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Lala, you can tell them NO to an induction. If I had continued on with the OB I know I would have had to. You can tell them you would rather a stress test and u/s. If baby is okay you will be allowed to continue along:) Or you will be ready to get it over with and will be more than happy to induce! Who knows. I know at the end it can be such a temptation. I was going to call with Seth and claim that I had the flu. That way they wouldn't want me;)


camerasgirl, LOL my baby will be big too. Babies don't start packing it on until about 7-8mos. That is why U/S dating is best done early on. How exciting! Third trimester:) When is your due date??


AFM, I got my first bump up just past my belly button today. That is the first movement up top so far! Baby is still moving down low though. I am waiting for consistent up top movement. That would signal that baby is moving into postion. Fact is this is baby four so baby could turn at the LAST minute:)

DH and I got new cell phones. We went with Verizon. DH has ALWAYS wanted one of those smart phones with internet and apps and all that fancy stuff. I got the 75mb so that one day when I am trapped under a sleeping baby I can chat with you ladies but I didn't get a smart phone. I just got a regular old boring phone that could do internet. I am not exiciting and just wanted it to work! We had straight talk and it does not work around here! DH will be putting my music on my phone later or tomorrow:) Most exciting!


Well other than that we got back our children, I got groceries, we got phones, and I have tomorrow off:) I just work two days this week and get paid for all five:) Now thats a nice week!


Well I am off. DH wants the comp to set up his phone to use the internet from home:) I am off:)

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone:)

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Originally Posted by 3timesamom View Post

camerasgirl, LOL my baby will be big too. Babies don't start packing it on until about 7-8mos. That is why U/S dating is best done early on. How exciting! Third trimester:) When is your due date??

I'm due March 11. We're pretty sure of the date because I was charting, had early beta quants, and a 6 week ultrasound. We just grow big babies. My sisters and I were all big, and my mom is so tiny. smile.gif I don't really want a 3rd trimester ultrasound unless there is really a medical need. Last time it got me pushed into a c-section. They estimated DD was 10.9 lbs and would be 11 lbs by delivery. At 39 weeks, she was 9.9, but I had bad edema, so she lost a full pound after birth.

I switched OBs, and this OB doesn't seem as concerned about size, aside from a perspective of my comfort. She palpated him while I was at the appointment. My fundal height is about 2- 2.5 weeks big, which is the same as his with DD. This little guy likes to turn around and put his butt against my belly, so it's easy to feel him when he does that. smile.gif

BTW - Happy Thanksgiving!
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I have been so stuffy with this pregnancy, and now I have a sinus cold thing going on.  I couldn't breathe through my nose at all at night, and it was making me miserable.  I finally went out and got some nasal spray, after seeing it recommended as safe & helpful and all that.  I don't know why I waited so long -- that stuff is amazing!  It makes such a difference.  I'm sleeping better and don't feel so gross in the morning, lol.

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Cameras girl I am due on the 14th:) So just days apart.


Brisen, I have tried that stuff before. I don't know if its the brand I bought or me, it didn't do anything. I have constant runny nose. I buy tissues year round. Blech.......


AFM, I did a little black friday shopping. Not because I believe its worth going out in all the crowds but because Sethie was being Sethie. I decided I would rather leave! He smashed two bananas into the floor, dumped water into a basket. (You know how that went!) and squished grapes. Over all I am just so exhausted from the constant need for my attention. It was nice to get out and know that it wasn't my problem that he was likely on the counter dumping out christmas sprinkles!


While out we saw people with walkie talkies plotting the best strategies for the most goodies. We also saw people who were loading a UHAUL with all their goodies.


Well I must go. Sethie is trying to dump egg nog......WOW!

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Yeah, I don't DARE go out on Black Friday. I get claustrophobic, and it isn't worth it for me. I did check out some online sales, and got myself a maternity pea coat from Old Navy online. Yesterday I just stayed in bed. I had infusions Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and didn't get to rest Wednesday night or Thursday. I'm still feeling a little off because of the lack of rest, but that should be gone soon.

