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brichole - thanks for the reassurance! You're right, IF definitely doesn't descriminate. Also, your chart? That definitely looks like a BFP me to. I hope it is! Staying positive is the best way to go. I'm keeping the good thoughts going for you.


deborah - I'm going to be thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow! I'm glad your mom has come to help.


monkey - I wish I had the guts to say something back. Instead, I kept thinking about how hard it must be for her to be going through this for who knows how long and I felt badly...after she was saying awful things! I am so ridiculous. Thanks, I hope the super sperm do their job too!
I'll miss seeing your posts, but I totally understand why you need to pull back and focus on something else for a while. I am hoping good things for you in the future. I know you will get that BFP. Have fun on your trip!!



AFM, had IUI #2 today after a rough night last night. Lots of cramping, feeling sick, crazy breast pain, and not sleeping. Probably ovulation symptoms. The doctor said that I definitely ovulated because my cervix was open yesterday and was closing up today. He had to use a different kind of cathether to get inside my uterus. Hopefully there was actually an egg in that follicle and it is now fertilized or will be soon!  Right now I am just glad that the pokes are over for two weeks and I can actually sleep in tomorrow!

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Thank you Shesaidboom!

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I guess I just keep reading and not posting since I just looked what I needed to write and realized it has been a few days, so sorry if I miss something!


shesaidboom- I'm glad to hear you are all done with the IUI and can use your energy now to create a comfy home for a fresh little embryo. How many hours past trigger did you have IUI 1 & 2? We are doing IUI this cycle & I think I only have one at 36 hours past.


gozal- update?


monkey- good to hear from you- I'm glad SIL is getting her chance at vaginal birth and that the babies are cooperating. I'm sure by this time she is eager to have her babies in arms instead of in belly, but the body is an amazing thing- carrying healthy twins this long! Also YAY for the almost positive OPK-
I hope it keeps getting darker. Let us know how you are doing, take all the time you need, we will be rooting for you.


deborah- good luck tomorrow!!!


brichole- your chart looks very hopeful! I'll be waiting for news!


AFM: I started Clomid last night, so 1 down 4 to go-- I snapped at DH this morning, I feel like it is too soon to be a side effect, but I blamed it on the meds anyway. Like I said up there, we are doing our first IUI this cycle, 36 hours post trigger. I hope it is the same as last Clomid cycle and I can trigger on CD12 because then the IUI day will be my day off.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the extra hour of DST- I think I will go to bed early tonight, the darkness so early depresses me. I took 2 amazing Yoga classes this weekend, everything hurts, but I feel so revived. I dislike that during my 2ww it has been recommended I just lay low, I miss the gym! So I try to take advantage of it as much as I can during the first 2 weeks! Also, I got to snuggle a 3 week old for a few hours on Friday, it reminded me why I am here, I cannot wait for that snuggly little bug & I know it is in store for us someday (soon).

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Thanks Cbaa! Right now trying to get my house ready for my mom. Good thing I still have a couple of hours.


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Shesaidboom, UGH!! That is the worst! i have to say that I do, however, appreciate the clinic I go to to get monitoring because they ask that the women please don't bring children because it would hurt other people's feelings. Infertility is such a difficult time and I can definitely see why some women would have been upset about having the 2 kids running around unchecked. However, to make those mean comments about you!! That is just dumb. So what if you looked young? It's not like infertility only affects older people. It's such an ignorant way to behave. It's sad how infertility brings out the worst in some people...you would think that as we're all suffering from it, we could be together and help and support each other. Big hugs and I hope you don't face that kind of attitude again. I'm glad you're finally done with the process!! Here's hoping for a BFP at the end of this so you don't have to go through it again. I love that they are able to tell you that you probably already ovulated because your cervix was closing. Our bodies are amazing things!


