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What do you do with your tax return?

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If you get a sizable tax return, what do you do with the money? We usually get around $5 or $6K. Right now we're saving for a larger house and making repairs to our current home. And once we get a larger house, I'm sure we'll still need that money for repairs, general upkeep, etc. 


Maybe someday we'll be able to use it for a vacation, though...




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We're thinking Disneyland this year. We'll see, though. Seems like something always comes up. I really need a new car, so if I don't have one by then it would make a nice size downpayment.
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Usually feed it to the mortgage. My very first tax return I used to buy some nice furniture as I was living on my own for the first time.

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I will fund some of my accounts; home reno (currently doing a kitchen overhaul), savings & travel account.

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Bills, car / house repairs if needed. 

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OK - I feel better that I'm not the only one who needs/wants to use the money for repairs, etc. Maybe I'll start putting away 25% of it every year to save for a vacation. We aren't big vacation-takers (we always go camping) but I do have family on the other side of the country, and it would be nice to visit them every few years.

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We usually get more like $1000-$2000, but we've always used it to pay bills/pay off credit cards.  We've finally paid off all of our credit cards and my student loan will be gone by next spring too.  I have no idea what we'll do with the money.  RRSPs or RESPs probably.

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We use ours to put some in savings, go on vacation for a few days, and pay off any loans, or bills unexpected for the year.

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This year, it will all go in savings.  We've had a rough year, and we're just now working on rebuilding our emergency fund.  I'm also going to be off on an unpaid maternity leave, so money in the bank will be the best use for any spare change we have.  In the past we've saved it, used it for repairs, and paid for part of a vehicle.

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Usually what I do is pay off my emergency credit card(my only credit card),Pay my car and home insurances for the year,I still owe back taxes for my former home so I will continue to pay them off,I try to pay my basic cable for the year so I can keep it for L.I make sure my car is manenced for the year so it has minimal(hopefully) trouble during the year when I have no $$ ...Usually I will try to stock my for home several months worth of stuff like shampoo,soap,canned goods ect...Because by June/July I am broke.

I will still do a few of those things this year but this year most of the $$ will be for making the move back home...I am tierd of struggeling so much and this move will help with that so much..So that is what I am planning on doing with mine this year...

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In previous years we've gone on vacation (disney world). This year it will go into savings. I'm not working right now for the first time so we need to fluff up our savings.

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Some of ours usually goes towards car registration and insurance and pays off any accumulated bills. This last year we saved it in order to sink it into the house we'd buy, so now it's feeding our kitchen's superficial facelift, paint and now fallen tree limbs thanks to the last storm we got. This next one will pay off the fridge we put on financing and flooring for the main floor. Hopefully we'll have a little to take some small vacation time, this last summer was a mess between new house and me in school. Although I really want to put it back in an emergency fund.....maybe 25% this year.

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We're either going to put ours toward a second car or student loans.

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I will probably get around $1000 or so.  It will go into my Roth IRA.  Trying to max that out this year (and it is going to be tight).  Last year it went toward the car loan but I paid that off! 


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We usually get a pretty decent amount... and we put some in savings and use the rest for bigger things we need but have put off through the year. This year we'll be getting a new mattress for us and DD, a deep freezer, perhaps another used car for me during the day since we're a one car family (nothing too expensive but that will be somewhat reliable or not too complicated for DH to fix) and if there's any leftover, buy some fun stuff for the whole family. smile.gif I really love tax return season, lol.
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Half will go to save for boring house-related obligations and half will be used to put in our travel fund (we go to Vietnamese culture camp every year in New York, so we will pay that off, plus put some towards our trip to Asia for 2013.)

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We usually usually piss ours away on stupid things.  We did pay for DD's homebirth one year and last year we used a good chunk as a down payment on my car.  We pay off CC bills that we've racked up during the year.  This year, though, we have a few small Jeep repairs we've been putting off, and the rest is going in savings for when DH has to do his student teaching next year.  We're hoping we don't ahve to use it for that, though and it will be the small beginning of downpayment on a house. we'll see

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We save some and splurge some. :)

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It always goes back into the house - tuckpointing, roof work etc. I would like to spend it on appliances but we need more roof work.


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Last year we used our tax refund to pay off our credit cards which we let get too high. This year, we'll be putting the money into savings! We're going to be buying a house and (hopefully) getting pregnant so it'll be nice to have some extra money in savings 

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