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Lalaith, I'm so sorry!  And I can't believe that people are treating you that way.  That's ridiculous.  Weekly recasting and braces and everything is a big deal, of course you're worried.


Sometimes I don't understand people.  I hear stories of so many insensitive comments to pregnant women, many along the lines of "at least the baby is _________" (healthy, alive, etc.).  Like mothers are never allowed to be sad or upset if things could have been worse.  It's so dismissive.  I think part of it may be that people are uncomfortable around people who are upset, and they're just trying to do whatever they can to "fix" it.



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Can I vent? I swear, this is the last downer. I'm having a rough week...rough is kind of an understatement. I've been to the ER ( and because of that, a brief stay in L&D triage) twice this week. I've been spasming so badly that if feels like some fibers are tearing, or are seriously strained. It is like fire from my mid back to my ears, and down my arms. Last night I was dry heaving from the pain, so DH made me go back down to the hospital. It is really frustrating, especially because I'm pregnant and I have to explain this 1 in a million disease to doctors and nurses that will never see it again in their career. Hard to do when you're trying to not cry. They treated me last night, after noting my account that it could screw with the pregnancy. I know that - I already met with a perinatologist.

We tried calling the neuro's office, and we were (wrongly) told that my neuro, his NP that I see a lot, and the other doctor familiar with my case were all out of town and unreachable until Tuesday. The jerk of a desk clerk said to call my OB. There was another neuro in the office, but the clerk refused to take a message, or page any of the others. I have a rare disease, not something like diabetes. My ob CAN'T treat this. Family practitioners CAN'T treat this.

I have a friend that works at a different office for the same hospital system, and she said to call her if we ever have issues. She has sent a message to my doctor to call her or us back ASAP. Turns out the clerk was lying, and my doctor is at the hospital doing rounds and what not this weekend. He is the definition of ON CALL. In the meantime, DH called my OB to update her and tell her what we need in case we don't get a hold of my neuro. Since the meds I have at home aren't working, meds like dilaudid from the hospital only took the edge off, and I'm still symptomatic, I need to be in the hospital until they can get this controlled. It is painful, and it can be dangerous if I have a fall or go into respiratory arrest from a spasm. Sorry for the rant...I've been bawling out of frustration and sleep deprivation. nut.gif (Rant over) So...if I'm quiet for a couple days, that's where I am. Otherwise...well...it's bed and reruns and copious amounts of tissues. I swear I'll be back to normal eventually.
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Oh cameras girl! I am so sorry! I hope that you are feeling better soon and something works. WOW I love healthcare workers that don't want to be doing healthcare. They just make EVERYTHING harder! Again feel better! Let me know if you need me to mail a box of puffs with lotion;)


Lala, That is scary! I remember finding out that something was wrong with our baby. Turns out they were wrong. So is there any chance that might happen for you? My friends son had casts and all that. When he was born he was diagnosed. She tells me of the struggles and I do look at him now at 11 and you would never know. That said hearing of her struggles to get here is overwhelming. She did say it made them closer. She co slept with him and nursed him till 4!  She said those things made it easier. Also Nolan broke his foot once and had a cast. He was one. It was very tramatizing for us. Nolan though, he just adapted to it. He found new ways to get around:)  I am so sorry something is wrong and I still hold out that nothing is!


AFM, DD and I spent the day out and about. We shopped at Sams club, old navy, Target, the grocery store, and the bread store! We are BROKE. LOL Well I have 11 dollars! It is my personal goal to not spend that 11 dollars this weekend or week:) Wish me luck!

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cameragirl, I'm sorry things are so difficult right now.  I hope you can get the care you need and get it all sorted out and get back to feeling more normal.