Monkey, yah to south beach!! i hear great things about that diet. It seems like one of the healthiest available because it doesn't seem to cut down on any of the specific food groups right? Yah to your SIL!! I was just told by friends that babies can survive after 28 weeks outside of the womb so you're SIL's twins are definitely in a good place :o) Just a few more weeks and you'll have all new nieces/nephews to play with. Have fun at the wedding!!


Brichole, i'm ULTRA excited for you and I want this to be your month!! i feel like it's likely what with your symptoms!!! As for DH thinking about a vasectomy, ugh...I don't know why any person would think about that, to be honest. There are other ways to prevent pregnancy. However, that's why I'm DOUBLY hoping you get your beautiful baby before he goes through with it!


Cbaa, even if it wasn't the drugs directly causing you to snap, the stress of having to introduce the drugs into the body also could cause some mood swings, I'm sure. And i'm not sure that it wasn't the drug...my experience with clomid is that it is VERY strong and very fast. I was lucky that I didn't suffer too many side effects but geez, cutting down your estrogen the way definitely does have effects! Anyway, hopefully, it is worth it in the end and you have a beautiful snuggly little bug to hug! haha that rhymed!!


Ugh, it's Monday. haha where did the weekend go?!


Hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll check in later!!

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Good morning ladies!!!  Well, I cheated and took a $tree test this morning.  It wasn't dark enough to take a picture of and actually be able to see it, but I KNOW i saw some color (and it was pink not gray) on the test line...so I'm thinking I actually got my BFP this month!!! I'm going to keep testing this week just to make sure and will go ahead and use a FRER on Thursday....i'm still in shock really...i never really thought that it would happen....mainly because we HAD to use intervention methods to get pregnant with Emma.  I'm also being very cautious because I don't want to be overly happy about this and then have another loss like we had during the summer. 


Thank you ladies SOOOOOO much for supporting me thru this too.  I have had so many ups and downs lately it's nice to finally have a up side to all of this!!! I hope that this BFP (reguardless of how faint it is) and Renavoo's BFP are just the starts of everyone else's for the rest of the year!!! I know that we all have worked so hard at getting to where we are.

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Brichole, YAAAAAAH! I am so excited for you! I can't wait until Thursday (or when the dollar tree tests finally show a line that you can take a photo of!!)


By the way, I went to get my US this morning...

I still can't believe it but yup, I'm carrying twins. Both heartbeats look strong so hopefully Angel and Halo continue to grow strong. I'm freaking out but happy all at once!


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Renavoo: YAY for twins!!!   I just love the names you guys gave the babies for now! TO:  ANGEL AND HALO: take care of your mommy and let your mommy take care of you!! Grow strong and big and always know how much your mommy and daddy love you!! They went thru a lot to get to where they are right now :)                                                                   

 : )  I'm so happy that both of your embies took!!!  I figured so with how high your Beta was hehe but i wasn't going to say anything!! I"m still kinda in shock!!! I haven't told DH yet, because he's one who has to see a test that says "PREGNANT" to believe me....so I guess if i get a decently dark line within the next few days while i'm off work i'll be off to the store to buy a digi and then leave it in the bathroom for dh to find lol.



BLAH...i want to be sooooo excited...but i know you ladies understand the caution i am feeling right now!!! I think we are going to wait until after my first tri-mester is over to tell anyone though...that way Thanksgiving and Christmas will be over with and we won't "dampen" some of our families' holidays.  There are a few people who absolutely don't want us to have another baby and others who don't mind either way.  I hate that I will be keeping it from my mom and dad but I can't risk them telling anyone else until we are ready. Now i have to get ready to tell dh lol.

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Renavoo- Yay for twins! Brichole- glad you got some good news!

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Brochiole - Just saw your post to me over on the IVF thread and had to come over to stalk after reading it and I'm soooooooooooo excited for you!!!  How awesome!!!  Over on the IVF thread we call that the "miracle free baby" that everyone is hoping to get.  No meds and just happens before you start meds.  joy.gif Congrats and yes, I will for sure take some of your BFP good luck.  HH9M to you!!!  Stick little one, stick!!!!