I need to pick up some more glass bottles/containers for making terrariums. The ladies and my nieces are getting those this year. For the kids, they'll be small and a little more whimsical. I'm going to try a couple in clear wine bottles, one in a Hershey's Kiss shaped candy dish with lid, and whatever else I can dig up at Goodwill.

Luckily, my good friend asked if my husband would like to help with his Christmas lighting company again this year. That will lighten the load this month. I think his dad has a side job for him, as well. I had him take his resume to his mom for editing. She works for the feds and deals with grant writing, applications, etc. all day long. She's great at adding the right flavor to a resume. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can find a *better* job soon.
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Cameras girl, It is wise to just stay in. Frankly the deals aren't SOOOO great. I actually find that I can get better deals just shopping early November. I wanted some maturnity yoga pants from Old navy. I will have to keep an eye on the site and see if I can get a better deal on them though.


AFM, today was another Sethie riffic day. Lots of screaming, lots of naughty mess's and most of them were WHILE I cleaned the last one! Needless to say the kids are in bed. I had my fill. Its back to babysitting tomorrow. Atleast we have a scheduled day and hopefully that will make for a nicer day. I dunno though!.

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3timesamom, I totally know what you mean!  I'm not much of a shopping person either (actually maybe I am, just as long as it's not crowded, and I don't have to shop for clothes or shoes), but sometimes just getting out and not having to be responsible for another human and the crazy things they do is worth it.  My toddler is learning to climb stuff; we have all of the kitchen chairs down on their sides, stashed under the table when we're not using them, but he's figuring out how to climb the handles on the drawers.  That didn't go so well, so now he's moved on to climbing on the open drawers.  The drawers are older and slide instead of rolling, so he can pull them out different amounts and make stairs out of them, lol.


cameragirl, I hope you're feeling better soon.  I have a cold that keeps moving around (it's in my sinuses at the moment), not a big deal, but enough on top of being pregnant that I feel worn down and tired out all the time.  Your infusions must take a lot more out of you than a cold does.


We had some snow earlier this week, which the kids loved, but it's all gone now, and it was approaching balmy this weekend.  Dh was able to get some more work done on our fence (yay!), but that meant that we had another Saturday with him basically at work all day.  Although our oldest was out there helping him, so they got to spend time together at least.  I took the four younger kids out to the playground nearby for what will likely be the last playground outing for quite a while.  

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I'm hanging at the docs office right now - she's running behind.  Again.




I know exactly why it happens - my Dad's a doc, and he HATES running behind, but it happens ALL the time... but it's still annoying.


The place that did my anatomy ultrasound actually had a sign hanging that pretty much said "Due to the nature of our business, we often run behind schedule.  Deal with it."  


Only in nicer words. :D


And of course, my 20 min appt with them turned into a 3 hour ordeal when they saw DS' club feet.

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Midwife appt today (26wks).

Everything looks good, and I passed my glucose screening even though I have PCOS. YAY!
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Brisen, I feel ya on the creative toddler that is for sure! I have to say though for the past two days Sethie hasn't been so bad. I have kept my phone calls short, tv time down, and I don't use the comp unless hes otherwise engaged. So that has been nice. I have also tried to have a better attitude but its hard when someone is screaming at you because you won't give them tums.......


Kyamo, Awesome to hear!