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I'm alive, and no longer in rant mode. I actually got a solid 7.5 hours of sleep last night. Went to bed at 4 am, but at least I slept. My friend was able to get through to my doctor, and he called back and was helpful. We ended up at the ER again since I was really uncomfortable, dehydrated, running a low fever, and just didn't feel safe waiting it out. My neuro asked us to have the ER doc page him right away if we went in, so they did, and the neuro called right back. I got some fluids and they got me comfortable. My neuro said to call first thing on Monday and see his assistant, since she is much easier to get in to see. (He's the head of neurology, and I understand he's busy, so that isn't an issue. I actually like seeing the PA-C since they allot more time and she's a sweetheart.)

My major issue is that the guy that answered the phone both times at the doctor's office lied to us, and was playing gatekeeper as to who should be able to leave a message for their doctor. He isn't even a medical assistant, so that's a big issue. I'm pregnant, have a serious disease, and had already been to the ER/L&D twice in a few days. I'd kind of say that counts as something the doctor needs to know about. Had I not known someone that works with my doctor when he's at a different office, I'd have been SOL. I'm very glad to have that connection, but most people don't have that luxury. We're going to contact the patient advocate, and the leader of the SPS patient's group asked for my permission to contact them on my behalf as well.

Anyways, did you ladies do anything special for Veteran's day? We had planned to go to the Air Museum for a ceremony, but didn't get home until 6 am, so we just slept. Through all of this, baby is doing well. He's getting very active, and absolutely hates Dopplers. Even if they use a pocket doppler for one minute to get a FHT count, he goes CRAZY. My stomach bounces around and looks insane. He's also taken to stretching out so hard that it pinches my cervix like a pap smear. I didn't miss that from when DD was growing inside of me.
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Cameras girl I am so glad you that you were an advocate for yourself! I think its a good idea to report this experience! I am also glad to hear that baby is moving like a wild man:)


AFM, nothing new to report. A naughty Sethie is all I've got just like most days! It has been pretty warm though. Its been nice. I also got my new motherhood maturnity cargo secret fit pants:) They are the MOST comfy maturnity pants I have ever owned! I haven't pulled them up one time! They just stay put and feel comfy!


Well I am off to try to watch an episode of greys anatomy from last week! We have been busy if I missed that!

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Ick! Smells are getting to me today. I get random heartburn, and then smells are awful. Of course, usually the source is my husband. He's put on clothes he left in the washer, and they stink. He can't smell it. He FINALLY decides to clean out the rotting produce in the spare fridge that I asked about last week. He blows up the bathroom. The guy doesn't mean to do it...he honestly can't smell it. But yuck!
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I am getting the heartburn trouble. I honestly can't smell for the life of me. I haven't been able to since allergy season. Then pregnancy took over. In March I will have a sense of smell again.

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Oh you are so lucky! I'm like a bloodhound with this nose.
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DH gets glared at everytime he shaves - I can NOT find a shaving gel that doesn't make me nauseus!

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I think by the over half way mark we all start to think the grass is greener;)

23wks today:)

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I can't believe I'm really just a few weeks from the last trimester. I had a hard time with feeling like this was "real" at the beginning, and things still kind of feel unreal. It feels a little like I'll be stuck in stasis and pregnant forever. We haven't moved furniture around at all, or gone through DD's clothes to trade with my friend for boy clothes...maybe that would help. I don't know.
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While walking outside today with the sun behind me, I started watching my shadow and realized - I have begun the pregnancy waddle.  If I really concentrate on moving my hips I can walk normally, but without conscious thought, I've turned into a duck.  : /


I'm DEFINITELY thickening around the middle, and it would probably be very obvious that I'm pregnant... if it weren't for my boobs.  At 34H BEFORE getting pregnant (I haven't been re-fitted, but I've def. gained a cup size or two) 1. it's hard to get a sense of how small my waist should be, when it's still trim in proportion to my bust, and 2. all my shirts, large enough to accommodate my bust, are quit loose around my waist.  It's entirely feasable I won't be in maternity tops until a few weeks before I deliver. (I've been in maternity bottoms for about a month now).

