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Btw, do we have a list of due dates (or guess dates, really) anywhere? I'm up to making one if anyone else is interested.

We do, though I don't think it includes people who joined more recently.

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Lalaith -- yes, I think that's what's happening.  I was feeling more movement last night and even some this morning, which has been unusual for me.  I was poking around and it seems like his position has changed -- up much higher and I can feel bumpy bits around my navel.  Yesterday, I could just feel a long hard bump lying across just above my bikini line.  I don't think my placenta is out in front, though, because I can feel the baby fairly well from the outside.  I think it's just that the kicks were directed towards my spine.  My anatomy scan is tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out for sure where the placenta is and all that.  Today is going to be a long day, and tomorrow morning will be even longer.  I'm so impatient.

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Lalaith, when I found out I was pregnant with my first son I almost cried.  IIRC my first words upon seeing the pink line was "holy s--t".  I got happy and excited after awhile but I was so sure it was never going to happen that it was a big shock.

20 weeks seems to have been a turning point for me too.  I have been feeling pretty decent for over a week now.  I actually want to eat and having been loading up on protein in particular.  I was a little bummed because I wasn't wanting to eat eggs at all and I though I missed our hens laying, but we turned on the heat lights in the house this week and upped their feed and they have been producing more than I need everyday. 


I did a complete clean of my kitchen yesterday and am set to wash all the floors tomorrow. 

Originally Posted by 3timesamom View Post


AFM, Yesterday I ran into DH's cousin and he told me to get my tubes tied. LOL Now hes a guy and obviously that was rude but it just makes me laugh! I told him that if DH gets a vasectomy we are done. If not then we will probably have baby 5.  He said I should get my tubes tied again. I then said I have had 4 babies I think I did my part. I guess it would be one thing if I was a bad mother or something but we take care of our own children;)That is probably the rudest thing that has been said to me though:)



So just curious what supplements are you taking? My midwife has me on prenatal. She doesn't like my target brand ones but that is what I am using. I am on fish oil (also target brand) and I am now on magnesium along with d3 in a liquid form. I am also drinking the RRL tea. I am just wondering if everyone else is taking the same stuff???


Alright off to watch raising hope:)

Most people are pretty positive with us but my sister's new bf said something so rude I can't even repeat it here.  No one know better than us that this baby coming isn't ideal - we only have two bedrooms in our house, we don't have much money - but really!  Our house might be small but it's clean and comfortable, our children are beautiful and healthy, we have plenty of food, our bills get paid...we have a nice life, we're good parents. It's kind of depressing how out of wack some peoples' perspectives are.


I'm taking the same kinds of supplements as you, just different brands.  I take New Chapter Perfect Prental and a double dose of the Wholemega salmon oil, Carlson's D drops, and Yogi Teas Mother to Be.  Most days I also drink some Garden of Life Perfect Food green drink.  I am still having a serious aversion to greens but for some reason I can choke this stuff down.  Oh, and I take a calcium supplement too since I am lactose intolerant and temporarily leafy greens intolerant.

Originally Posted by Brisen View Post

I think I have been feeling something.  I guess part of the problem is that for days at a time, any movement I felt wasn't strong enough that I was sure it was movement.  But yesterday afternoon & evening it picked up enough that I'm pretty sure it was the baby.  I've had some nudges this afternoon, too.  I think his spine is still facing out, so anything I feel is not too distinct, just bumps and taps way down low/in.  But there has been enough of that that I'm no longer freaking out.


I'm glad you're feeling better about movement.  My baby has days when I can feel him from about noon until bedtime, but then there are those days when I suddenly realize I haven't registered feeling him at all.   I feel him the most when I sit down and lean over the table, or when I lie on my back - when I'm sitting he kicks but when I lie down he does this kind of pushing thing so that I have a hard lump on one side of my abdomen.  I'm shocked he's already doing that - my other babies did it but much later.  I think he is going to be really big.  In some ways that's nice because ime bigger babies seem to be more mellow, but then I think back to ds2 and how much my back and arms hurt from carrying and lifting him.  He was 20 lbs at 20 weeks.  My first son wasn't tiny but he wasn't 20 lbs until a year and by then he could cling like a little monkey.

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Hi ladies. How was your Monday?

I was complaining in another thread about my frequent BHX earlier. I decided to try downing some water and then to test with some strips we had on hand to see if the cause might be a UTI. Wouldn't you know it, the test was positive for leukocytes but not nitrites. We had more strips, so I decided to take a shower, clean REALLY well, and make SURE I got a clean catch. The test was positive again for leukocytes. I called my OB, and they want me to chug water, and come in tomorrow to be seen by the nurse. If it gets worse, call and go down to L&D...you know, the routine. It feels like it might be a UTI and I don't feel like spending my evening at the hospital, so drink drink drink it is.
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I am 22 weeks.  i am soooo emotional.  all the time.  i have had a GREAT pregnancy so far but honestly, these hormones lately are insane.  One minute I am crying from laughing and the next thing I know i am actually crying crying and don't know why.  i have never had such a roller coaster of emotions in my life.  I get enough sleep as i usually fall asleep with the kids when i put them to bed (at like 8:30 innocent.gif) but i just can't control these mood swings!  And man, I am so over sensitive about everything!  i love being pregnant, everyone thinks i am crazy for loving being pregnant, but honestly, i could do without these mood swings. 


