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Carrier for newborn?

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Hi there,


I'm due in a month with baby #2 so will really need to start babywearing earlier than I did with my son. We have an Ergo which I loved when my son was a bit older, but I wasn't very comfortable with it when he was a newborn. I tried the Moby wrap once with him and that didn't feel right either. I did like the New Native sling, but sometimes it seemed like he would slide down in it and his head would collapse into his chest a bit, and I also heard that they're no longer making the New Natives. I'm wondering what others suggest for an easy carrier for a newborn? I have a few friends who've used the Mei Tai and liked that, but wanted some second opinions. Thanks!


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I agree the Mei Tai is great!

And honestly you can put a smaller baby in the Ergo too. I've been carrying my 3-month-old daughter in the Ergo since she was pretty tiny, like maybe a month old. We don't even use the infant insert, and she's not a huge baby or anything. You can swaddle them before putting them in the Ergo if they're really tiny.

ETA: oops just saw you tried the Ergo with a newborn & didn't like it. In your case I'd try the Mei Tai!
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