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Gentle Discipline is failing me...

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DS1 turned 3 last month, while he was always spirited it seemed to have gotten out of hand in the past couple months.

Temper Tandrums I know are normal and healthy in this age, but aggression toward parents? And how do you handle this? He has skipped naps more and more in the recent past, come 4 o'clock in the afteroon, it's witching hour. We want to leave the house for the park, he falls asleep as soon as we leave the garage. Shopping, errands - out of question. That sort of tells me he still needs his nap. I usually lie down with him if I can (DS is 21 months, sometimes their schedules conflict...), he starts kicking, screaming, hitting me.

I try to talk to him sternly, he yells in my face. My first instinct is to leave, but really, isn't that what he tries to acomplish? Time out's don't work for him, taking away priviledges don't seem to have any effect on him either. There is something about hitting a parent that just makes me cringe inside. There seem to be no boundaries as much as I try to set them, it's not sinking in. DH gas a demanding job, so it's mostly me that deals with this. At daycare there seem to be no issues. At any request to do something I get the same answer: I don't want to. If I press the issue, a melt Down is guaruanteed. Unless he does it from intrinsic motivation. Then he is quite agreeable and a joy to be around.

So, how do you set boundaries if as soon as you start talking you get yelled at: Stop it Mama. I don't want too.

I know he is only three, but it doesn't get better or easier from here if I can't get a handle on this. So my Motto to just chill out is failing me too :)


Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

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I'm right there with you.  My ds turns 3 in January, but he's always been a little bit ahead of the game when it comes to hitting developmental milestones, and he's driving me INSANE - I don't even like being around him some of the time, b/c I'm sure to get beat up on!

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