Can anyone else relate?

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Lola, LOL I think EVERYONE has mood swings! I don't know if its specific to pregnancy. I have forgetfulness though I must say that hasn't been all that bad this go round. Alteast not yet!


Well I am trying to upload pics to shutterfly. They are dreadfully expensive BUT I got a 20 dollar gift card for buying my kids pics from school. So Thats a deal. I have to spend more than that gift card though. So upload it is.


So the time change is a bummer! EVERYONE at my house got up at about 547am this morning. Can you tell they think its 647am!? I was so annoyed! I was trying to do my exercies and computer time and I didn't get to:( Tomorrow I have an apmnt about 45 min away so I am hoping they can just sleep a bit longer. I need my exercise for the day if I am going to miss my walk!


Well I am off I want to get to bed since I have that busy day! I am so not looking forward to being out with three babies!

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Daylight savings is a joke! Good luck with that extra hour of sleep if you have kiddos. Oh, and I have the mood swings, too. I was crying at Hallmark commercials earlier.
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My kids tend to be up late and sleep in, and they tend to stay up/sleep in later and later as time goes by, so I like the time change in the fall.  My 4 yo was actually asleep before 9:30 last night!  He's still snoozing now; the lights are on in his room and kids are doing stuff upstairs, but I'll probably have to go up in a bit and wake him up.  He'll sleep until 10 am if I let him.  And then be up until midnight.


I don't actually have much in the way of mood swings when I'm not pg, but I do have a few when I am.  Mostly, I get really introverted.  Which I don't mind and it would be fine if it were my first, but looking after kids and needing lots of sleep does not work well with being super introverted.  I do cry more easily, though, at silly things like commercials.  I often have CBC radio on during the day, and they have some pretty sad stories, or heartwarming stories that start off sad.  I end up sobbing with those.

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Brisen and Cameras girl! LOL I cry at songs on the radio. Thing is usually I find some of these songs annoying! LOL


Well the apmnt went great. We all got there on time and I went to old Navy and got my daughter two scratch and sniff shirts for 8 dollars:)


We even got back in time for a walk:)

Well I am off to fix lunch because its pretty late and I am pretty starving!

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I'm extra emotional too...you are definitely not the only one.  I cried the other night when the Ravens beat the Steelers...I like football, but not enough that I'd normally ever cry about a game...and I was crying because I was HAPPY headscratch.gif!  


Daylight savings isn't working for us either...I'm trying to be patient when my DD cheerfully calls for me at 5:30am!


I just had an anatomy scan and I have a low-lying placenta...not a true previa, but its less than 2cm from my cervix.  I know there's a good chance it will move up and I'm trying to think positive thoughts about that happening.  


We learned we are having another daughter!  I'm thrilled!  My family has been a little awkward...not directly rude, but not really happy for us, and saying things like "oh thats too bad for DH" (DH is happy about another girl).  They seem to think the "perfect family" has one son and one daughter and that any variation is somehow a disappointment.  I know they'll love her when she gets here, but I'm really happy now and I wish they could celebrate with me.  

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I had my anatomy scan today... we're having a boy!  Apparently a very active little boy; he didn't stop moving through the whole exam, which took some extra time because of the wiggling and because the tech was demoing a new machine.  Unfortunately, I couldn't feel much of it; apparently, I do have an anterior placenta.  :P  That explains not feeling much movement.  I'm really bummed about it, actually.  I love feeling all those kicks and that movement.  Sigh.  I'll probably have to go back for another scan at some point, because the placenta is lying low.


lizsky, I also had a low-lying placenta in a previous pregnancy, and it moved up in plenty of time.  You're right, most of the time it does, so I'm going not going to worry about it for now.   We have only told my mom so far, since she was watching the little boys while we went to the appointment, and her first comment was basically "The ultrasound could still be wrong..."  :P  I'm only worried about my little girl being disappointed; she wants a sister so badly.

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Congrats, Brisen!
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I had to jump in because I've been crying at everything. I cried at the end of Vampire Diaries. Twice. I cried at the end of Glee and I bawled on the phone with my dad when were talking about my brother. I felt bad because he thought he made me upset, when I'm just hormonal and any talk about family makes me cry.


I'm having another boy as well. I really thought this one was a girl and by extension, convinced family, it was going to be a girl. So I think I sort of inadvertently disappointed family who were thinking it was a girl. I don't plan on this being my last child, so we'll try again in the future. Hopefully we get a daughter, but 3 boys would be wonderful as well.


We also decided on a name.