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THANK YOU BLUE AND DEBORAH!!! :)    I thought that post would get your attention blue lol..  I really really really am sending out a lot of vibes to you for this week!!! I have been on pins and needles waiting to hear how things go!!!!

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Renavoo - twins!!! I totally knew it. I saw your beta numbers and I just knew you were doubly lucky! I am so, so happy to hear that you've got healthy heartbeats. I was holding my breath waiting to hear that!


Brichole, here is hoping for a strong, clear line tomorrow! Or maybe even this afternoon...? I am going to be checking back obsessively. I want this so much for you! I also wanted to mention, though hopefully it won't matter anyway, that in all the states around where I am, a married man cannot legally get a vasectomy without the consent of his wife. A licensed doctor would be unable to perform the procedure without the wife's consent. For your peace of mind, you might want to find out if that is the case in your state too.


Deborah, I'm so glad the transfer went well and that you have your mom there with you while you rest and hopefully let those little peanuts settle in.


cbaa, Hey, I think it could be a side effect from the first dose - it's powerful enough stuff that we only need to take it five days a month, you know? How exciting that you're trying IUI! How I hope this is it for you... I wish I could do a yoga class right now, but I can't. I think it would really help! I envy your love of the gym, I can't stand the place and have had to bribe myself to go when I've been a member of one. I think I'm going to ask my RE to try Clomid next cycle if this one doesn't work out, so I am reading along with interest.


shesaidboom, wow, that must have been an awesome ovulation! Good compensation for all that misery, I hope. Your stims must have been right on! That is awful about your waiting room drama. I sometimes feel isolated too due to my age, because secondary infertility is so often age-related and mine isn't. What a tired myth, that all infertility is due to to age. I do try hard to arrange for DS to stay with family or friends when I have to go to the RE, but I can't do it 100% of the time, I would say I manage about 80% of the time to go alone. I just have to go so frequently and sometimes without advanced notice, that I can't always arrange it. Usually we just sit quietly and read books while we wait. 


Monkey, I hope that line turns dark this week! I hope also you had an easy and meaningful fast. It's wonderful that you can get so much joy and peace from your SIL and the twins. I'm thinking of you.


AFM, I'm pretty sure I'm 4dpo, though it was a little confusing this cycle. I had that weird dip on Friday, but considering (1) my b/w showed the beginning of a surge on Wed. morning, (2) I had + OPKs on Wed. and Thurs. and (3) a - OPK on Fri., what are the chances I ovulated on Friday? Probably not, right? Plus that dip was after a terrible night's sleep. With all the confusion, I never started eating my pineapple core. Trying to figure out if I should start it today...

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Gozal:  Thank you,  I will look into that!! I think you are right on that for Alabama it is like that too...but i'll double check :)   Also, if i'm able to get a stronger line i'll let you know :)  I keep wanting to tell someone IRL but i just can't because i feel like i'll be jinxing myself!!!  As for the pineapple core...i don't think it will hurt you to go ahead and start eating it :)  I hope that it helps you and you get your bfp soon too!!! How wonderful would it be if we call could just graduate and go on to DDCs together!!!!

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cbaa - first IUI was about 12 hours after trigger and second was about 36 hours. I think most people only do one but this clinic does two to make sure they catch at the right time. I think it was good we did the first because my cervix was already closing at 36 hours and he had to use a special catheter to get in there.
I don't think it's too early for side effects. I had wicked side effects super fast on femara. Isn't it awful?? I hope you trigger on the day you want and everything goes smoothly! I hope that snuggly little big shows up in about 9 months :)


renavoo - Firstly, OMG TWINS!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I am literally bouncing around excited for you. How amazing!
That's great that your clinic does that. I wish mine did. I understand how frustrating it must be for women who can't always get sitters, but it is a difficult time and not everyone is courteous enough to keep the kids quiet. Thanks for the good thoughts for the BFP. I never want to have to do this again.


