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Landon James is here!!!!

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My sweet little guy finally arrived November 3rd, when I was 41 weeks 2 days.


I don't have the energy to write out the whole birth story right now, but I will be doing that sometime soon.


I just got home from the hospital this evening, but am really really sad that Landon had to stay because of jaundice greensad.gif I have seriously been crying just about all day because I knew that he wouldn't be coming home with me, and he had to spend most of the day in the nursery under the special lights. Starting last night he had to start getting some formula, my milk isn't in, and I guess he isn't getting enough colostrum, because he wasn't peeing really at all. Lots of pooping though. If he doesn't get to come home tomorrow I am going to just be beside myself with sadness.


I have to go pump, then go to bed. I haven't slept since Wednesday night; before he was born. I have been up for days.


He is the sweetest boy. I just miss him and hate him being there without me. This is the first time in over 10 months he hasn't "been" with me.





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Congratulations on you sweet boy! I am so sorry he had to stay at the hospital - I hope he comes home tomorrow. 

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((hugs)) I hope he's home with you VERY soon. Congratulations, mom. He's GORGEOUS!

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Congratulations, Chelsea!  Come home soon, sweet wee Landon!

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Congrats! He's beautiful! I'm sorry hes not with you. Hopefully it will soon be a bad memory and he'll be in your arms.
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Congratulations, Chelsea, he is just beautiful! I hope he will be home in your arms soon. Keep us posted, honey, and hang in there.grouphug.gif

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Congratulations!!! joy.gif He is beautiful. I hope you get to bring him home very soon.

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Congrats!  He is amazing.  Come home soon Landon!

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Aw, so beautiful. I hope he can come home quickly. 

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Girl, I almost felt guilty having Claire and thinking of you still pregnant!  lol.gif


I hope he's home SO soon!  What a sweet little munchkin man  luxlove.gif


Can't wait to hear details, in the meantime, take good care of yourself!

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Welcome, Landon!!  That must be really really hard to not be with him (they couldn't just send you home with the lights?).  During all our ER drama on DD's 2nd day we were told/reminded that she wouldn't remember any of it.  Which is a consolation...but doesn't really help in the moment.  Hoping you are all together (24/7!!) very very soon.

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Chelsea- congrats and I hope they release him soon.

Do ask about the photo blankets. Light therapy can be done at home. Nobody told me that with my first (who was hospitalized for 4 days for jaundice).

And hopefully they have explained to you that jaundice is very, very common and not usually a sign of anything serious. They are just very cautious with newborns.

I hope your mom and partner are there to take care of you and support you right now.


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