Benjamin Sidney. Our little one is Bob, so we wanted something that worked with that. Ben and Bob go well together. We had to bat around some "B" names for our third child if it's a boy, so he won't be left out.


I hate to say it but having the name decided and the sex discovered, I think I've hit that pregnancy lull where no new discoveries are left until the birth day. But that's ok. No drama is good.

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Congrats, Bobbys!  Will you have to change your UN now?  ;)


We told the kids with blue cupcakes tonight.  Apparently, our oldest's French is improving quite a bit because he picked it up beforehand from dh and I trying to sneakily talk about it, lol.  I also called my MIL to let her know, and I happened to be emailing dh's little sister, so I told her, too.  They both said "Congratulations!" and were 100% happy about it.  I lucked out in the IL department.

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Lizsky, WHOOT, a girl!!! Congrats!


Bobby's and Brisen, WHOOT BOYS!!! Oh BOYS!!!


Brisen, I am worried about DD getting let down. We will be having a home birth though and she will get to see and be here for the discovery. I think like me she will be happy with whoever we get in the end!


Wow that is a lot of discoveries:) I am exicted for all of you:) We are 22 weeks today:) 18 weeks until we find out who baby is. Emily or Nathan??

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Originally Posted by 3timesamom View Post

Lizsky, WHOOT, a girl!!! Congrats!


Bobby's and Brisen, WHOOT BOYS!!! Oh BOYS!!!

Thanks 3timesamom!  You are actually the first person that has said "congrats" to us about our girl!  


And congratulations to Brisen and Bobbys about your sons!  3timesamom I admire your patience in waiting!  We'll be excited to celebrate with you when you find out :)


Brisen I'm glad your low-lying placenta issue resolved in a previous pregnancy...here's to hoping both yours and mine move up this time!


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I have another ultrasound tomorrow (my last one was at 17 weeks, tomorrow I hit 22), and I'm suddenly overcome with the paranoia that we'll be having a girl after all!  Not that I wouldn't love a girl, but we've already started buying boy stuff!  My grandmother's started on a quilt with the name 'James" on it, MIL has started her "boy grandbaby" knitting....


I know it's silly, James was VERY obvious about his gender, but still...

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I don't want to be a downer, but if you're the type, could you please send up prayers and healing thoughts? My grandmother's foster son has Marfan Syndrome, and he had to be rushed to the hospital today. They found a bubble of some sort in his heart from the last heart surgery he had. They're arranging a med-evac flight to Stanford for emergency surgery, and don't know if he'll survive. I appreciate it. greensad.gif
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Cameras girl, Oh no! Absolutely our thoughts are with everyone!


Lizsky, Awe its so exciting! Everyone will be on pins and needles by March:) We didn't find out with our first and it was amazing! Its worth the wait!


Lala, LOL I think its normal to still kind of wonder. I had two boys and we found out with them. The tech showed us their penis's bouncing! LOL Everytime I walked into the grocery store I thought about it! LOL They ended up being boys! LOL


That said when I was born my mom found out I was a boy. (U/S in the 70's at its best! LOL) Anyway she told my dad he could name a girl and my mom would name the boy. She was being sneaky. But it went all wonky when I was born and was indeed a girl.


AFm, nothing much going on. I do have a headache but I am mudling through. Today is my friday. I took a Tylenol, drank some water and here I am:) I am super glad we walked this morning too. I walked DD to school even though it looked threatening out there! I was smart cause its really raining now! Its like 70 degrees out there and raining! Seriously!


Well I am off to try to rest this headache away. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!



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Well, today's been an emotional rollercoaster.



I had my anatomical screening today, and DS was diagnosed with bi-lateral club feet.  I'm pretty overwhelmed right now (there's a chance bigger things could be wrong too), and weirdly, one of the things going through my mind, is "shouldn't have spent all that money on those slings - we won't get to use them".  I've been reading some of the threads on the disabilities forum of thebabywearer, and while carrying is possible, not with the carriers I have.  
We're also gonna have to re-work our diaper stash (largely pull on wool soakers), I'm reconsidering whether I want to EC or not (the casts will make positioning difficult, and I worry about getting them wet) and co-sleeping may not be feasible (nothing like getting kicked by a cast!).  
I guess focusing on those things is easier than dealing with the idea of weekly re-casting, braces 24/7, and a baby who will never play soccer like his father....
The most frustrating thing?  Everyone thinks is irrational for me to be upset.  Rather, I should be relieved it wasn't something more serious.  I'm glad, of course, that nothing else is wrong, but then, I wasn't expecting anything TO be wrong!  I couldn't believe it when my mom asked "why the long face?" when I got home (I called at the place, so she already knew) and when I looked at her like she was crazy and said "There's something wrong with my baby."  She started going on about how it's fixable, and not life threatening.  I looked at her again.  "There's SOMETHING WRONG with MY BABY."
"Well fine," she said, "I'll leave you to your pity party."
This from the woman who's told me many times over the years that she thanks god on a daily basis all of her kids were born normal and healthy.
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