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The unassisted birth of Emrys Kai

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Our beautiful baby boy Emrys was born October 30th at 5:13pm!! 



Saturday night I was awake with contractions most of the night. Nothing terrible....just enough that I couldn't sleep through them. Sunday morning I lost my plug and my water. My water just trickled though because his head was so low, it was plugging it up! Contractions continued, sometimes coming 2 minutes apart, sometimes 6! I decided to keep busy and started making some muffins. After they were done, it was starting to get harder to walk around. Dh decided to take the kids out and I started a shower to help with the pain. I labored alone for awhile, I wanted dh to be there but I also wanted the kids to be gone for a bit. It was a hard choice! Dh got home around 4 and things started to get pretty intense. I was really moaning deeply through the contractions, trying to relax and let them roll over me. Dh asked if it was a good time to start filling up the pool. I thought it was still to early..but I really wanted it so I said yes. I got in as it was filling at about 4:30. It was like the moment I got in labor kicked into the real deal and contractions were rolling through close together and so intense(ok ok painful!). I started pushing through the contractions and dh and I were both surprised at how quick it was all happening. He started to scramble for the video camera, the kids were trying to help and I was just in total labor land. I had my hand down there, feeling for the head. I felt it come out and started smiling because I was so amazed by the feeling. But dh thought I was laughing at him for saying 'ha ha ha' (he was reminding me to breathe the head out). It was funny:P I felt the rest of his body turning and just let it happen. When his shoulders started coming out I felt like pushing but just breathed instead and out he came! His cord was wrapped around once so I unwrapped it and brought him up to my chest. Dh asked if we had a boy or girl so I took a look and announced that we had a little boy!! The kids were there and my oldest dd announced that she 'knew it.' He pinked up right away and made some little noises, and then opened his eyes to have his first look around. I decided it was time to get out of the tub since it was getting chilly. Josh got a bowl and I squatted and pushed over it and out plopped the placenta. Josh got the boiled scissors and he clamped and cut the cord. And then Emrys and I headed up stairs to relax and get to know each other. Poor dh got to deal with the aftermath of water and excited kids and everything!


Emrys is doing wonderfully and so am I. I didn't tear this time(hurray!), and he is a nursing fiend. He weighed 7lbs 4oz at birth, 19in long. He is the second son to be born into our family. We now have a 7 year old girl, 4 year old boy, 2 year old girl and newborn boy! My first 2 babies were born by cesarean, my third was a homebirth with a midwife and this was my first unassisted birth. It was simple and beautiful and we are so glad that we did it.




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great story! i love the name you chose. congratulations!

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Congratulations!! joy.gif I hope you are enjoying your new little one!

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Lovely!! Congrats!

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Thank you!!  stillheart.gif


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What an awesome story!  go mama!!  Congratulations!  

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congratulations! what a wonderful birth and you sound like such a calm, collected mama.


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