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I conducted an interview on my blog, Raising Smart Girls, with Susan Casey.  She is a teacher and author of two books Women Inventing: Two Centuries of Discoveries That Have Shaped Our World and Kids Inventing!  A Handbook for Young Inventors.


She has graciously accepted the offer to let me do a book giveaway, definitely for her Kids Inventing! book and I think for her Women Inventing too.


I am not trying to sell or troll for anything...not even for the pageviews (I don't advertise at all on my blog).  I just wanted to let you girls (and guys) know that this might be a nice (and free!) addition to your library.  My book giveaways are real simple.  Just leave a comment.  :)


you can read about the interview here


and keep an eye out for the book giveaway announcement.




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