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considering prevnar b/c of reoccurring ear infections

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dd is 10 months old and has only had 1 hib and 2 dtap (planned on getting the 3rd at 9 months but keeps having ear infections) was planning on skipping prevnar since i'm not comfortable with the ingredients/reactions but am now reconsidering. my poor lo is miserable with another ear infection and we've had to resort to antibiotics again after holding off for over a week trying to help her w/ natural treatments. (wallys ear drops/chiropractor ect) she got worse with pain/high fever/ect so now she's vomiting from the antibiotic and i'm waiting for the diarrhea to kick in :( what would you do? should i get her vaccinated for prevnar and just pray she's okay? i hate this.....



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I would try to first determine the underlying cause of the recurrent ear infections. My poor dd also suffered terribly for years with ear infections as often as every month at some times during the year. Ultimately it turned out that it was massively oversized adenoids that were causing fluid to get trapped in her ears causing the frequent infections. Since having her adenoids taken out, she has not a SINGLE ear infection. Not saying that's what happening to your dd, just saying that first you should explore other possibilities if you are otherwise uncomfortable giving the vax. 

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We selectively delayed and separated my DD's vaccinations. She is 3 1/2 and eventually received all of them except the MMR's and chix pox, havent had those yet.  She was getting recurring ear infections for a while and had to go through rounds of antibiotics and then the talk turned to if she kept getting them we would have to look at a referral to an ENT and possibly tubes. I was not up for that.  I tried garlic mullein drops as well as colloidal silver. The silver worked wonders!! It is supposed to help for many illnesses/infections, I only use it as a last resort.  I had to use it 2x, that was it!!  I put drops directly in her ear on 2 different occasions and she has not had an ear infection since (app 1-1 1/2 yrs ago). You can find it in any health food store, its actually what people used to use before antibiotics.  She had the prevnar vaccine, was breastfed, barely any dairy and still had recurring ear infections.  Check out the silver!! Good Luck!!

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i'll look into it thank you! -nak

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I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to suggest that you look into diet.


Dairy-containing foods are one of the top causes of infantile otitis media (ear infections). http://www.healthychild.com/ear-infections/ear-infections-alternative-solutions/


If you are giving your baby formula, you might consider switching to a soy-based formula instead (although breast milk, of course, is best).  If you are giving him/her regular cow's milk, you might switch to rice milk, soy milk, or coconut milk--but again, breast milk is what's recommended for baby's first year.  Almond milk is nut-based, so that might not be a good solution.


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she's still breastfed but we do eat alot of cheese. its hard to cut down on that with picky eaters hmmm 

she hasn't had as many recently and have been doing natural ear drops and thieves oil on her feet. i've calmed down about it alot lol thank you for replying!

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