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Baby Getting Hiccups Regularly

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For about a week or two I've been feeling some rhythmic pulses from the baby for about 10 minutes about once a day. I did some research, and it seems to be that my little one is getting hiccups. Anybody else experiencing fetal hiccups? Most of the research says it's healthy, and I'll be asking my midwife at our next appointment, but I always like to get insight from all spectrums...

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Yup, got them.  Yup, normal.  It's not painful on the baby.

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I only got them with my first, but they made me happy as a way of saying "still alive and kicking in here, mom."

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My son had them constantly in the womb... and as an infant.  This baby, not at all.  I think it's normal either way.... I wouldn't worry at all. :)

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Our babe gets 'em after mama eats too fast sometimes! I don't know if that's just a coincidence (because he/she gets them at unrelated times are well) but it's fun to watch my belly jump around :) 

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Normal. They should decrease as baby gets further along though. Mine all seem to barely get them in utero. This one hasn't had any yet. I know lots of women whose babies get them quite often, though. Mine seem to make up for it after birth.

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My baby gets them several times a day. The only thing that I hate is that this little breech baby kicks my bladder with each hiccup :)

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Yep, my little one gets them every morning, whenever I wake up to go to the bathroom, or just at random throughout the day. Heh. He's been very active, so perhaps that's part of the reason why he gets them so often...my doctor said it's probably just part of his personality and told me to prepare for a very active baby!

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My babe had them earlier in the pregnancy, every night when I would lay down to go to sleep.  At this point they've gone away for the most part, but from what I read it's completely normal and comes from the baby swallowing amniotic fluid (also normal).

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My DD has them a lot in the womb and the peanut I'm carrying now gets them a lot as well.  It's nothing to worry about and completely normal. winky.gif

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Hey anyone else feel the WHOLE baby hiccuping at once? I had been thinking that the hiccups would only be felt in one part (perhaps the head?) as they seemed to be more localized at first... but now I'm thinking that they just shake the whole womb these days!

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I've got a very hiccupy baby, too!  At least once a day, sometimes more often than that.  I think it's pretty cute. luxlove.gif

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I totally have a very hiccupy baby as well. My first was very hiccupy and still is to this day, my second rarely hiccuped in utero and rarely hiccups to this day. This one is super hiccupy and I have a feeling will be like big brother. lol

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Part of me is happy when she gets them--a nice reminder that she's still alive and well winky.gif--but the other part of me feels bad for the poor thing. I know that I loathe hiccups, and I'd hate to have baby feeling uncomfortable. I also know that as a mother, that is something I am going to have to get used to, but I just can't help feeling bad for her!

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I don't believe it bothers babies to hiccup (in utero anyways :) I've read that it's caused by contractions of the diaphragm, and that in order for a baby in utero to hiccup, they have have to have a well-developed nervous system. Is it suspected that hiccups might provide relief to babies by releasing pressure on growing organs and lungs. Apparently they are not painful at all.


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I kept reading that babies could get hiccups in utero (sp?), but didn't feel anything like that until this past Friday.  Very cool feeling :)  I sent my husband a text and he was so excited/thought it was so cute that he told everyone he was working with that day!

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My baby had stopped hiccuping a while ago, but this past week it came back with a vengeance!  I can feel her little hiccups near my left hip bone, so I'm guessing that's the general area of where her back/lungs/diaphragm are.  It's not strong, though, but very repetitive and lasts a good long while!

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I have a baby who hiccups with her whole body. :) I can feel her whole back and bottom moving up with them. She gets them a couple times a day, usually.

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The hiccups prepare them for breathing on the outside. It's like practice. I can only feel them first thing in the morning. 

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My son got them every day around the same time from maybe 30 weeks onward... it was so funny, you could practically set a watch by it.  What was even funnier:  it persisted for several months after he was born.  That point in the afternoon would hit and all of a sudden he'd have the hiccups for 10-15 minutes.  He would get this really great look of surprise/confusion on his face when it was happening.  Ah, I kind of miss that...


This baby didn't start hiccuping that I noticed until maybe a week ago.  Not noticing it every day but with the anterior placenta, everything feels kind of different this time anyhow. 

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