brichole - YAY!!!! I'm so excited for you! I do understand the caution though. If we are pregnant this cycle, I know that dp and I aren't going to feel really comfy until after 14 weeks (I miscarried at 14 weeks three years ago), even though we'll still be so happy about the BFP.


gozal - thank you for being so considerate with your DS. There were more kiddos at the clinic yesterday (about 6 of them) and while three were LOUD, you wouldn't even know the rest were there. Their parents were keeping them quiet with books and if they got restless, mom or dad would take them for a walk down the hall to calm down. I so appreciated the effort they took and it seemed like everyone was very understanding.
the age thing - I really hate that stereotype. I feel like I'm expected to wait until it's too late for us and then have to go through so much more. We got compliments from all the fertility doctors for not waiting because it will be easier this way for us, which is exactly why we wanted to do it now, but the thing is we're not even that young. We'll both be 28 in 2-3 months. I'm sorry you've had to go through the age discrimination too.



AFM, started the progesterone this morning. I also started the pineapple core last night and am hoping that helps. I'm still having a lot of cramping. Not sure if that means anything. I'm trying to take it easy, but workouts really help me clear my mind and would definitely help with the 2ww. I trying to stick to walking and gentle yoga stretches right now. My dog is already tired of all the walks I've been dragging her on!

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Hi ladies! Thanks for all the congrats! You guys are the best!!


Gozal, definitely start the pineapple. I started the night before my transfer because it's supposed to help with implantation so if you start today, I think the timing would be perfect! It's can't hurt anyway, because it's just fruit! although not as tasty as the meat of the pineapple... sigh. I can't wait for you to get your BFP!


Shesaidboom, I am glad you're taking it easy. This whole process is exhausting. perhaps your cramping is because of ovulation. Since you were triggered, it may result in stronger ovulation cramps? I always had worse cramps after a trigger. haha you know you're at risk for twins too ;o) maybe you're cramping because of two follies bursting? ;o)


Brichole, I am so impatient for your results!! I want to know!!


Deborah, when are you testing?


I really hope that everyone gets a bfp soon!


Ok off to a meeting. Big hugs, everyone!




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Shesaidboom:   Thank you so much!! I hope that your cramping is a good sign :)  Sending out lots of baby vibes !!!


Renavoo:  I'll be going to get a big pack of FRERs at 230 today and i'm debating on if i should go ahead and take one tonight or wait until tomorrow or wednesday mornings to take another one to give my levels enough time to double.  I really really really hope that this one sticks!! I really don't know what i will do if we have another early loss!!! I lost the last one on cd29 so it was a REALLY early loss...but still it hurts just the same...especially when you know you are and then get let down :(     I'm really going to need restraint to not go ahead and pee on one tonight though lol. HA. 



I think you ladies and my DDC from last year are the only people i'm telling. My ddc group moved over to facebook when ours was closed so I still get support from them too! It's so wonderful at the friendships that can be made on line lol.  I know that sounds crazy because a lot of people prefer to make friends in person, but when it's a board like this you can find ladies who are going thru what you are going thru and truely understand you.  IRL i don't know many women who are going thru the things that i'm going thru...so it makes it tough to talk to those around me.  I don't know if that makes sence or not but that's just how i feel :)    I will keep everyone posted on everything and I am PRAYING that i get a nice little line on my FRER when i test because i'm FEELING pregnant.  I know some would say it's way too early but it really isn't.  I had the sames feelings when i got pregnant with emma and they are just as strong as they were back then.  The being dizzy, nausia, and sore bbs are TOTALLY in full gear today!! Oh and headache!!!

