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cbaa - i hope you feel better soon. and that your boss has been sufficiently put in his place!

sherry- get'r done!!

boots - how wonderful! congrats!!


cd9 here... been drinking green tea but no sign of ewcm yet. i'm also curious if the estrodiol will delay my o date? i read somewhere that this is a possibility? i'm pretty sure i o'd on cd 13 last cycle and by this time last cycle i was feeling a lot more "fertile" than what i'm feeling right now. so i'm not sure what to expect...

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MOOD SWING. I felt great and positive all day. Now im home. Too nauseus to cook. Dh is going to be at work late then has to go see a relative. I am bursting to have a good cry nut can't and so so tired of being this.....ugh. im already trying to figure out how soon i can test...and it will be while dh is away for the weekend....

Indie. Im sure the clomid is drying up my cm. Im robitussin and preseed. But its just one less sign of O to rely on. I am however worried that the preseed is washing away the swimmers. Hmmmm.

Im off to fold laundry and read myself to sleep and try try not to obsess.
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17 months! I thought it would never, ever happen.

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Originally Posted by bootsvalentine View Post

17 months! I thought it would never, ever happen.

Congratz! joy.gif

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That gives me hope boots! I'm glad your time came.

Still hoping 3rd times the charm...
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how is it going, ya'll?


cd11 here. dry as a bone (eeps!). started the EOD bd'ing yesterday (with plenty of preseed). i do not feel like i'm about to ovulate at all. this cycle feels very different from the last. i have zero expectations that this will be a successful cycle but i'm not feeling down in the dumps anymore. just looking ahead. i think my plan now is to take next cycle off from meds, schedule an hsg, and go from there...


hope you guys are doing well! keep me posted!

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@ indie- me too! Dry as can be. Preseed to the rescue. And i dont/haven't felt O-ish at all! My chart is z mess: wed 98 thurs97fri98.2 and i think thats it! Thdn today big drop again 97. Did i o in there? Is that what a double o looks like....or is my body just in revolt. Round 2 of clomid doesn't feel like its working. So bummed right now i dont feel like getting out of bed. Ill have to get on my actual computer later and post my chart for the experts out there to advise.

Dh had his procedure yesterday that included a scope into his bladder....so bd-ing is out for awhile.

Cbaa whats up?

Im going to wrap presents and try to be thankful for all that i DO have today! Including a sweet DH who is well after a scare.

A big blog hug to you all too....because this place makes me feel like im not alone...
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Dry here at CD10, feeling a teeny bloated, u/s tomorrow. Had acupuncturevtoday to stimulate and now i'm crampyish... Haven't BD at all yet, i was so sick all week and then the timng wasnt right, so hopefully we will start every day today til o.

I am actually more hopeful this cycle, also knowing I'm done with Clomid regardless, helps. I feel very relaxed and busy with Holiday cheer.

Going to see New Years Eve tonight with my girlfriends, yay!
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@sherry so glad your dh is ok! it sounds like it must have been quite a scare? i hope you had fun wrapping presents (actually, i don't understand how anyone finds wrapping presents fun! lol) and that the stars align for your bfp despite dh challenges.


@cbaa so glad you are feeling better. how was the movie? worth seeing? i'm glad you are feeling hopeful... hopeful is such a nice place to live :)


AFM: cd13 here and ewcm showed up late last night and a smiley face showed up on my opk this morning!! WOOHOOO!!! i feel so ridiculous getting this excited about this sort of thing but i know the ladies here understand. yesterday i was convinced i was broken. i usually gear up to O so much earlier in my cycle. i'm just so happy to know i have a shot! and i guess the mucinex is working...


baby vibes for us all. let's do this.

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Yay for ewcm & your smiley opk indie! Time to get down to business!

Sherry, did the temp go up today? You still have some chance if o comes soon. Glad to hear dh made it safe through his procedure!

NYE was a cute movie but the 'girls night' part ended up being a pregnancy lovefest that excludes me... 4 women, one has a 7m old, the other 3 are on to #2, one has an 8w old, the other 2 are 10 & 12 weeks pregnant... One announced last night... So I got to hear how it was a surprise and so unplanned, how much fun the kids would have togeher, how theyll all be in the same grade, and on and on. I shouldve just made an excuse to leave right after the movie, but I didnt...

