavoo...the little follie is 21mm today, just like you said! Here are my levels from this morning...

estrogen 310 (up from 202 yesterday), LH 13 ( up from 9 yesterday), progesterone 6 (same as yesterday)...13 follicles on the right with leading follicle at 21mm (up from 19mm yesterday), 11 follicles on the left all under 1 cm


Last night I knew I would surge today. I really wanted to jump dp and was like "oh hey, I bet I'll ovulate tomorrow!"


brichole - I'm glad that dp will be able to be there with me. Thanks for the good thoughts!


gozal - thank you for this. Really. I think the awful lab tech finally got used to me because she got my blood draw in one try today. I think it's a good thing we didnt know. I mean, everyone on TV makes it sound so easy. Maybe they're just so happy with the BFP that they forget? I say right now that I never want to go through this again and that it was/is just so hard, but I know that if I don't get a BFP this month I will be back into it next month because I want a baby so badly. It's just wrong that we go through so much for something that should just happen on its own.
The not knowing part is hard. I'm sorry you're stuck in that limbo right now. I'm sending good thoughts your way.


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Thanks! I just spent several hours trying to get more HCG for progesterone support. Quite frustrating. Poor Peaches was stuck in her room. On the other hand, I found out she has a doppelganger. Another doggie named Peaches with the same coloring and who is the same breed (they also both live here in Longmont, CO).

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Shesaidboom, YAH! You're on your way and now you're in the 2ww. When is your test? I'm so excited for you!! It's going to be a good month.


Gozal, URGH to the weird temping!! I definitely don't miss that because when i used to temp, I would wake up at odd times or have seesawing temps because of something that happened at night. I hope you saw a good temp shift this morning so you feel better about it!!

You and shesaidboom are 2ww buddies!! I expect bfps from both of you this month!!!


Brichole, OOOOOOOH!! You know my first symptom was really painful breasts so i am REALLY hopeful for you!! When do you test??


Mammabird, how are you doing?


Monkey, you're in my thoughts...Just wanted you to know that :o)

Cbaa, hope the cramping has stopped!!


Everyone else, i hope the weekend is going great!!







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I did the trigger shot last night and the IUI this morning! Going to the downtown clinic was overwhelming. When we got there, I was #85 on the list for bloods and #45 for ultrasound. They went a lot faster than the uptown clinic I normally go to (closed weekends and don't do procedures), but wow that is a lot of patients. There was a mom there with a 3 and 5 year old who were both running around screaming and actually running into us and other people, and the mom just ignored them and played games on her phone. I couldn't believe it! Some of the other ladies there got really upset, and one poor woman was almost in tears. This one lady also kept giving me dirty looks and making negative comments about 'young people' aimed towards us. Dp and I look about 23/24 so maybe that's why, but it was uncomfy to say the least. She was one of the other IUI patients so we had to spend a lot of time with her in the waiting room and then rode the same elevator downstairs.


The procedure itself was quick and not too uncomfortable. The nurses and dr kept complimenting dp on his "fabulous" sperm. Hopefully that sperm will do its job. Tomorrow morning we go back for round two, and I start the progesterone suppositories on Monday morning. I've got my pineapple ready and dp and I are planning on BD-ing on Monday just to keep our bases covered.


renavoo - we have an appointment booked to test on November 21st. I think it's going to be the longest 2 weeks ever. I'm so nervous!


How is everyone else's weekend going?

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Deborah:  That is too crazy that there is another dog in your area named the same as your dog and looks just like your dog!!! :)  I really hope that your embies are growing and you are able to do your transfer and it takes!!! When is that set up for?  Shoulding it be soon?


Renavoo:  I'm still trying to decide when I want to test!  I was going to test tomorrow because i'll be 10dpo and that's when I got my BFP last April, BUT i'm really scared to get a BFN this month...so I might wait until AF is late on Friday! 


Shesaidboom:  I totally get where people look at you weird when you are "young" and going thru IF treatments!!! I use to get that all of the time in 2009 and early 2010 during my treatments!!! I was like UMMMMM, IF doesn't have a set age group that it effects people!!!  It is really frustrating!! I hope that your DP's "guys" make it to where they are supposed to over the next couple days :)  Maybe with the 2 IUIs and a BD session on Monday things will work in your favor!!! I will be on pins and needles until your appointment at the end of the month for your beta!!!!  One of my best friends has her "big" ultrasound that day so maybe that will bring you luck!!!


Gozal and cbaa:  How are things going?


