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pumping, blah

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I've been able to get more milk manually expressing, but it's messy!

Anyone else pumping? Forgive me if I missed a thread!

Okay, that's it. Zzzzzz.
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I have certainly done my share of pumping this time around.  I have been renting a Medela Symphony for the last month. Fortunately I think I am coming to the end of the time where I need a professional pump so I am going to return it soon. I have to say that the Symphony is really nice and I haven't minded it so much, it really increased my supply and was comfortable and efficient. But not having to pump is SO much better. :)  Luke hasn't had a bottle in at least a week and I've been waiting so long to get to this point...so I am really happy. I still plan to pump occasionally with a hand pump just to have some on hand in the freezer for my husband to give him should I ever decide to venture out on my own!


How often are you pumping?

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Well I suck at pumping, with my first as well, I've only ever been able to get 1 to 3 ounces at a time.  It's not too bad though since the only reason I'm pumping is to have some bottles on hand in the freezer should we need them or want a night out or something.  I recall one time with DS where I got so sick that I couldn't get off the bathroom floor to feed him, luckily I had frozen some milk and DH was able to give him a bottle.  This time around I bought a better pump, last time I used the Medela mini electric, it's loud and annoying, this time I splurged and bought the Pump in Style, much quieter and nicer, but I'm still not getting much milk.  I try to pump a couple times a week, since I don't need to increase my supply I'm only trying to create my own mini milk bank.  Anyone have any tips on how to get more milk when pumping so I don't have to pump twice just to get one bottle?

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Hi! I just started pumping a week ago.  I've only pumped a few times.  anyone know the best time to pump in relation to nursing? I have only gotten max 4 oz from both sides in one pumping session.  I stopped because I really didn't need to and it was a pain.  But, im going back to work in a month, so I guess I need to figure all this out ... 

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I was using a supplement (tincture) called More Milk Plus by Motherlove that I believe helped me a great deal. I also would get the most milk in the early to late morning.  I was pumping every 2 hours around the clock for a few weeks and keeping track of how much I got.  I started out getting .5 oz to 1 oz per side per pumping session (10 minutes, both sides at once using the Medela symphony) and after a week or so was getting up to 3 oz per side.

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mamareba I agree morning is best, I've also found any time where they've gone a little further between feedings than normal and you're feeling full, I try to pump quickly before she wakes up to eat.  I used to think if I pumped before I nursed I wouldn't have enough milk left for the baby but that doesn't seem to be the case because she does just fine.  Gracecody if I ever need to have more than a few bottles on hand I'll look into that supplement.  For DS we went away for a weekend when he was about 6 months old.  It was only one night but I had to pump every night for about 3 months just to get enough bottles for him, and I left a small can of formula just in case, though I was worried he wouldn't take it since he'd never had formula before.  Little did I know I could've gotten way more had I been pumping earlier and before feeding him. 

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I don't remember why I posted this thread...I was pretty sleepy! I started just hand expressing when I get my strong let-down and my little guy pops off and takes a break. I can get 1/2 ounce in about 15 seconds. It's enough to leave a bottle with dad and nap! YAY!

So glad I figured out how to hand express and don't need to futz with the stupid pump.
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I started pumping daily when I had to leave DS with my mother for a few hours every day after he was just 3-4wks. old. My supply just went crazy overboard and now I pump upwards of 15oz. a day (10oz in the morning and another 5oz in the evening). He only takes two to three ounces every two hours, so unless I'm gone for more than just my class (like an extra meeting or something), which is rare, I have way more than I can use.


My midwife hooked me up with another client of hers who was having supply issues and now I am donating my milk to help her out until she can build back her supply. I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to do this for her and her baby, and pumping is actually really easy for me and releases some of the pressure of engorgement, especially in the morning. (I basically went through the same screening process as a milk bank without the added pasteurizing she would get from a bank - shared all my blood work test results with her, etc.- and of course, she doesn't pay me like she might pay a milk bank, I donate to her).


When I started out though, it wasn't as easy as it is now though and it was a pain in the neck and took a long time. I would nurse him on one side and pump the other side to encourage let down, but now I feed him until he's full and then sit down in front of him and play with him (rattle, the "nose game", talking, singing, etc) while I pump out every last drop that's left for the next half hour. DS is still fat and happy as ever, and I can help out a fellow mama in need. It's a big trust she's put in me, so I take the responsibility very seriously, but if anyone is having supply issues, I know that there are more mamas out there like me who are willing to share their oversupply too.

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For those going back to work, I find it much easier to get more milk when at work and away from baby so mabye try to get a stash to cover a few of the first days back and see how it goes when you are at work... I think pumping hurts until my breasts have adjusted so that is no fun!  With my 2nd I waited to try bottles until about 5 months and it was traumatic..I think I tried everyone on the market until he finally decided he liked (of cours) the cheap original brown latex playtex drop ins..go figure :)

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