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Stress relieved today...

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I got pregnant while using birth control, so wasn't at all prepared for anything. I'm so thrilled though and when I looked at that bfp everything made sense. Anyway, I wasn't insured when I got pregnant and there didn't seem to be any programs to cover me. I've been looking for months when Medi-cal just called to tell me they made a mistake and they will cover the birth. OMG.. I've been so stressed about this. I could just cry with relief. Now all I have to do is concentrate on getting everything else ready for this little love coming soon. I keep daydreaming about how he's going to feel in my arms. So happy today! 

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That is great news mama!!  You must be so relieved.  Happy planning!

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Yay! That's exciting. That must be a huge ball of relief for you.
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such great news!  hooray!

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happy for you!


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