AFM: LOOK AT THIS CHART!!!!   http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/158654   I swear if i don't get a BFP out of this i'm going to go OFF!!!!! My temp dipped yesterday and i was thinking "oh GREAT, AF is about to show up...." but then it went back up and is higher than day before yesterdays temp!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be my month!!!!  I hate to sound selfish, but i've been "trying" since like April of this year and yes i know not that long really, but with my history of how long it takes to get pregnant this is the longest my doctor has let me go without stepping in to help!!!  I still have sore bbs, feel sick to my tummy after i eat certain things, i've been constipated a little, and i've been getting dizzy off and on the past couple of days.  I've also been getting headaches off and on during the day since friday too.  I really don't know what i'm going to do if this isn't my month because i think DH is starting to lose interst again in wanting another baby.  He made mention yesterday that if we aren't pregnant by the first of the year when he gets insurance thru his company he might go ahead and set up an appointment to talk to a doctor about having a vasectomy done!!!! I honestly thought his "plans" for something that perminent were kicked to the curb for several years but I think he's been talking to my dad and my brother and they are both encouraging him to go ahead and do it!!! I'm sooooooooo not happy about the thought of it...but then again, maybe i don't even need to be worrying because MAYBE i am pregnant already!!!! :)  I'm trying to stay positive about my chart and my symptoms....and the fact that i have acne right now and i haven't gotten a breakout this bad since i got pregnant with emma...AND i STILL haven't started spotting!!!!  PLEASE don't let me start spotting!!!!


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It's set up for tomorrow at 12:30! I will have acupuncture first at 11:30 and then immediately afterward. I will probably also do several post-bed rest treatments (maximizing chances any way I can). I'm excited because my mom was able to come in after all and will be here tonight through Thursday morning! I get to see her again at Thanksgiving too.

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deborah: That is WONDERFUL!!! I am super excited for you!!!  I hope everything keeps going well...please up date as soon as possible after your transfer and let us know how you are doing!!!!

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deborah - So glad your eggs fertilized after all that trauma! Hope they are healthy and wonderful for transfer tomorrow! (And happy belated birthday!)


shesaidboom - UGH about the age comments. It's not at all nice, but I would probably be tempted to start talking loudly about how glad I was that I was still young enough that I had a good chance of getting pregnant, and how I was happy that I wouldn't be DEAD before my kids graduated college, and how terrible it is that women put off having children until they're 'past their prime', and similar terrible, awful things. I know, that's awful. And I wouldn't really mean them, but I would want her to feel just as uncomfortable as she made me feel. :P Anyway, hope the super sperm do their job!


brichole - Definitely looks like a chart with possibilities!


gozal - Hope your temps are up!


AFM, getting excited (and nervous) about starting South Beach! We're sort of starting today (it's a fast day for our church, so no breakfast or lunch, and dinner is semi-South Beach), completely on board tomorrow. I'm going to try very hard not to think about carbs! Anyway, I also got a line on my OPK yesterday. Definitely not dark enough to be a +, but something different from the total absence of line the previous 4 or 5 days. So we'll see what happens. But if nothing happens this cycle, I'm pretty sure I'll be good with starting BCPs. I'm doing a little better emotionally, but I'm still going to try not to get too involved at MDC.


Oh, SIL update - she is 32 weeks today! Twin A is head down, and at her appointment on Thursday, the doc said that she's go for vaginal delivery, regardless of Twin B's position. Also, she's go for vaginal delivery at any point, as long as the babies don't seem to be in distress. Her cervix is still shut tight, which I think is great, since it's still early for the babies, but she's going nuts now, saying that her cervix is never going to dilate. (It didn't with her first, who was induced at 41 weeks, so she's decided it won't ever dilate. I tried pointing out that babies never, ever stay inside forever, and that lots of first babies go to 42 weeks, but she didn't seem comforted.) Anyway, busy week with SIL and niece, then off on a very short trip to Vegas for a wedding!

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Thank you all!

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monkeyscience:  Thank you :)  And my mom went over her due date with me and my twin brother by 11 days...so your sil doesn't need to lose faith!!! :)  I hope that she's able to at least stay un-dialated for 4 more weeks...that will help the two little ones grow a little bit more at least :)  It's super good that babies are in a good position right now too!! I hope that you and your DH do well on your South Beach Diet!!!   Please keep us updated!!! Also YAY for at least getting a line on the OPK...maybe your surge is getting ready to go in full force!!! I really want you to get your BFP!!!!

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