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Things I LIKE about being pregnant

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In my first pregnancy I made a similar list once I got to that unbearable, how-much-more-can-I-take stage of late pregnancy, and it really helped me stay positive in those last LONG days. So I thought I'd make a new one this time, since I'm starting to feel fed up, and I invite everyone to do the same!


Things I LIKE about being pregnant (and will miss once there is a little baby here!)


The kind attention - people holding doors, giving up their seats, even giving up their places in line

Being told how great I look all the time

Not having to do the dishes, ever

The lack of guilt in ignoring the housework and putting my feet up

Naps with DD (when she takes them)

One-on-one time with DD, all the time

My outtie bellybutton!

This fantastic sex drive, meow

Being able to shower pretty much whenever I want

All the sleeping

Having a beautiful, bountiful, luscious belly

Rubbing that beautiful belly

All those miraculous movements of an inside baby

Eating lunch when I'm hungry for lunch

Having several hours of me-time in a day once DD goes to bed

How easy it is to just leave the house

All the shoulder rubs and foot massages from DH

Knowing exactly what it is I want to eat at any given moment



Some of these things aren't pregnancy-specific, but just pre-baby, but they help me remember that an inside baby is so much easier than an outside baby! That makes me more patient with all these pregnancy things. What's your list?

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Good list! Mine:


- The miracle thats happening inside me. Un-freaking-believable that my body is building another human being from scratch!

- My hair is soooo thick.

- My skin is great, smooth & glowing.

- Higher sex drive + great orgasms.

- Feeling the baby move & respond to me.

- The excitement of knowing I'm about to meet someone who will hold my heart in the palm of their hands.

- I also love my body (this time around), the fullness, roundness and lusciousness of it all! 

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I was actually thinking of starting a thread like this a few days ago.  I'm one, that in spite of all the aches and pains, loves to be pregnant! 


-I'm appreciating that I'm not in too much pain this time (my SPD is under control with chiro)

-I love that I can grow another person!  I agree, it's AMAZING!

-Feeling the baby moving and growing

-Reveling in the anticipation of who this little person will be.


-Good sex drive, great O's

-The little extras, like massages and long baths

-I even like BH cntx, because it's a sign that my body was made for birthing.  (I know, I'm weird)



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Fun idea!  

- My hair.  Pregnancy makes my hair full of awesome.

- bigger boobs without the leaky milk!

- naps.  Lord have mercy I'm going to miss taking a 2 hour nap with DS1 everyday!   (I hope it won't be long before baby catches on.... and hopefully DS1 is still napping then!)

- free time- time to shower, time to sit and knit while DS plays, time to cook a meal, time to THINK, time to spend with DH in the evenings....

- baby kicks and turns

- special attention and treatment

- feeling well-rested (that will come back eventually, right?!)

- the anticipation!  I love not knowing when labor will happen, what baby will look like, etc.

- one-on-one time with DS1

- being able to easily go on a date.  I imagine with 2 kids it will be more difficult if not impossible for a while!

- nesting.  Ha! Dh will do any project I ask right now....



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I love the excitement of it all, the idea that I am growing a little person.


-the feeling when I've suspected I was pregnant and finally know for sure.

-the first little movements, all the way up to the big kicks.

-guessing which body part is sticking out of my side.

-all the energy I get in the second trimester

-the increased sex drive

-going in for an ultrasound and SEEING this little person I am creating

-liking food (usually I can't STAND food and eating is the most annoying thing to do on the planet)


There are aspects of labor I really like too (I know, I'm nuts).  I used to do martial arts and there is this kind of altered state that you get into in a really intense sparring match, and labor has the same kind of feeling.  Almost like you are hovering over yourself, but at the same time you have no mind, just body, and you just DO.  And then the moment when you are jolted back into yourself, holding your baby for the first time and the reality and beauty of it all just hits you, and you and baby aren't even wholly two people yet, but at the same time, you are.


And there's a bunch of newborn stuff I love too.  But that's another thread.

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This is an awesome idea and so important as we get to the end! I sometimes forget how long it took for this to happen and how much I was loving pregnancy up until a few weeks ago.

-How clear my skin is! Seriously this is the best my skin has ever looked.

-The curves of my body and that I am truly all belly and....I finally have boobs!!

-How relaxed I have become. I am a pretty high strung person and this has forced me to slow down.

-Being able to nap for no reason.

-My husband was pretty fantastic to start with, but wow. He has stepped it up and is always trying to get me to relax. And gives pretty amazing foot and back rubs!

-Excuse to eat whatever I want whenever I want....mmmm ice cream!

-Increased nail strength and thickness of hair.

-Those movements and kicks that always remind me someone else is with me.

One thing I can't wait for and that is keeping me going is finding out who this person is and if they are a little boy or a girl. My family's excitement (this is their first grand baby) is so joyful.

And so worth it right?

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Well, I guess there ARE some pretty great things about pregnancy...


-My amazing skin -- I had such terrible acne the first tri but after that my skin's been better than ever!

-My new-found ability to put myself first on my priorities list

-My ruthless trimming of bull$hit from my life (toxic friends, etc) because of such a shift in priorities

-The attention!

