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Dang Braxton Hicks!

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Forgive me for a minute. I am annoyed with Braxton Hicks! I'm not concerned about how many I am having, but they're getting more frequent as I get further along. Man are they obnoxious! Aside from taking my breath away for a second and making me have to pee, everyone around me thinks I'm in trouble when I pause and wait for it to pass. My cousin is due next week and hasn't felt any! Go figure...I got them all. nut.gif
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Lol, I just posted about my braxton hicks in the cramping thread!

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I hate the having to pee thing!  I wouldn't mind them at all, except for that.


This is totally anecdotal, but the pregnancies where I had the most BH, I also had the most false labour.  I have only felt a few so far, and that's less than in my last few pregnancies, so I'm hoping the pattern holds for me.

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Oh, I'm really hoping I don't have weeks of false labor again. I went off work so I could rest and stay hydrated at 36 weeks, and that's pretty much all I did aside from walks once it cooled off in the evening. My grandfather passed and I had to take my mom downtown (she didn't know how to get around and was a mess) to turn in and pay for the obit, and I was a grouchy mofo. It got to the point where I'd rotate from the birthing ball to the bed to the couch, and mom took over cleaning the house. I wish I would have tried waiting for the real thing...I just felt so pressured because they wanted her OUT. *sigh*

Hopefully, all of the practice contractions will get me into labor before they stress about the VBAC being safe, and they'll have gotten my uterus into fighting shape.
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I feel your pain!  Or discomfort anyhow.  I haven't had tons yet, but I also had weeks of false labor with my girls and am mentally preparing for it again.  The BHs I have had so far aren't super severe, but they give me to worst hot flashes!  At least it will be mid winter this time.  :)

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Ugh. Today they're worse than yesterday. I'm not really sure what is going on. Judging by my urine, I'm not really dehydrated. I'm chugging water and resting, and I guess I will call the OB if it doesn't let up after an hour or so. They're happening any time I stand, have to pee, walk around, roll over in bed, and randomly in between. The BHX are short and erratic, but more than they like to see. The CNP at my neurologist's office said to keep an eye on it if my uterus got irritable. My issue is with voluntary (skeletal) muscles, not organs. Theoretically, though, other muscles could be an issue. So, we'll see. I'm crossing my fingers that they let up so we don't have to go down for testing.
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I got some magnesium this week after getting...well, seriously constipated. It has worked in the past, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it. After a couple days, I realized that while I was still getting braxton hicks, I wasn't really bothered by them. The contractions are there, my belly is getting hard, but it isn't stopping me and taking my breath away. Go figure.
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Oh man, I am having a ton of braxton hicks too and am kinda concerned that they are going to try to put me on bed rest or something. I have probably anywhere from 1-4 a hour it seems and I'm not concerned but I know my Dr is a little conservative and according to their rules you are only allowed 4 a hour max before you get put on rest and get monitored weekly. Really don't want to have to do that again =( and i thought I'd have an easy singleton pregnancy this time around HA.

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Yeah, I need to talk with my OB about the contractions at my next appointment. During the day, I have a LOT. I know I'm not going into labor. It doesn't feel like cramping or anything like that...but they're obnoxious. I'm already sort of on a modified bed rest because of my mobility issues, so I don't know how much that would help. I get them less frequently when I'm sitting or laying down, but when I'm up, they're pretty frequent.
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I got my first one for this pregnancy. I never noticed them with my first. I started getting them about 3 days before my second baby was born and I had them from about now for baby three.  I only have had one though. It was not painful at all. Just that tightening sensation. I chugged water just in case. Like you though I was peeing plenty! Especially after all the water I had.

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Sheesh, I thought I had it bad. I've been getting very mind ones since I could feel my fundus, only a couple random ones per day. But lately some of them have been getting tighter. Still only random though, except after long walks, I'll get 8 or 10 in a row! I'm sure I'm not dehydrated either.


I had tons with DS. Like, all through the pregnancy but well timed (4 or 5 min apart for hours) for 3 weeks before giving birth. They didn't hurt though so I never thought it was the real thing. Just annoying.

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