My u/s was today... They didnt tell me anything... They told me the last 2 times... I dont know if that means nothing measurable yet or what... I guess now I wait for the phonecall. Still wanting to be hopeful, but feeling bad for myself feels better right now.
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oh cbaa! how did you make it through all of that??? that sounds like a tailor-made nightmare to me! i am definitely the odd one out in a lot of circles - friends, family, work... i really have never felt so left behind and at the same time guilty for not being happier for others. i truly try, i do a lot of meditating and praying and positive re-focusing... but damn, it is hard. i think feeling bad for ourselves is more therapeutic than pseudo-hopefulness. you will be back to a more hopeful self soon enough. hugs.

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Good morning!
Wow cbaa i was lurking in infertility early this morning znd saw your post. I guess one good thing about being old is that im not friends/ socializing with the bzby having crowd. I just hzve to get through work and the happy people dont bother me as much as the disinterested ones. Sooo was the movie good? I had an us yesterday- unplanned- just happened by dh's office and was having the strangest cervical twinges. Before i knew it i was in stirrups...and either i just ovulated or i m about to. Waste of stress....

As for dh yes he is ok...and starting to feel better.....but honestly doctors are the WORST patients.....

GO INDIE!!!! i hope you bd the day away...glad you got some ewcm

And yeah somedays you just need to indulge in a little self pity self pampering relaxation and junk food.....haha see my earlier post about playing hooky to eat bacin and chocolate with lady liberty.

My temp went up....kinda 97.8. Ive never had such a wishy washy cycle- must be the clomid! Blah! It has finaly occurred to me that since im hopless to do anything further this month that i may as well mentally enter the tww and stop worrying about O. Either i caught it or not.
One of is needs to hit the jackpot this month or ill be so sad..and cheers to a clomid free start of the new year.
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Update on my ultrasound- 3 follices, the left side at 14 & 13, the right side at 11- I was really hoping for right side dominance this month, I don't know why... I am pretty behind for this point in my cycle which I blame on the 3 day fever that accompanied that obnoxious cold. Good news was my estrogen was at 424 which is so much better than last month! So I go for a follow up Tuesday, hopefully the eggies will grow.


sherry- we deserve a BFP this month, ASAP-- all of us... shut down the clomid thread! Your DH is a doctor... omg if my DH was a doctor I would be in the office daily for an ultrasound... AND I would be sure people told me what was going on in there instead of having to wait for a phonecall.


Good Night friends, as we embark on the 2ww relatively close to each other. I am expecting trigger Tues night and IUI Thursday- I hope!

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@sherry i agree with cbaa... if my dh was a doc and i had access to ultrasound i'd have that wand up my hooha every other day!

@cbaa great news about your estrogen level! and i'm thinking those two follies on the left will turn into two bambinos!


tonight i'm feeling all sorts of twinges on my left side. hoping i'll drop a healthy egg or two soon! i like the idea of shutting this thread down! 

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Haha- thread eviction notice!
He is an ob/gyn but his focus is more surgical gyn. We spent two years getting him comfortable with a conception plan and at the end he backed out of ivf because although he would recomend it, he just wasn't comfortable....he wants to be as natural as possible...grrrr...so even starting clomid was a big deal- my bloodwork has been normal so i just got a clomid script- kind of do-it- yourself infertility. Im thinking of "cheating" on him and going to an RE.
AND- It's kind of a secret in his office. So not looking forward to the christmas party with the US lady eho has not only been frequently up my "hoo-ha" but has also started looking at me like an obsessive compulsive freak everytime he sends me in there. I think he has guilt because ive had some chronic pain since the TR surgery. And last but not least sometimes when we should be bd-ing he is up all night delivering someone elses baby- ahhhh that was a nice rant- i feel better.
Wow i feel like you two are gonna pop soon! I am hoping I o'd and my temp stays up tomorrow. It was probably too late anyway with the last BD being thursday night but if it was yesterday i figure i still have a chance.
As the weather is getting coldi long to snuggle in with a nice bfp!

Good wishes for you two....keep the updates coming!
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I think we should all agree to twins this cycle- you guys have ripe folly berries and i am hoping my weird chart shows a double O (although i know better)  I solomnly swear not to complain about being super PG with twins in the unbearable heat if it would just happen...


My temp did go up again this am so I'm guessing my O was saturday....heres hoping DH has some slow and enduring swimmers! 


So anyone else think they are officially TWW?  When is test day...or when are you trying to hold out for....Im waiting til Saturday...still too early but....i know its acheivable....or sunday....i need to think of a nice self reward if i hold out til sunday. 


Dh is away for the weekend so it will be tough to not hang out and poas every 4 hours. 



