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Ok so... I am a new mommy as most of you know.  I keep reading about all the tests you guys will or won't have done and am still unsure how I want to go about any of them.  I keep reading about tests in the 1st trimester and 2nd trimester and really just thought I would wait and see what my doc said.


The thing is, she hasn't said anything.  They took blood my first appointment to test a bunch of stuff, but that's it!  I am at almost 13 weeks, so 1st trimester testing is not happening since my next appointment isn't for a couple more weeks.  She never said anything!  Is that weird??  I got referred to her from my friend who loves her and I do too, so I don't think she's a bad doctor, is it just that all these tests aren't always necessary and maybe that's why she didn't mention any?


Is this weird?  I keep waiting to hear about them so I can make a decision but it's not happening.

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Assuming you don't have anything that makes you a high risk pregnancy, your doctor probably just doesn't think they're necessary. A lot of the early tests, like nuchal translucency, aren't strictly required - particularly if you're low risk. I'm pretty sure my doctor only makes it standard because most of her patients are over 30 and very well insured.

And depending on where you are, it may not be available in your area, or at least not conveniently enough to have you pop on over for a test. I had to go to a special imaging center for mine.


Some people are getting glucose tests pushed on them now, but most doctors wait until later in the pregnancy to screen for gestational diabetes.


My doctor doesn't generally talk about any tests except the ones I'm getting that day, or need to schedule before the next appointment. She hasn't mentioned a screening for gestational diabetes, and frankly I'm hoping we're moved before it's time to. The next test I've got is my anatomy scan in a little over a month, and some more bloodwork. Since bloodwork doesn't really bother me, she's welcome to do whatever tests on it she wants.


Don't worry, you're not missing out on anything. :)

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Ok thanks.  I wasn't necessarily worried, just thought it was odd that you guys talk about all these tests and I haven't heard a peep about them.  But thank you, I am glad they aren't required.  I prefer to just do the least possible I think...

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Your doctor is one of the most recommended docs in your area for a reason ;)

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