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I can't update much because I'm at my in laws & only have my phone. 8dpiui today, just progesterone symptoms... Some back pain today like pre-af... Not sure about rating, probable wednesday the 28, my beta is 29th but I'm off wednesday. I'm hoping for a surprise christmas bfp for you indie! As for the new lurkers, tel usa some more about yourselves smile.gif

What is every ones christmas plans ? that could keep us distracted for a minute or 2... Im at my in laws til saturday afternoon, 3 hour drive home, dads family christmas party, midnight mass, open presents, sleep in, then to my sisters for christmas lunch & up north to my best friends for christmas night. Busty few days! Hope youre all feeling jolly smile.gif
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merry christmas eve!


12dpo and bfn as of 2:30 am. girls, i've been absolutely convinced that i am pregnant since 10dpo. had a random streak of blood and then nothing since, then pretty constant heavy sensation in uterus up through last night (haven't noticed it yet this am). but still... bfns. this is dumb! maybe the good thing is that my hopefulness will keep me going through tonight and then i will have some peace and quiet for a proper breakdown when this cycle ends? because otherwise this just seems cruel!


hope all of your respective festivities are going smashingly. cbaa... our hope rest on you once again. and once again, no pressure! :)


sherry... i missss you!


msdolphin... how is this first part of your cycle going?

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i have missed you!!!
Well af came as expected Friday and ferocious. I tried not to "think and drive" too
Much. Ive been reading updates on my phone but haven't had a sec to post. I am not sure what i'm doing this cycle. I am waiting for some answer to come.... perhaps we'll just give it a good old fashioned try. I'm here on my own. DH has 2 ladiez in labor and the cnm's are off today. My girls are with their dad and his fam 400 miles away. Sooooooo it sounds like a day of cleaning befote the rush of IL Tuesday.....trying not to clean and think. I had one of those dam nurst cries yesterday as Dh was on the phone with some far flung relative i've never met trying to help her understand some early bleeding with a 7 week pregnancy.....we deal with this stuff 24 hours a day....nut i think so.ehow there is that slight difference in his voice when dealing with a family member...and i just kund of froze and started leaking tears...of course as soon as he hung up and said "whats wrong"
I lost it. Soooo got the good cry done.
so soon i will have some grand nephews here...their mom is estranged so they live with grandma. Somehow they dnded up calling me mom when they where 2&3...it stuck. They've spent summers and weekends with is but i have'nt seen them in a month. I am hoping that maternal warm and fuzzy feeling kicks in and gives me what i need to make it happen. I would like to try that as an infertility theiry/experiment. So often you hear of a woman adopting or being around a sisters bzby znd getting pregnant. I think there is something too that. That warm flood of maternal instinct. I ha e two sister in laws who claimed that some of my births cured their infertility. The asante people in west africa have a doll for fertility that a woman is supposed to bzby wear and love and care for throughout the day. I need a puppy!!!!

@ cbaa you are TOO patient. Aaaaaaiiiiiyyy- give me your urine!

@indie i missed you too!!! I hope that right now you are under the christmas tree with Dh celebrating your bfp!!!

@ dolphin well how is it going. I sure hope you dont need us in 2012!!!!!

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hello my friends


no bfp for me this cycle. AF should be here in full force tomorrow. yaaay. i am more numb than devastated. not sure what else to say about that. christmas was really great and tomorrow i get to start being a mom to a new puppy. we will have two cats and two dogs. insanity! not sure how to approach this next cycle. i'm still sitting on a prescription for femara but in consulting dr. google i've come across some fertility sites that state that femara is great for woman who don't ovulate on clomid... but since i ovulate even without clomid it doesn't seem to have a high success rate for people like me... also, i'm kind of hesitant to take any more meds without being monitored by an RE. feels like i'm throwing chemicals down the hatch without having a thorough diagnosis. so i'm leaning towards taking a break from meds while i get some diagnostic appointments scheduled. i really thought this last cycle was going to be the one.


cbaa... hoping to hear good news from you soon!


sherry and msdolphin... hope you both are well!


i'm sure i'll be back to a chipper posting mood in a few days. for now... liquor! :)

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Sorry Sherry & Indie! ((hugs))


Do you ladies know if I messed up this round? Day 4 I forgot to take my Clomid at the designated time, so I took it about 6 hours late. irked.gif The only reason I even realized I missed it, was I started spotting. I kept spotting for days after that. If all is okay, I should hit O later this week, I don't know if I should even bother getting my hopes up.

