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Wondering about fertility and breastfeeding

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I'm currently breastfeeding my 26 month old son, and we are a cosleeping family. My first period came just after his second birthday, at 24 months, but has not come since (now 4 weeks past due). I was hopeful that we were expecting number two, but a pregnancy test at 1 week past due came back negative... But I have been experiencing breast and nipple tenderness for at least a week now and feel like I've had to urinate a lot more frequently. Is it just likely my body's readjusting to menstruating and finding a cycle, or should I get another pregnancy test? Thanks for any insight.

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Hi Melissa,

I would follow up with your regular midwife or doctor; they can do a blood test to determine pregnancy and hormone levels. You can also follow up with a acupuncturist or naturopathic doctor who can recommend herbs and teas to regulate your hormones and your cycle. It is true that long-term breastfeeding and co-sleeping can affect your cycle. It is also true that you can get pregnant without having a period. I never experienced a period between my first daughter's birth and the conception of my son. 

All the best to you!




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Dear Melissa,

Forgive the delay, but my answer got held up in cyber space. 


I would always recommend a second pregnancy test. Yes, your body may be regulating and adjusting it's cycle, or you may be pregnant and their wasn't quite enough of the pregnancy hormone to register on that first test. 


Wishing you many blessings as you expand your family.


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All the best,




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