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Tested Positive for GBS

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Just need to vent and get some support....I found out on Monday that I tested positive for GBS. I was scared and thought I did something wrong, but realize I have no control over this. The crappy thing is that I will have to be hooked up to antibiotics when I go into labor so that I don't pass it onto the baby. Upon researching the possible effects of GBS on my newborn, I am FREAKING out. I know the chances are minimal but I am so scared. Has anyone else had to deal with this?!

On the plus, my placenta has moved so I am good to go for a natural birth! I am hoping all goes well as it looks like the baby is already 8 pounds. Yippee!

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A lot of people carry GBS in their bodies and just don't know because it doesn't effect us. So yeah, totally not in your control but I know it sucks big balls greensad.gif My midwife said if I tested positive I can use a heplock during labor so I'd only have to be hooked up when it needed to be administered.

So glad your placenta cooperated! Something good out of today's visit! I'm very happy for you.
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Is there something in particular you have read that is causing you to be concerned?  I have had GBS during both pregnancies (just tested positive for this one about 2 weeks ago) and I am refusing the antibiotics this time.  The risk is so unbelievably small (without abx, only half a percent of babies will get GBS disease and of those half a percent only ~4% will have a fatal infection).  I'm not at all concerned about baby's health.  We have another thread about it here that has some great resources: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1333702/gbs-question


Also, testing positive at ~36 weeks doesn't necessarily indicate that you will in fact be positive at the birth.  It does come and go, and there are things you can do to help get rid of the bacteria.  All that info is in the other thread as well.  I hope this puts you at ease!

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Thank you both so much! I seem to always find the horrifying stories when I am "researching" and tend to freak myself out. Thanks for the link to the thread. It helped put my mind at ease and provided me with good information regarding my options. Much appreciated!

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I agree- the risk is very small. So much so that I chose not even to be tested for GBS this time around. Also, from what I've learned you can get a positive one week and negative the next. There are many, many factors. I would definitely not stress about it.

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