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I'm new here :)

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Hello all!

I just found the mothering community boards today, and I'm very excited! I've read some of the articles in the magazine, and am so sad they stopped printing! Here's crossing my fingers to reprint because there is definitely no other natural mother's resources out there! I need a community, I feel like all my ideals for parenting are shot down everywhere I go! Even other "well-meaning" moms think I'm just "ignorant" and will change once I actually have the baby! I'm hoping this board will really help me feel more supported in my decisions :)


Here is a little about me:


*Name (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know you by): Just my un, csroddin

*EDD: March 1, 2012 - although my husband is rooting for a leap day baby!

*Age/ age when the baby will be born: 22 (I didn't see a whole lot of other mama's my age! This is what happens when you get married at 20 ;)

*Location: Minnesota

*How long it took you to get your BFP: four months

*What number child is this for you: first

*Family (partner, other children, pets):  Just my hubby and me :) 

*Birth plans/preferences: We'll be having a waterbirth in a birth center, midwife attended

*Thoughts / anything else you you would like to share: Very excited/nervous/scared about being a momma! We plan to cloth diaper and co-sleep. I already have my cloth diaper collection basically completed, we decided on grovia hybrids and fuzzibunzs OS. Very excited! I never would have though diapering could be so fun! Still looking for some resources for co-sleeping, a little nervous about my husband and the safety of baby between us vs. on my side of the bed? I was looking into getting one of those long round bolster type pillows that goes on my side of the bed- anyone use those?

Also plan to breast-feed (crossing my fingers there's no complications!).


Thanks ladies, excited to join what looks like a great community of other natural moms :)

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Welcome. And it sounds like you will find lots of info and support here. For me learning all cloth diapering and co-sleeping after age 28 it is amazing that you are ahead of your time, how nice. Now I am 39 expecting #4. ;0)
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Welcome, and congrats!  It is nice to find a supportive community.


I'm older now, but I was 20 when my first was born, if that counts ;)

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