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Best Turkey Near Dayton...

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Hi folks!  We are going to my in-laws in Dayton for Thanksgiving (driving I-70 thru PA).    I know we can get a nice turkey from Dorthy Lane but I would love even more to support a local farm, especially where I know they were really raised free range, organically fed, nor hormones, etc.   Anyone have an opinion on where the best place to order one from would be?  TIA!  eat.gif

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Thanks for replying khaoskat! 


Looks nice but it doesn't say anyting about organic.  I know the certification is expensive, but ususally, at least here in MA, if they don't do the cert cause of cost they say they use organic feeds and growing practices...that kind of wordage.


Someone else mentioned Morning Sun Farms but I called and they have not returned my call.


Any other suggestions?   Thanks all!

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If I am correct, the DLM turkeys actually ARE Bowman-Landes turkeys. I was at the BL store this week and found out from them that the DLM brand deli meat actually is BL meat--which you can get at BL for at least $2/lb less!  


Anyway, a quick glance at www.eatwild.com got me this one that probably would be not too far off your journey. I've had good luck with Eat Wild for beef, so I recommend it: http://www.amazinggrazefarm.com/



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Thanks so much!  I got a call back from Dale Filbrun of Morning Sun Farms yesterday and ordered one from him.  They are pasture raised, fed organic grains they grow (and sell) on the farm, no abx or hormones...so exactly what I was looking for.  A plus (although I love going to the farm) is that he is bringing them to Centerville on Nov 23rd to distribute.  Wonder why he is not on EATWILD?  He would be a good listing for them.  Thanks everyone!  Peaceful, happy holidays!

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Under Ohio law, you cannot post anything about using organic means unless you are certified.  There is too much contention about such things.  My FIL is organic, but cannot sell his produce as organic because he is not certified.  It is basically family and friend consumption...but still.


I do believe BL raise their own feed for their animals.  

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Same here in MA but you can say you use organic growing practices and I always ask and the farmer and they usually say that means they just don't want to pay for the cert cause the product is expensive enough when you farm that way.  All the farmers around here seem pretty honest.  The ones who spray seem to always say so too...  You get to know everyone a little over time.  So, I am a bit lost in Ohio but happy with the Morning Sun option cause I guess he actually is certified cause it says all over the net he is, and even sells his grain as organic to others....

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