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How Can I Help?

There are a few different ways you can help our families in need (FIN).

1. Make a list of what you have available. Then you can post your gently used items, things you are willing to buy, or gift certificates to the “I have available thread”. You will then be matched with a FIN. TiredX2 will contact you with your FIN and their address.

2. You can look through the Families in Need Forum. This lists the individual FIN by number and their needs. If you find that you have something to donate to a specific family, you can PM the contact person linked on the top of the FIN thread page. That contact person will get back to you with the address of the FIN you would like to help.

3. You can check out the FIN Needs Master List. Here you can find listed by category things that are needed. Each need is linked to the FIN that needs this item. Click on that link, which will bring you directly to the FIN thread for that family. You will see the contact person listed on the top of that thread. Contact them with what you have and they will send you the address of that FIN.

4. You can also make a monetary donation through paypal. The money you donate through your paypal account goes directly into an account to buy gift cards for FIN. You don't even need to PM anyone! Just send your PayPal donations to:

5. Give the gift of an HHDDC,: "Holiday Help Done Dirt Cheap." For a $3.00 donation to the Shipping Fairy, a customized tag/saying will be placed under your username that will hyperlink to the HH forum. With a small donation ($3.00), you will be helping MDC Families in Need. To get your own HHDDC or place one for a friend, please make a donation at and include the screen name you want the tag added to in your comments. PLEASE DO NOT SEND HHDDCs DIRECTLY THROUGH the MDC SOFTWARE.

6. You can donate to our shipping fairy account. This account goes towards helping people who may have things to send to a FIN, but cannot afford the shipping. The MDC Shipping Fairy is funded entirely by donations from the community. We are counting on each other. If you are able to donate funds, we will gratefully accept them through our GoFundMe account

If you have any questions you can contact AdinaL, QueenOfTheMeadow, or TiredX2