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Doula Recommendation in Atlanta

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Hi Atlanta,


My brother and his wife live in Atlanta and she is 6 mo along. I have been trying to convince them to get a doula (this is her first pregnancy) and was hoping that I could pass along some good recommendations. Also it would be helpful to find someone that would be willing to work with them financially as he is getting his doctorate and she is only working part-time from the house. Thanks!



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Have them check out the georgia birth network website - there are tons of doulas on there and a special section for those willing to work for reduced fees.





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I'm not sure about the reduced fee's but checkout Labor of Love doula's http://www.alaboroflove.org/

The doula we worked with is not there anymore but I have a friend that worked with Pam Roe and she really liked her a lot. I also took a VBAC class that was taught by Pam Roe and Guina Bixler and they were both really great.

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Will check these out! Thanks!


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a second vote for gabirthnetwork.com smile.gif
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