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Woven wrap?

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With DS I adored my Moby.  But he was a fall baby.  This little one is going to be a summer baby, and the Moby is a bit too hot, I think.  I have a MT, an Ombu, a RS and the Moby still from DS, but I really want a woven wrap. 


So which one?  Coolest, most versatile, easiest on/off, etc.  Which one should I be looking at?

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I have a Didymos Kobalt Rouge that we used in the summer (my son was born 8/26/10) and it was lightweight. We tried our Moby then too but both of us were always really sweaty with that one! Far too heavy for summer. I think most of the Didymos Indios are supposed to be lightweight and good for summer. I think Hoppediz makes a lightweight wrap too!

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I braved the Oklahoma heat with an Ellaroo last summer. As long as I got out and back in before the temp hit the mid 90s, we were reasonably comfortable.

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There are a number of woven wraps that are much lighter/thinner than Moby.

Cotton, Cotton Linen blends are great in heat, there are a number of German style woven manufacturers that offer these fibers.

Also there are gauze wraps like Wrapsody Baby Bali Breeze. Some find it hard to go from Moby to a Bali Breeze because of how thin they are.

Maybe google for local babywearing groups and see if you can try a few different kinds before you buy?

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