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Hello All!

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My name is Laurie. I am a mother of a 10 year-old girl, living in the North Dallas area of Texas. I am a professional belly dancer (dance name Lamis, pronounced Lah-mees), so fitness and health are very important to me. I practice AP, though my little girl is growing up and attending public school, so that's not quite as obvious anymore. I discovered Mothering magazine and the boards when I was pregnant with dd. Back then I was MotherDove, though I don't expect anyone to remember me. smile.gif I just found out that I am pregnant again. I am divorced and remarried, and this will be my husband's first child. He is very excited. I will be interviewing midwives this week and next. Hopefully, I will be able to have a homebirth like I did with my first.

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Welcome back!!! I too used to be on MDC and now have returned after 4 years of being away.

I was Emilie before... now Emilie2. Lol.


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