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sherry - wouldn't that be something if we all ended up with bfps this cycle... AND twins (yikes, by the way. i know i would rise to the occasion but the thought of two at once... yikes). and that would be crazy if you ended up proving the charted double O! also thursday night bd with a saturday O sounds like a winner! i totally get that having an md for a dh would have it's moments of misery. like him having actual opinions on HOW to get pg. sometimes i am so thankful that my dh is supportive yet mentally removed from this process.


i am *pretty* sure today is O day for me based on opk/cm/cervix/ovary twinges (i really should break down and chart again but i don't wanna!) so i am going to start the 2ww game tomorrow. i will likely bring tests with me to the mountains and start testing on tuesday (8dpo - ridiculously early, but whatever). i'm back to feeling really hopeful and positive and yet nervous about jinxing it. i'll just ride this wave of positivity as long as i can :) it also helps that i got a lot done today so i'm feeling back on my game. these clomid side effects are no joke... but they seem to be letting up a bit.


cbaa - i am visualizing healthy eggs and lining for you! (is that weird having a complete stranger visualize your eggs? i'll answer that for you... YES, it is weird)


keep the updates coming!

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I think at this point I would be thrilled with twins, but have settled in my head that one would be great too. My very dear best friend told me that I deserve twins because at this point we should have at least 2 anyway! I will make that pact with you sherry- I will NOT bitch about the heat, cramps, sweat, blood and tears of the summer preggo with twins- or with a singleton- if only it will fertilize and stick into my lining nice and tight. I get what you're saying about your MD DH- the grass is always greener, right?


indie- BURST little follicles! I am feeling twingy on both sides, which I've never felt pre-o before, but I've felt them since Friday, even  weirder since I feel them and they were small on u/s day... the body is  wonderous thing! I quit charting this month too, don't start now, it will only make you a crazy lady... and the clomid side effects are making us crazy enough!


Tomorrow is my next u/s so I am hoping for good news!! DH is out for a work thing tonight and had 15 page paper due for grad school so last (and only) BD was Saturday... we need to get a move on! I'm eating pizza then going to the gym. I am crossing my fingers for you both, no 2ww for me yet, hopefully mine starts Thursday.

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cbaa! how did the ultrasound go?


i'll join the pack to not bitch and moan about being preggo with twins (or a singleton) in the horrid summer heat :)

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@indie "like him having actual opinions on HOW to get pg. sometimes i am so thankful that my dh is supportive yet mentally removed from this process." BWAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA omg yes...i so wish he was a mindless stud muffin who could just get r done while being amazed by my feminine mystique.....oh ...i just needed that laugh....thanks! whew! also---yeah having a stranger hoping for your most intimate success...and visualizing your eggs...i do the same when I read about someones follicles etc....haha...Welcome to TWW...here we go again...i'm so nervous for us all now..

@ cbaa- i feel ya with the busy husband....grrr....life gets in the way. and yay for you eating pizza and hitting the gym....I ate Taco's and didn't hit the gym.....I feel the tension of you ready to burst...Go OVA!!!! and yeah US?

I am in a strange place...mid uterine- pelvic cervical twinge- cramp- like when they dialate you for hsg...i don't know- temp still up- but this am as I'm temping i can feel my face breaking out- like overnight acne explosion! lots of ewcm.....and amorous....wth?!? Clomid is a strange thing so I'll try not to obsess....I don't like having ANY symptoms until after a few days AFTER possible implantation- having symptoms now likely means hormonal imbalance...or mental exhaustion... .

..I'm thinking of convincing some MD's to back me to open a fertility "center' or store...a place with all the goodies, and books, and a place for acupuncture, massage etc....in back....and perhaps a side room with BD incentives...romantic or funny....not too obscene....cbaa its a long commute but if you ditch the dentist you can come join me. I'm also looking into fertility accupuncture training and certification...being this interested and invested in something so dear to my heart has inspired me in a way that i haven't felt since delivering my first babies...not having...but catching...

@ indie I'm so jealous of your mountain get a way!! for me- i will be driving 8 hours on the 22nd droping gifts and dinner- driving back to the city 8 hours the 23rd....all the while obsessing about a bfp- and then having various In-laws-step children and the like on premisis until 1/2/12....i just want to run away but i fear the aftermath on the house if i did. It doesn't feel like Christmas to me ( a girl from the forrest) in the city....blah....

eep the posts coming- some days taking a break to read is what keeps my spirits up. Good news- i just let someone know they had a good quant still after some bleeding at 7 weeks- and u/s looks good- the bad news hits me harder lately.
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