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The Greater Good

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I had the opportunity to hear about the film, The Greater Good, as it developed. Director/Producer, Chris Pilaro, an award winning filmmaker, is a member of our Mothering community. I met him at the National Vaccine Information Center Conference in 2009 where he was filming interviews for the movie.  


Chris emailed me today to remind me that the A Greater Good is streaming live now on mercola.com until November 5th. It's a really great film. It is honest and complex in its presentation and does the best job of any film I've seen on the subject of vaccinations. Set aside some time to watch in the next few days, if you can. You've won't be disappointed.


I'm talking to Chris about streaming A Greater Good on Mothering in the next month or so but there may be a charge so take advantage of this free streaming while you can. 

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thanks! I just finished watching it. Well worth it.......I also told my sister about it, & my mom will be here tomorrow & she can watch it too


thanks again

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Oh, you're welcome. I'm glad you liked it!


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Yes, thank you!
I just finished watching it. I hope I can get some mama friends to take the time to watch it too.

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It would be a great film to watch with friends and so much to talk about afterwards. I would like to have a film showing with it at our local family center and have a conversation afterwards.

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An amazing movie! thank you for  sharing :)

I wish all parents or soon to be ones could see it before they go into the doctor's office and blindly follow what they say. This a good movie to show parents they have options!

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Ok, am I the only one who just wanted to choke that one doctor? Gardasil is a "beautiful" vaccine? Wow.

I love the movie and will support it, but I have to admit that I cringe when I listen to what the pro-vax side has to say ;) Very hard to take them seriously when their livelihood depends on Pharma and vaccines.


Pardon my little rant :)

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This was a great documentary! I appreciated it because I have many friends and family who are pro vax and would never take the time to listen to a staunchly anti vax documentary. While I think the choice is obvious I was glad they presented both sides for that reason.

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Yeah, I do think the film did a good job of presenting both sides with an obvious bias for the families, which I like. Their stories are so seldom presented in a legitimate way. It's heartening for me to see that vaccine films have gotten much more balanced over time, but like you, I cringe when I hear the black and white statements. Why should it be so hard to just talk about informed consent rather than make vaccines into a dogma?

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This has been extended until Nov. 8 so there is still time to watch it. :)

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I enjoyed the film very much, too.


I read a scathing review of the film today on Science Based Medicine and was equally frustrated by his predictable complaints as he was of the film itself.


I hate the narrowness that anyone wanting to improve the vaccine schedule or promote vaccine choice is anti-vax. This rhetoric is so foolish. Am I anti-abortion just because I haven't had one? Of course not. I can refuse vaccines for my family, too, without being "anti-vaccine". I am not even sure what that really means. I love the "idea" of vaccines in theory, but their safety and efficacy are simply not enough for me to follow the APA guidelines.

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I agree. There are two points of view. The personal one, what's best for your family, informed consent. And, the public health one, which brooks little conscientious objection. I think that intolerance of parents' legitimate concerns has done a lot to hurt the vaccine program.

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I just heard today that there's going to be a premier of The Greater Good in New York City on November 18th. It will be showing through November 24th.  plus there will be discussion afterwards.

Tickets are $13

Group tickets are $10 each. Call Chris Wells at 211-924-6789 to arrange group purchase.


Here's the Facebook Invitation.


New York City: Nov 18-24 at IFC Center 

Showtimes are 4:10pm and 8:05pm Tickets can be purchased on the IFC site. 

323 Sixth Avenue at West Third Street | 212-924-7771
Map and directions

Friday, November 18

4:10pm Matinee: National Vaccine Information Center

8:05pm Evening: React to Film & National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)

Q & A Speakers: Writer / Producer Leslie Manookian, Leslie Barbara Loe Fisher, President, NVIC; Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD.


Saturday, November 19

4:10pm Matinee & 8:05pm screening: Center for Personal Rights and the editors of Vaccine Epidemic


Q & A Speakers: Writer / Producer Leslie Manookian, Louise Kuo Habakus,  HHP, AADP, Center for Personal Rights; Mary Holland, Director, Graduate Legal Skills Program Research Scholar. New York University After the film, there will be a short panel discussion and book signing by the authors.


Sunday, November 20th

4:10pm Matinee: Co-Sponsors: Holistic Moms Network, Dr. Jerry Clements; Choices in Child Birth

8:05pm Evening: Co-Sponsors: Holistic Moms Network, Dr. Jerry Clements; Choices in Child Birth

Speakers: Writer / Producer Leslie Manookian, Dr. Jerry Clements, M.D. & Nancy Massotto, Executive Director Holistic Moms Network


Monday, November 21st

 4:10pm Matinee: Shari Criso of My Baby Experts TV will interview Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD. This will be live streaming, and questions will be taken from from an online audience in addition to the theater audience.



Tuesday, November 22nd




Wednesday, November 23rd

4:10pm Matinee

8:05pm: Sponsor and Speaker: Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD.


Thursday, November 24th



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