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EDIT: anyone use Nature's Way probiotic?

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I have been doing some searching on these forums and see that the probiotics Natren Life Start and Solaray BabyLife are the most recommended for breastfed infants.  I have been completely dairy and soy free for several months (DS is almost 6 months) because my DS had a lot of mucus in his poop. He continues to have some mucus in his poop, though not as severe.  He has no other symptoms, just the mucus in the poop.  I read that although Natren Life Start has dairy in it, it can be helpful for a baby to be able to digest dairy.  Has anyone tried this?  Should I just stick with the dairy-free probiotic for now?


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Since I didn't get any bites on my first question... has anyone used Nature's Way Primadophilus for Children?  It is the only kind that I can find in-stock nearby.  It MAY contain some small amounts of dairy or soy.  My son did not do well on the Natren Life Start which absolutely contains dairy.  Nature's Way does contain Bifidobacterium infantis, which I know is crucial, but it does contain a few other strands as well.  Thanks!

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We've not tried the Natren baby probiotics, but I took the adult version, I did not like them. 

DD1 took the Primadopholis chewables for a period of time, she liked them but I thought there was others that were better. 


Currently DD1 & 2 take DDS Junior by UAS Labs.  It is dairy free and I can buy it at my local coop. I also started taking their adult version and have been happy with it. DD2 who is 20 months takes 1/2 tsp and DD1 5.5 takes 1 tsp. per day. We worked up to that. 


We found this brand after seeing a chiro who muscle tested the girls for it. DD2 had mucus in her poop for many months, maybe until she was 10? months old.

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