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projectile vomit. :(

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3 weeks old today.  She fed well, and was semi-asleep in my arms when she looked like she needed to burp.  I put her up on my shoulder, and she projectile vomited everything out of her tummy and onto the back of the chair (and all down my back).  She went right to sleep after and was pretty lethargic.  She has slept sine then, and isn't running a fever.  I'm freaked out, but haven't called the pediatrician yet.  Thoughts?  Reassurance?  Help?

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My baby girl did this exact thing tonight. I think it was just 'spit up' though.. Just food coming out because some air needed to. Do you think your DD was actually throwing up?

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we had friends sitting on an adjacent couch, and they saw the incident and said it was pretty forceful. (they were making comparisons with drunk people projectile vomiting). It also was a TON of milk, not just a little spit up.

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My son did this often.  He was eventually diagnosed with reflux.  However, I don't think it's considered vomiting unless it's accompanied with discomfort in the child.  I could be way off base, though.


My initial reaction reading your post is your baby ate a ton, had an air bubble, brought up everything to burp, and then fell asleep because he was tired.  But keep a close eye on him.

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This can be normal. Do call the ped if it becomes a regular occurrence, she gets a fever or there are other signs of illness. My DD does a big bout of vomiting every 2-3 days. It is always in the evening, usually after cluster feeding for a few hours first. She does get very quiet afterward. She does have a pretty bad case of reflux, which predisposes her to both overfeeding with comfort nursing and to vomiting. Do you suspect your baby has reflux?

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Unfortunately, it seems she's got a bit of a cold.  Lots of congestion and occasional caughing.  I'm guessing the vomit was a burp/caugh gone horribly wrong while not feeling well.  I ended up calling the pediatrician at 4am and was sent to the ER to make sure she could breathe ok.  100 bucks later poor DD got the most aggressive nose suctioning ever done on earth and I was told that her lungs are clear. 

I'm hopeful that the cold will clear up quickly and she'll start feeling better and acting like what we've been used to.  She's so young and changing so much all the time, I don't know what 'normal' is for her.

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I hope she is doing better!


and... my second baby went through a phase of some really incredible spitting up. Like drenching my clothes, shirt, pants, even underwear... my hair would be caked with it... it was only a few weeks and never accompanied by any signs of discomfort from her, and she gained weight well so didn't seem to be reflux... so, I chalked it up to "normal for some babies"... but it sure was gross!

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About a week ago Kai started spitting up quite a bit too. My older ds never spit up, so this is totally new for me. When I took him to the doctor last Friday they said that his throat was a little red, likely from spitting up so much. He said to give him some mylanta or maalox to help coat his throat, but I haven't give him any yet. I just don't feel 100% comfortable giving him that, and the spitting up doesn't seem to bother him at all (he's not screaming/crying or anything). He's still having massive amounts of poopy/wet diapers so I'm not worried that he's not getting enough. It's just a PITA to deal with right now. I've tried letting him nurse for a couple minutes, stopping and burping, nurse for a couple minutes, stop and burp, etc. That helped a little. I've tried not moving him when he finishes nursing, but he still spits up. I've tried moving him to an upright position when he's finished nursing, but he still spits up. Nothing seems to help too much right now.

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Steph, DD2 was a happy spitter too. (Not sure why they call it happy, I guess because they don't seem to experience any pain.) She would spit up after every feeding, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, and it didn't matter what position she was in or whether I moved her or not. Eventually I figured it was her "normal", and just carried around lots of burp cloths (I actually used the wrapping blankets from the hospital, you know, the white ones with the blue and pink stripes). Baby T. has just started spitting up a bit here and there, and I am sooo hoping we are not going down that same icky road again! 

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Maeve spits up all the time too. Sometimes it is quite forceful and seems like a lot of milk. She doesn't cry because of it so I figure she's ok.

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DD1 was a major spitter.  Ugh.  I was SO hoping DD2 wouldn't be but nope...no luck....at least twice a day, her whole feed comes back up with force.  


I don't burp her without major protection - Usually she is draped in a large sized prefold diaper - it is absorbant enough to stop the river in it's tracks - anything else lets it roll off onto the bed, mommy, sister, toys, you get the picture...


Last night she randomly puked just as I was tucking DD1 into bed....all over herself, me and DD1's bedding...yeah....good times.

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Just a note to those with happy spitters:  I had a happy spitter, he never seemed to be in pain or anything.  But he was pretty high needs, needing to be held constantly, needing to nurse constantly, fitful sleeper.  He had reflux, but because he never seemed in pain we didn't catch it.  So, I'm not saying every happy spitter has reflux, but don't out rule it.

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Originally Posted by Lazurii View Post

Just a note to those with happy spitters:  I had a happy spitter, he never seemed to be in pain or anything.  But he was pretty high needs, needing to be held constantly, needing to nurse constantly, fitful sleeper.  He had reflux, but because he never seemed in pain we didn't catch it.  So, I'm not saying every happy spitter has reflux, but don't out rule it.

Did you have to do anything for the reflux? What are the consequences of not doing something? Sorry for the naive questions, I have no experience with reflux though!


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We should have done something about the reflux but we didn't, we didn't know any better.  He is still having reflux, but I'm wary of drugs and I'm too depressed right now to launch into a major natural regime to try to fix it.


The two biggest things it did was 1) contributed to his "high needs" behavior and 2) destroyed the enamel on his teeth leading to pretty bad tooth decay.  He has several cavities, the majority on his front four teeth.  Here's a good picture showing the decay.  It also shows a really nasty lip as he had fallen down, but that's all better now.  Just focus on the teeth.




Long exposure to acid can cause throat problems, including cancer, and respiratory problems.  It can also contribute to post-nasal drip.  I've heard hazelwood necklaces are the best when it comes to naturally helping reflux.  I've been meaning to buy one to try it out on him because he still complains of, as he calls it, throwing up a little.  It runs in my husband's family.

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GE reflux can be just about mechanics - loose lower esophageal sphincter plus liquid diet leads to sloshing of stomach contents back up the esophagus, and this may not cause baby any distress. If the reflux is very frequent or there is excess acid production, pain (think heart burn) is more likely. IME, high needs fitful sleepers who reflux are uncomfortable even if they're not fussing during or after feeds. I don't think of these as happy spitters.


We use meds for reflux (started on zantac, moved to prilosec - still not sure if prilosec is more helpful for DD than zantac was). Both my kids have had significant reflux that caused them lots of distress, so for us it has been a clear choice.

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nak-  what counts as 'frequent'?  DD is throwing up her entire stomach content ~1x a day, with the rest of the feeds staying down.  still plenty of wet/poopy diapers, and not much spitting up (other than the surprise massive pukes)


is reflux something the pediatrician needs to diagnose/see her for?  she just had her ~1month checkup, and isn;t scheduled to go back for another month.  the doc didn't look at her throat though, and i didn't mention the vomit since she hadn't done it again since the first time.  Of course, a few days after that appointment she started up the daily throw up routine she's got going on now. 

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example of yesterday's carnage.

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Oh wow... Yeah, that's more than just a little spit up. None of mine have every managed that much. I have no advice, hopefully there are BTDT mamas that can give more insight. Hugs to you, what a pain to deal with! grouphug.gif

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WOW. I am so sorry.

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I don't know if once a day like that is frequent, but my son would vomit like that after every major feed, so about six time a day or more.

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