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simple question, how much does it cost

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to do a private adoption via an adgency.  to be matched with an expectant mom that is making an adoption plan?



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Aimee it depends. If you go thru a nonprofit agency that uses a sliding scale fee based on income, your costs could be quite low (if you have a modest income)...if you use an different agency, you could pay 40K+...i know people who found a mom who didnt need any expenses paid, in an already-born baby situation, they just needed their lawyer to handle every thing and the costs were minimal, under 5K. And everything in between. I think the average is probably $15-30K. (But im no expert on private adoption.)

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Our agency does a sliding fee based on income (not race-which many agencies do and that really bothers me) and ours cost $16,000.  Do your research they vary GREATLY!  Also if our match fell through we won't lose any money as we wait for another match.   There is also an adoption tax credit.

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It really does vary quite a bit depending on several factors. 

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Maybe this is a dumb question, but do most agencies expect all the money upfront? And if you are never matched, I'm assuming there is no refund of sorts? Also, lawyer/legal costs are probably additional, right? And those (legal fees) aren't expenses that would occur until you are chosen and adoption is imminent, I'm thinking.
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With our agency, you had a small deposit (2K in our case) and the remainder was due at time of match.  All of those fees would roll over to the next match if our match fell through (this is part of why we chose our agency).  Fortunately, we did not have a failed match.

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Thanks so much! Good to know how your agency worked.
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I would personally not sign on with an agency that did not roll all money into the next match.  You only had to pay for your homestudy, training and a $1,000 fee at first and then once the baby was in your home and the parental rights were terminated did you have to pay the rest of the fee.

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Adoptive Families magazine does a survey every year. The data is interesting and useful. Check out the latest: http://www.adoptivefamilies.com/articles.php?aid=2157
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thanks everyone!!! :)

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I did a private adoption for just under $10,000 BUT everything went amazingly right for us.  It was about as cheap and easy as we could have done it.

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