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Awww indie Im so sorry. I know you were feeling it too. :-( that sure makes it tough. I'm not sure what im doing this month either....so maybe nothing...and make an RE appt.

Ok cbaa Make it happen!!!!! I'm stressing for you until wednesday.

Msdolphin. Is the spotting normal for you? Its good to keep a constant level in your system but i wouldn't think the one time lapse would csuse any negative effect.

I am feeling it more each day somehow... and i wish i could puppy!!! Dh is opposed.

Hugs all around..and an extra squeeze indie...
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I'm pretty sure I'm 2 days away from another failed cycle. I had hot flashes/night sweats/anxiety that kept me up a good part of the night... That is always my tell tale sign that AF is approaching... That and my complete lack of symptoms... I feel much like you indie, a mix of numb & disbelief... How can my body betray me so... I cried all the way to work, now I get to wait 2 more days for another ' sorry your beta was negative' phone call and to sit through AF and another cycle... I just don't understand... Im also switching to Femara...
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I'm day 11, done with the clomid doses.  Other than my really bad mood, everything else seems normal.  it is the waiting that makes me crazy! whistling.gif


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Hi gtree. Is this your first cycle? I was grumpy too....that is an understatement!!! Haha. I felt most of my symptoms at and just after O. Its funny now....but at the time i was mildly psychotic. I hope you stay symptom fred and pop some good eggs. Are you just doing the clomid or Iui etc.?

@ msdolphin....hows it going....time to bd?!?!

@ indie- PUT. DOWN. THE. BOTTLE.....i'm guessing stupid af came...i'm so so so sorry. Come back :-(

@cbaa. Wrong. I just hope your feelings are wrong!! I know just what you mean. I knew by 11 dpo...just how i felt, but thats just md. You unfortunatly are just wrong. Testing wed??? Or holding ouf? How about your NYC NYE plans?

I am going to go to st. Patricks cathedral to see the holiday decor...i am lighting a candle znd praying to a patron saint for each of us!!! I hope that doesn't offend anyone....i would also be willing go dance naked around a totem poke in times square in a blizzard if it would work!!

Waiting for your updates!!!
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Originally Posted by sherryvhkb View Post

Msdolphin. Is the spotting normal for you? Its good to keep a constant level in your system but i wouldn't think the one time lapse would csuse any negative effect.


Not normal for me. Here's hoping there was still enough in my system. *fingers crossed*


Originally Posted by sherryvhkb View Post

@ msdolphin....hows it going....time to bd?!?!


It's about that time. energy.gif



I am happy that everyone is still posted up and we have more joining us. It's nice to have company and people to share with.


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Hello Everyone!!  blowkiss.gif


I'm new here, just joined today.  My hubby and I have been TTC for over a year now.  I was told that the reason I was not getting pregnant was because I'm not ovulating regularly.  I was prescribed 50mg of Clomid for three months CD 3-7 in which I did ovulate, but did not concieve.  I am now taking 100mg on CD 5-9.  I haven't noticed any side effects from either dosage.  I have an ultrasound on CD 13.  If there are follicles there, they will give me an HCG injection.  I'm kind of nervous about the injection.  Has anyone done this with success?  TIA! 

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@sherry... oh PLEASE light a candle for me! that would mean the world to me. seriously. yes, stupid AF came. today actually. I spotted for 3 days prior and it appears clomid has lengthened my lp to 15 days total. crazy. so what's your plan for this month? do you have an appt with an RE yet?


@cbaa... i also hope you are wrong. but if you aren't... here's hoping femara does the trick. i will be pestering you with questions once again... i've decided not to do the femara this cycle but i'm sure i'll be taking it sooner or later.


@msdolphin... good luck with the upcoming bd marathon! will be sending fertile vibes your way :)


@gtree and stasi... welcome!! you will get lots of support here! keep us posted! stasi... i haven't done a trigger as of yet but i know cbaa has and she can probably give you some info...