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Renavoo- OH MY GOSH SO EXCITING!!! I thought the same thing as everyone else when I saw your first beta #- I wonder if it is twins! AMAZING! 2 happy little miracles! Hope you are feeling well, mama!


shesaidboom- my office has a separate 'family waiting room' to accomodate that many women suffer from secondary infertility and are not able to come alone all the time. I usually am there off hours so I rarely see anyone in it, but I'm surprised they aren't more accomodating in such a busy clinic! I hope this is it for you too! Good Luck with the pineapple core & progestone- I'll be doing that this time as well. What prog. are you on? I have to talk to the clinic about my IUI because if it isn't Wed. than my DH will be out of town... Stressful! One more week!


Gozal- so you are unmedicated and just monitored with trigger (if necessary) and then progesterone? I would start the pineapple ASAP, I know they say not to eat it too far into the 2ww, so eat up now girlfriend! 


Deborah- hope you're home and resting up now- Enjoy the time with your mama!


Brichole- test test test test... in the AM with FMU of course, I want to see a line!


As far as the age thing goes, DH and I are 26, so I can only imagine what people think. We started dating at 18, so 8 years later, yah we are ready for a baby, regardless of our age. I know people don't take us seriously though that there is a problem... I hate getting defensive and going into detail about hormones and spotting etc, but I feel it is only fair for them to understand me and not judge me. Some people have it so easy...


Day 2 of clomid- CD5 today and I'll take pill 3 tonight, no snippyness today, just night sweats. I hope my estrogen bumps up after the clomid is done... Renavoo- my lining was 6mm on CD12 and then I O'd on CD 15, I don't remember how thick it is supposed to be... does that sound okay? I'm all worried about the estrogen now!  Okay, I'm off to the gym, with it being dark at 4:45 today, I'm not as motivated to do anything after work but lounge!

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Gozal- at the time you wrote that, I had not had my transfer, You were right that it went well (you must have ESP). Renavoo- I am testing 11/18.


Update: Both embryos made it. One is a little younger than the other. I have pictures I will attach here. Also, since you all like to see pictures of puppy- I will share the link with pictures of Peaches and my mom: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=591625117139&set=a.502757987579.2001768.77800136&type=1&theater. There are a few others in that album too,.IMG156.jpgIMG157.jpg

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Cbaa, yah for day 2!! Well, my lining on clomid never got anything above 5mm at the time of trigger so 6mm sounds better :o) I do have to say though that according to my REs that were involved in IVF, they want to see a lining of at least 8mm. However, you still had a couple of days or so for the lining to grow so hopefully, it made the threshhold. If your lining doesn't get close to 8 this time and it doesn't work (because I've heard a lot of stories of women who had thinner linings who did get pregnant!!) maybe you should ask about estrogen supplementation? I regret that I went to my first RE because she refused to do anything about the thin lining, even though i asked multiple times. I feel like i wasted so many months with her. But I'm hopeful for you!! You don't seem to get the lining issue that i get on clomid.


By the way, I'm impressed you got to the gym. haha when it gets dark so early, all i want to do is snuggle on the couch...especially when it starts getting cold!!


Shesaidboom, how are you feeling? How is the progesterone treating you? just a few more days (haha i know, it feels like a lifetime) but we're here waiting anxiously for your results.


In fact, it's such a busy month and I cannot wait for the results!! I'm hoping as hard as I can for a bevy of bfps. That would put us on awesome ground for graduation by the new year :o)


Deborah, cool that they gave you so many photos!! i only got the ones of my embies but it's so neat. Are you naming them? haha i named mine Angel and Halo and now that I know both stuck, I'm calling them that as they are in my womb too. :o)


Brichole...well?! hahah I'm so impatient!


Hugs, ladies!!!


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Well my symptoms are still here and my temp is still up but FRER I took this morning said beg so I don't know. Maybe this was a chemical pregnancy. I'm pretty bummed out right now. I. gUess. If af doesn't show up by the end of the week I will test again. Thanx for all of the support though I will keep everyone updated
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