Lala, I know why it happens too. It doesn't mean its fun though. Thats why I have internet on my phone though;)


AFM, Well today I took the kiddos for our usual walk. We totally got rained on! LOL Then when we got home we realized that when we stopped at the post office we left our keys there. So we went back and waited 15min for his lunch to be over and got our keys. Charolette was screaming for milk, Phil was screaming out of boredom and Seth was actually just chatting me up and asking me questions. We came back home, had spagettios and had a nap:) Charolette was most pleased to be back with her milk:)


My apmnt is saturday! I make one more monthly apmnt and then its every two weeks:) We are sure moving on up in this pregnancy thing:) Also I am so glad we moved away from the OB. DH's co worker goes to our old OB. Guess what their baby just must have......Downs. Yep they have to go do all the testing we had to but they have to go to a place two hours away instead of one because of openings. I am SOOOOO glad I am not dealing with these panic stricken people! Atleast DH was able to offer the dad some support and some knowledge of the process. He even made sure to tell him that baby probably was fine!


Well here comes DH. I better go! I hope everyone is fabulous!

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Does anyone else have a little alien in their belly? Last night DD was scared, so I let her fall asleep in bed with me. She was curled up between my legs, with her head on my thigh. The little guy was kicking against her for a good half hour. DD thought it was hilarious when I told her today. She's been able to feel a few really strong kicks, too.

We get to watch my friend's daughter again tomorrow. No lighting jobs tomorrow, so DH will be home to help. smile.gif We finally got caught up on school work this evening, as well. Yay! That was a minor miracle because DD did NOT want to do school work after having Thanksgiving break.
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Talked to my doc about thinking my due date was wrong - she said there's no way it could be as far off as I thought (I was worried it was two weeks off) because of how early my first ultrasound was - we wouldn't be able to SEE anything.  She did say she made a note a few months ago that my due date is probably five days later than it was originally stated.  We also talked about induction.  She said that as long as everything looks fine, baby can cook as long as he wants, and we discussed the things that would prompt her to induce.


I feel much better about the whole thing. :D

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Lala I am happy to hear that! Not many OB's are so flexible anymore which is really quite sad. When I went in for my first apmnt they talked induction. What a horror show that place was though.


Cameras girl that is so cool! No one but DH and I have been able to feel baby. No one else is patient enough:(


AFM, Apmnt tomorrow and a few good days with Sethie in a row:) I am pleased. We have been right on top of him for screaming or making mess's. Its really helped and I think the painting activities and such have as well. We shall see how long he can keep it up when we can't get outside near as often. Its December and we are still doing daily walks!


Charolette's mother is here. I better go:)

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greensad.gif Our little sick chicken died sometime last night. I went out last night to lock up the coops, and found her huddled behind the coop. I put her inside with her brother and sister, and went inside myself. My husband found her this morning. She's buried with the other chicks that didn't make it, underneath a fairy statue a corner of the garden. I'm babysitting again, and it's been a little rough with a sad 5 year old.

Other than that, things are pretty good over here. I'm hoping to start getting terrariums together this weekend. I'd like to get the soil in place so that the beneficial buggies have a chance to grow before I plant the moss. I totally pulled a preggo brain move and used a light chemical peel last night. I used a safe percentage, but forgot that I normally dilute it so that it isn't noticeable. Yeah...I look like I oiled up and got the worst sunburn. Luckily it will look good in a few days, and I have nowhere to go. Still...why I thought it was a good idea to get rid of the hormone caused acne...damned pregnancy brain.
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Awe I am sorry about your chicken! That is so sad!


Man I have been getting acne too. It is dreadful! I use astringent before bed and just wash with water. In the morning I use a apricot scrub. I dunno lately that doesn't even help. Its only my chin which is strange.


Today was my 25 week apmnt. I measured 26.5 weeks so thats pretty right on. My BP was 138/60 which is actually really super for me. Everything seems pretty normal and I see her again new years eve. Then its every two weeks:)


Well today was pretty wild. Bball game for Nolan who wouldn't play. then a few errands like returning the redbox movies and stopping at the store, the midwife, and then to drop the kids off and pickup the swing set:) Then drop that off and pick them back up. Now trying to get them in bed is NUTS. They are all acting like this wasn't a super busy day. They want to stay up and play. I don't want them to. I am tired! LOL


Well Seth is refusing to go to bed. I better go deal with it.

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Is there a December chat yet???

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