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Need Recs for Large Zippered Wet Bag (not travel size)

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I'm looking for a large wet bag that has a zipper closure.   Not for travel, but for the bathroom, so it needs to be fairly large.  I've been looking around and it seems most "large sized" zippered bags are about 1x2 feet only.  I'm hoping for something a bit larger than that.  Any suggestions?



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Thanks!  I see that the Bummis is 2x2 feet, so that is better.  Anything larger?

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I was recommended by several people to try planetwise wetbags. We wanted something to hang in the bedroom, so same thing. 


We ended up buying one by a local company- sling sisters, just because we saw it in the store and figured it was easier than waiting to have one shipped. http://www.theslingsisters.com/c_12/Extra-Large-Wet-Bags.htm  Not sure what they're like yet, since we haven't actually used it, but it's certainly big, and they do have good reviews locally. 

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I've been using the planetwise wetbag that hangs on the doorknob for 15 months now and have been completely happy with the choice. the bag is not really large enough to hold a full load of diapers, IMO... BUT, if the bag were any larger, it would get really heavy when filled with dirty diapers, and that would make me nervous about hanging it from a doorknob!


if you want a bag larger than the planetwise option (it's about 16" x 27"), you might consider purchasing two instead?

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^^Yeah that's a good point. Maybe do what we're going to try- I have the large wetbag hanging in the room, and then we bought a plain bucket for downstairs in the laundry room. We plan on emptying out the wetbag every day or so when it gets full, and storing the extras in the bucket downstairs until we're ready to wash them all. Then on wash day, we'll dump both bucket and wetbag into the washer and go. I read about people just dumping the bag into the washer to wait, but that's not practical for us, since I'll likely still be doing more 'other' laundry than diaper laundry. 

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Yeah, I tried dumping the bag when it got full into our large pail, but this really became a pain for me.  I know it doesn't seem like it would be a big deal, but I found it an annoying additional step to all the other things involved in the process.  So then I tried dumping it into the washer instead (which is closer) and it smelled up the entire laundry room and like you said, it wasn't practical b/c I do regular laundry all the time.  Honestly, I just want to have large enough bags in each bathroom to keep things simple.  I have enough large bags to do this, but none are zippered.  I have two pails and then the third bathroom just has the bag on the floor.  That bathroom starts to smell after 3 days.  Hence my desire for a larger, zippered bag.  I think that the 2x2 Bummis might do the trick.

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We also recommend the Large Fabulous Wet Bag by Bummis, and have all colors in stock!

See http://www.babybunz.com/large-fabulous-wet-bags.html  ~ We've had great feedback on this item :)

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We've used a goodmama bag for a few years, it's maybe 1.5'x3', hangs from a doorknob, is zippered, and holds two days of diapers with two kids in cloth diapers. I'm not sure if they're made anymore but there's a good chance. 

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Jaimee - Did you end up purchasing a bigger zippered wet bag? If so, which one and how is it working for you? I'm now searching for a bigger bag too. I have a large Planet Wise Wet Bag and I love it but it's barely big enough to hold one load of my newborn's diaper laundry. I suppose it will be better when my baby gets a little older and doesn't go through as many diapers in a day, but still - I like the idea of a bigger one so I'm not forcing dirty diapers into this thing when it's filled to the top. The large Bummis Fabulous Wet Bags look good. Maybe I'll get one of those.

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Joanie- I didn't end up getting one yet so unfortunately no report to give.  I ended up switching the diaper pail from our room, which is upstairs, to the downstairs bathroom so there is more room for diapers where we change most often.  That's working for now.  Are you using a trash can as a pail?  Ours is the tall type and will definitely fit a load of diapers all by itself.  We line it with this bag and love them:  http://www.fuzzibunzstore.com/proddetail.php?prod=46.  Keep checking back on this site on their clearance page for seconds for only $10- a great deal. 

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I use a Large Planet Wise wet bag, and it is plenty big enough to fit 2 days worth of diapers.

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Yay, after looking at the prices, I think I'll try a Planetwise bag.   They're pretty, too!  The Bummis bag is twice the price, but not twice the size, so it doesn't really seem worth it.

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Awesome! I hope you like it!

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