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Alyssa Laurana

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I keep meaning to make my birth announcement post, but I'm not done writing out the complete birth story yet.  It's been over 2 weeks, and I figure I should just get down what I've got so far and fill in details later, or else I never will get started!


Due date was the 14th, and my water broke on the 14th at about 3am.  I woke DH up, we talked about it, called my doula Jill, and I took a shower while he packed the car and then we went back to bed.  I'd been having contractions off and on all week, and continued having them after the water broke, but it didn't seem strong enough/close enough for me to call it 'labor' and make anyone panic yet.


I was group beta strep positive, so I knew that my midwife/ob would want me to head in to the hospital as soon as the water broke.  Jill's calming wisdom was along the lines of 'if they don't know when your water broke, they can't put you on a clock yet.  Go to the hospital when you think you need to go to the hospital.'


We called her over around 10am and did some labor at home before heading to the hospital after noon.


IV drip and monitor hooked up, my midwife did a check and I was 4cm and 80% effaced.


I went from 4cm to 8cm in about an hour.


I got to 9cm and then stalled there for what felt like an eternity.  Things started to hurt really badly.  The pain wasn't manageable anymore.  Frequent position changes offered no relief, and I crossed the line into suffering.  I had prepared for unmedicated birth, and had discussed my wishes with DH, Jill, and our midwife at great lengths prior to labor.  This resulted in me begging for an epidural for quite some time (complete with using the safe word that meant I really was serious) before anyone thought about actually calling for one.  At one point I was naked except my bra and attempted to leave the room "to find someone to give me some drugs, since none of you will."   The did finally make the call, and aside from me swearing at the anesthesiologist (wait a sec, I'm in the middle of a f'ing contraction) things went reasonably smoothly.


I got the epidural at 9cm and finished dilating.  We waited a bit, and then my midwife asked if I wanted to push.  Sure!

Directed pushing for almost 4 hours, and DD wouldn't descend any further down.  She was facing the wrong way and pretty much lodged herself in my pelvis.


My midwife called for the ob to come try and turn DD, and he couldn't budge her in either direction. 


He told me I needed a c-section.


I asked what other options we had, and he repeated 'c-section.'


Ok then, c-section.


I had always skipped reading the sections of the books and articles on c-sections, thinking to myself "I'm not getting one, so it doesn't matter".  I felt really well prepared for all other aspects of the birth, but the c-section threw me off.  I hated shaking uncontrollably due to the epidural, and the biggest regret/negative about the entire birth process was that ~5 minute eternity after she was born where they had her across the room on the other side of the curtain, and I could hear her crying but couldn't see her and couldn't do anything about it.  That breaks my heart.  I know it was a short time, but it felt like forever.


It also was bad when she got taken to another room and I had DH go with her, because it meant another eternity of shaking uncontrollably all by myself while they stitched me up. 


Eventually we were all reunited and I breastfed DD immediately. 


Alyssa was born 1:27am on the 15th, and was 7lbs 9.9oz and 21.25 inches long.  She scored an 8 and then a 9 on her APGAR tests, and had a halo of bruising on the top of her head where I had been shoving her against my bones for hours.  She is gorgeous and laid back and wonderful and totally loved with all my heart. 


DH has pictures up on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/mykexyz/sets/72157627941319300/



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Congratulations on your little girl!  I love the name Alyssa, and her middle name is so lovely along with it!

I'm sorry birth turned into a c-section, but it sounds like she really was lodged in there pretty stubbornly!  I imagine those minutes of waiting and waiting would feel like eternity to me, too.


Just looked at the pictures, too - she is so darling!  I especially love the close up of her fingers - I'm not sure I've ever seen anything more perfect!  love.gif

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She is so perfect and you look beautiful! I love your husband's captions.

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Great pics! Love your dh's comments.
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Congratulations! I loved looking at the pictures and reading your DH's captions. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your beautiful little girl!

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That sounds like it was rough--I'm so happy you are both safe. She is beautiful, and you did really well. I love the part where you are naked and going into the hallway ROTFLMAO.gif .

Heal gently. Thank you for your story and those pictures!

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Congratulations!!! joy.gif She is beautiful. I hope you are healing well.

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Aww, love her! She looks like she has so much personality already!  Good job, mama!!



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I love going back and looking at the pics where she is up and smiling and feeling well.  It is helping me get through the days right now since she has a cold and feels so miserable.  Poor little one. :(

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the pictures are gorgeous, so glad your husband was able to document her birth like that. she is absolutely gorgeous- the hair, the lovely round face.

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