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IS this actually chicken pox?

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Sorry, I do realize there is another thread going on about chicken pox...but I think it's just in regards to treating it? Anyway...


I'm not quite positive my son *has* chicken pox. It started out as two (on on each foot) bug bites...well, what I *thought* were bug bites. My son (2) didn't seem bothered by them at all. I found them yesterday morning. Well, at around 4pm, my husband asked me if I saw the spots on Ds's hands - which he thought were warts.


So I checked it out...saw that the "bites" on his feet were now filled (looked like white-heads) and his hand had 3 or 4 of the same blistery looking things.


I looked up chickenpox and well, it LOOKS the same. But he has no bumbs on his chest or tummy. It started on the feet...now it's his hands, too.


he seems totally normal. Happy, crazy, silly as ever! No fever, cold symptoms. He's NOT ITCHY or bothered by the marks - and he has about 10 of them - either on his hands or feet, or right next to them. Even on the bottom of his feet. It seems like...they'd be bothering him. I haven't used calamine lotion or anything. Just gave him an oatmeal/bsoda bath last night. That's it.


He slept okay last night. That had been the only "weird" thing lately. He hasn't been napping or sleeping well at night for about 5 days...but he IS 2, so that's actually pretty normal.


Is it pox or something else? Is he just really lucky (so far, at least). I couldn't manage a decent picture...he's a wiggle worm, but here's what I managed to get. Hoping it's not hugenormous....





These are the "new" ones. Not bright red like the top feet yet, but they are coming in...







Oh...this photo is friggin' terrible. These were the first bumps, first they looked like bug bites, then like pus-filled pimples, now they are darker red than the rest, still kinda pus-y but they look like they might be getting drier?


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look up hand foot and mouth disease maybe?


has he been exposed to chicken pox?


best to check with your healthcare provider to be sure

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ok, i know this an old post, but did you ever find out for sure what it was?  I'm having the same question about my little one now!  CP or HFMD--i just posted a new thread on it.

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