AFM... i decided to take a break from meds this cycle. i feel good about that decision. i am going to see if my cycle behaves any differently and will be making appointments in the meantime. our insurance coverage switches on the 1st so i'm waiting for that to happen. really don't know if it's better or worse or the same. is it completely crazy for me to think i had a failed implantation this cycle? i mean, seriously. the random streak of blood at 10dpo and then "crampy" (not the best word, but i haven't figured out a better one) uterus for two days following then nothing... then my period... it's just that i really felt like something was happening but just wasn't successful. but then again, i would think AF would have been delayed if that were the case... i don't know. i guess the most reasonable explanation is that i'm letting my brain run amok. that must be it. i am feeling better now, though. despite all the disappointment, we have entered into my absolute favorite time of the year. i love january through june. i always have more energy around this time of year. so that's good.


hope all of you are well. look forward to updates! also, i love that we have ladies who are at different parts of their cycles! this will keep things interesting! :)

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Posting from my phone so can't say much but I had negative hpt yesterday & waiting on my call for negative beta... Still feeling relatively in good spirits, ready to move on, anxious when my breakdown will happen, it always does... Can't wait for the clomid to be out of my system...

More later, welcome newbies &i.have some trigger info later smile.gif
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ugh i'm so sorry cbaa :( man, we need some good news on this thread! glad you are in good spirits. i never did have my breakdown this month. i definetly had two very numb/silent nights but no big cry. don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing.. 


on to 2012...

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Instead of a breakdown, I'm having Oreos... I think they cure all llife's wrongs...


Negative beta, no surprise... we are 3 for 3... I'm not sure y'all want to join our group... we seem to have rotten luck...



About the trigger- I've done it 3 times, to myself... it was uneventful- the first and third times it felt like nothing, the middle time it pinched a little and left a teeny bruise, but after, I think I didn't do it down far enough... 2 inches below your belly button anywhere between your hips, I tend to lean toward doing it closer to the ovary with bigger follies, but clearly after 3 tries, I'm not sure that makes any difference.


indie- I'll be ready to answer your femara questions in a week! I expect to start Sunday night if AF arrives on time tomorrow. I'm not sure how to get the drugs as I will be in Maryland visiting my mom... I decided tonight I am going to drive from MA to MD after work tomorrow, I need some mommy love...


Can we pllllllease get some BFPs this time around!?


Oh and can I have permission to stay even though I'll be on my 1st cycle of Femara (after 3 cycles of clomid).



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cbaa... oreos and mommy love sound like good medicine! look forward to hearing your experience with femara. and yes, OF COURSE you are still welcome here!!!



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hi ladies, im new, kind of just reading up on clomid, for after my next blood work they maybe starting me on clomid. i had a miscarriage in may, and since i have not had a period naturally, they started me on progestrone in september and suposibly i have not ovulated from it either. so i go in on the 13 to get more blood work and depending on those results the doctor said she would start me on clomid after... so im not sure what to expect... so i been looking around on the internet lol. 

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Hi everyone. Sorry to be missing for so long. I have a dozen IL staying with us and additional people in and out. I'm slowly losing my sanity but it is also distracting. I started metformin today....i dont know that it will do anything but whats one more experiment. Ive thought about the femera also but i'm in the same quandry....i ovulate...clomid didn't make a miracle even just after an hsg which also increases your chances for three months...so...i just dont know anymore...maybes i need Oreos....
SO welcome all you newcomers and forgive us all our lack of clomid despite the thread name.

Cbaa i am so sorry. I dont know why but i really thought you'd hit it this time around. The one thing i am learning is that there is no rhyme or reason to this....

Well dd and i are sneaking out of the chaos to go to st. Patricks. Candles all around. Will ne praying for peace for the week to end and moving forward. I have prayed begged made deals for a pregnancy...and it just doesn't happen. This new year if its not meant to be then i just need a new path...and for the mourning like sense that someone is missing to leave my heart.

I hope everyone has a great new years eve...and i'll be back soon. Monday everyone leaves!!!!
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Happy New Year loves :-)

Good feelings about 2012.
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Happy New Year...i need my house back....and my sanity...on day 2 of metformin...and already cd 10. I guess chaos is a good distraction. Cbaa so whats the femera routine.

Msdolphin....are you in the 2ww yet?
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