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Well, DH has to get moving on the basement finishing work before we start moving furniture around and setting up the nursery, so we haven't gotten to that reality check either.  Still 4 months to go here, so I am trying not to get anxious!  We are still debating putting DD in a twin bed and taking her crib for the baby, or just getting a new pack 'n play with the raised level for babe.

I've got the pregnant walk too already.  With my hip or sacroiliac (or whatever it is) i have a goofy limp waddle when I first get going...seems to ease up after a bit though.  I have been doing some yoga and pelvic tilts, but nothing really seems to help.  

I guess I am lucky though, no super nose or heartburn here =).  I feel like I am carrying sooo low this time so maybe that helps with the heartburn, although none of my pants will stay up! 

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I look like a pregnant pirate when I walk. It's great. My right leg is stiff, and the sacroiliac is funky, so only my left leg is bending much. It could be the insomnia, but I find it kind of funny. wink1.gif
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We are all getting closer every day:) It does still seem unreal. I even went into WIC and finally told them we are expecting. So I have ONE more apmnt and then they want a baby! LOL That seems hilarious to me! I have been quite smart though and scheduled dentist apmnts and checkups for before baby will be born. For instance Sethie's first dentist apmnt is in February:) We are pretty stoked to get that out of the way pre baby. When I had Seth it was Nolan's first apmnt. I had to nurse him on a stool and keep Nolan from biting the dentist. It was a long crying visit.


Well today we ran a lot of errands. I had hoped for Sethie to give me a longer quiet time. Nope here he is:( Honestly I get NO time anymore. Its enterain Sethie or he screams, breaks eggs, or paints with yogurt. I am tired.

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Ahh...sleep! I still got woken up in the middle of the night because DD had another nightmare about snakes, but they let me sleep in until almost 10. I feel like I hibernated! My OB checkup went pretty well. They were pissed about the whole neurology department debacle, though. I've gained more weight than I'd like, but she didn't say anything about it. She said I'm measuring at the high end of normal and that she expects another big baby. I didn't ask for the measurement, but I'm assuming 2-3 weeks big if I'm in the high-normal range. DD was the same way. I've also got some edema, so between the baby and water weight, that probably explains the extra gain. I got a lab slip for my GTT to be done a few days before I go in again. Ick.
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Well it sounds like it went well:) I measured behind. Which I think is unlikely. I think she just mismeasured. I guess we will find out in December:)


We have NO kids for the night. We are going to have dinner with friends. DH is not to excited since he has to work. Well I am off for a snack. I don't want to pass out waiting to eat dinner!

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Sounds like a nice time to relax! I measured and I'm measuring at about 2 to 2 1/2 cm ahead. That doesn't really surprise me with our family history. As long as he's not ginormous, I'm happy. DH is off working on our family car at his parent's house. Nice, but anything with them takes 3x as long as they estimate. Always. This morning DD was bummed about it, got into the chicken cage, spilled dirty water everywhere in the garage, put nail polish on her doll, crawled up the cabinets to get candy canes, and finally head butted me in the nose. My eyes are swollen, but I don't think it is broken. Luckily the last couple of hours have been easy. I'm chugging water for my infusion that starts Monday. Glug glug, gotta pee, glug glug. wink1.gif
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I think my due date's at least a week off.  Partly because my cycles have always been long, and partly because James is measuring small, and there haven't been ANY small babies on either side of the family.  DH and I were both 9+ lbs.


My first ultrasound was at "8" weeks - Doc said he was smaller than usual for 8 weeks, but not enough to knock it down to 7.  I think it much more likely that I was 7, or even 6, weeks along, and just very large for his development.  My most recent nephew was off the chart by six months.


The only thing that really bother's me about that is that I know they like to induce at 42 weeks.  Which would really only be 40 or 41 weeks.


Why are Docs so attatched to measuring from the last period?  I even told her about what must have been implantation bleeding, and she didn't change my due date.  Of course, I was barely cohearent due to dehydration, nausea and sleep deprivition, so I wasn't really in the mood to argue (I was too interested in the zofran she was prescribing me!).  And now I can't remember the exact dates...



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