-The ability to talk to guys (dudes in checkout lines, at DH's bar, wherever) without being hit on by them or worrying about their ulterior motives

-The awe I feel that my body has stayed so healthy and so agile and has always known what to do

-The gratitude I feel that my baby has stayed inside for long enough to be born big, strong, and healthy

-The honor of carrying the first grandchild on both sides of the family

-My belly doing crazy things that I constantly try to capture on video (but baby seems to know when the camera is on and subsequently goes still)

-Wondering if it's a girl or a boy!

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Wow!  You guys are so lucky...having your husband rub your feet and back, naps, no dishes!?  I have felt great throughout my pregnancy and love the clear skin and thicker hair!  When my two year old sleeps though I go crazy cleaning my house and doing laundry.  How I would love to lay down with her and take a nap but all my housework would still be there for me later!  I know when my pregnancy is over I am going to miss my round belly and feeling the baby move inside me.  This is my last pregnancy so I am really going to try to enjoy and appreciate these last couple weeks!

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  • Clear skin
  • Excuse for why I'm so irritable
  • Feeling special
  • The excitement of something huge happening
  • Birthing- such a transforming experience
  • Larger breasts without leaking milk (totally agree with you J on that one!)


Unfortunately I still do all the dishes even though my belly has me standing like 2 feet away from the sink, which kills my back and soaks my shirt.  Sigh...

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I'm just loving being an experienced mama this time around. I have three young children who DON'T nap, so naps are definitely out. DH is away much of the time so most of the nesting and projects are up to me. That may sound negative, but the truth is, I really enjoy doing them. I love organizing. I love the fact that our family is growing. I can't wait to figure out how to homeschool all of my kids. I love planning meals. Heck, I just love planning and making lists. Always when I am pregnant, I have this sort of euphoric high that everything is going to work out and I can accomplish anything. Now I just need to figure out how to carry that on over into the postpartum period!!
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Great idea as it's easy to focus on all the aches and pains at this point!


What I like......

-The sense of support, concern and care I feel from my family and friends

-My beautiful big belly

-The compliments :)

-The excitement and enthusiasm for a new being

-Getting the baby room ready

-Not being in school this semester and being able to enjoy the anticipation and waiting for baby

-Being on maternity leave which started 2 days ago - pretty cool!

-Foot rubs and massages from my DH

-A sense of joy

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What a lovely thread idea.  I, uh, am having trouble thinking of the good things right now redface.gif


I am very excited to meet this new little soul who is coming to live with us.  

I am looking forward to reclaiming my power and having a healing birth experience this last time.  

I'm looking forward to tandem nursing--that will be an adventure I've not tried yet!


Uhmm.  Yep.  That's the majority of the gratitude I can cultivate for right now.  bag.gif


None of those are actually about being pregnant, I just noticed.  Fail.

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I love being pregnant! It's my first and we had to do fertility treatments to get him/her so I've barely let myself complain although I have had aches, pains, etc. :)


I love:

The attention I get.

Knowing I'm growing a little person all by myself and all I needed was one little sperm from DH (and that I'll get to grow that baby even further on BM when it is born). How cool & miraculous!

Getting DH to do things around the house and not feeling lazy because of it, knowing I have a great excuse.

Feeling the kicks, jabs, and hiccups of my baby in my belly.

Knowing right now baby is ALL MINE. I don't have to share with anyone. (Sharing makes me sad. I don't want to share. LOL)

Shopping for baby things. They are so cute they make me cry!

All the anticipation of my son or daughter...who he/she will be, what our relationship will be like, making plans for future trips and activities with the LO.


That's all I can think of for now. And I canNOT say nice skin. My skin is awful. I have acne and I just look...ugly although DH thinks my maternity pics are hot. People say that means I'm having a girl. We'll see.


Nice thread idea.

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I love that my belly is so perfectly round this time around, and it feels much better than overhanging flab ;)

I enjoy some of the extra attention but have had a hard time with my grandparents making offhand remarks and sometimes I just feel too exposed, but I LOVE it when some stranger passes by and comments on how lovely or perfect my belly is =)

I have felt much better physically this time than before, and I'm sure it is partly because I have a 5 year old with a schedule!  My relationship with DH has been much better this time around, with the exception of the last few months--but hopefully we're moving on to greener pastures now...

I am excited to have a boy!

I enjoy the feminine curves and extra libido, although the last trimester gets so awkward/uncomfortable

I haven't had to get up to pee more than once a night for the majority of this pregnancy!

It hasn't been such a struggle to sleep primarily on my side this time (I swear it was torture last time!)

I am glad I have an idea of what to expect for labor, although it's still uncertain

I'm excited to go back to the happiness and relative ease of having a baby (as compared to my wired chatterbox 5 year old!)

It's so amazing to feel them move around in there, and I'm so glad he's not up in my ribs like DD was. 

And lastly, it's been great not having so many stresses/worries/questions this time around.  I am looking forward to a home birth, and having more confidence as a parent.  =)


I do have to complain though that I am disappointed that what may very well be my last weekend pregnant (ever) I have had to baby DH through a terrible cold, DD has had a 3 day weekend in which we did nothing but hang around the house, and I am SUPER cranky--just feeling stressed and am looking forward to the school day tomorrow!  I need some time to get out of the house...I can't stand being home in the "sicky" house, not to mention I hope my immune system is strong enough to avoid the bug.

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