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My Little Man

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I have a four year ols son who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 26 months.  Recently behaviors, rebellion and innapropriate social resoses are the new words i keep hearing.  He is a truly magical child and intelligent  as well.  He is also shamed at preschool for certain quirks he has and enjoys such as wearing his coat backwards and loving girls things.  Neither if which I discourage.  I am very interested in the gentle discipline concepts.  At school he gets time outs and the thinking chair.  At home we talk about his feelings, and he has a "nest" for when he is overstimulated.  I just want him to feel whole and included.  Special in a positive way!  And to embrace who he is.  All of who he is.  Help please!  Thanks.

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I didn't respond right away because people generally hate the kind of response I would give to your question. So I won't respond, but I noticed no one else was replying and I didn't want to leave you and your heart hanging out there.


Instead I will just say that I totally understand what you are feeling like. Your child is so wonderful and so unique, and it tears you apart to think of him being shamed, and you wish everyone understood and supported him like you do. Reading your post really brought a lump to my throat because I feel the same way about my son.


I really can't say any more, but I wish you and your son all the best.

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Have you checked out the special needs forum here?  There are some great moms dealing with similar issues there.  I think it's the best way to go.


The truth is the people who need discipline in the truest sense of the word are usually the grown ups we send our kids to everyday.  Sad but true.  You may want to consider putting off pre-school until  you can find one that doesn't allow teachers who are prejudiced.



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