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How to transition to full-time...

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I started EC with my now 6 month old DD when she was about 4 weeks. It's been mostly part-time, but I've always had hopes of transitioning into a more full-on thing.


My "problem" seems to lie in that I can usually catch her pees when we wake up in the morning, and usually after naps (assuming I get to her soon enough after waking) .. Other than that, it's rare that I can tell when she needs to pee.


Yesterday, I knew she needed to poop, but whenever I'd see her starting to get serious about it, she wouldn't go on the potty. I tried a bunch of times and though she had a bit in her diaper she never continued on the potty. She eventually went (I missed it) so she just won't go on her potty?


Anyway, I'd love some suggestions. How do I tell when to potty her, etc.



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Have you tried pooping on the actual toilet? We used the backwards facing hold (you sit on the seat facing the tank with baby on your lap supported with your hands under thighs, feet against the open seat lid) very successfully until about 14 mos.  Then his legs got too long to do it comfortably anymore, and the transition to a potty (he did not take to seat reducers as I had hoped -it is so much easier NOT to have to clean poop out of a potty!) took several months, but it was great while it lasted.  Since their back is resting against you, I think it is a very comfortable and cozy way to go for them- very relaxing. 

As for pees, just don't worry about the misses.  I feel that as a first time ECer (me too), it is very hard not to get 'catch addiction', but if you are trying too hard to make catches when you are not seeing cues, baby might feel pressured and not listened too, even though you are trying to respond to her needs.  If you just keep reinforcing the communication part - cue or acknolwedge her whenever you see her go, she will start communicating back (eventually).  Since you want to transition to more full time, maybe pick a room to hang out in that is most conducive to lots of pee on the floor (kitchen?) and keep a lot of wipe rags on hand!  But do whatever is necessary to keep yourself calm and positive, including putting the diaper back on if you are getting annoyed with the constant clean up.  Maybe just do it for a set period every day that you keep extending. 

BTW - this is what I wished we had done, not what we did.  I was very intent on making catches, despite minimal to no pee cues, and in hindsight, I think it was counterproductive. 

Best of luck! 

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I, obviously, do not want to pressure her. I hadn't thought that might happen. I have no problem with misses, just that I would like to increase our catches a bit. I do sit behind and support her while on her small potty. I really hadn't thought of using the toilet, either, since we've only got 1 bathroom (and a large family), but I will try that too. And, as it happens, she was rolling around bare-bottomed on the kitchen floor while I was posting earlier, so I guess I'll stick with that for a while and see how it goes. Thank you!

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